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Technical Knowledge Bases

| Open VMS | VMS |
Open VMS
 DEC - OpenVMS (Compaq)
  "Hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe have invested in OpenVMS technologies to run their business and Compaq is constantly extending OpenVMS capabilities so customers can incorporate elements like Web-Enabled access to applications and data, Windows NT interoperability and integration and 64-bit performance, which means OpenVMS IT infrastructures can remain firmly in place while new applications like ebusiness come online."
 MPJZ's OpenVMS Resources on the Web
 OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Montagar Software Concepts)
  This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) posting for the comp.os.vms and vmsnet.misc newsgroups. It contains answers to frequently asked questions about Digital's OpenVMS operating system and the computer systems on which it runs.
 Free VMS
  Free-VMS is a project to build a OpenVMS look-a-like
 Information about the VMS operating system (Arne Vajh°j)
  This document contains information about VMS. The official name of VMS is currently OpenVMS. VMS is a product of Digital, which is now part of Compaq. VMS currently supports two hardware platforms: VAX and Alpha, and the variants are known as VMS VAX and VMS Alpha (or OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha).
 Other VMS archives on the Web
 USENET FAQs - comp.os.vms


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15 August, 2000
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