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SOFTWARE - Enterprise 4GLs, Application Development Environment

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Technical Knowledge Bases

| Applications Development Environment | CA-Ingres | Database Management Systems | Informix | Ingres | M | Mumps | Oracle | PowerBuilder | Progress | Rapid Applications Development ( RAD ) | Sybase | Uniface | Unify |
Applications Development Environment
 Compinfo Directory: CASE and Modelling Tools
 Compinfo Directory: Software Testing
 Software Development's Ultimate Resource Guide Online (Software Development Online)
  The resource guide is loosely organized into five major tools categories: Design and Management Tools, Languages and Development Environments, Libraries / Frameworks / Components, Education, and Utilities.
  A search engine for programming resources such as source code, research papers and more.
 Newsgroup: comp.databases.ingres
Database Management Systems
 Database-related websites (Database Systems Laboratory, Univ of Massachusetts)
  Comprehensive list of pointers to database publications and other reference material.
 Database Systems (Galaxy)
 DBMS World - DBMS (Arjan van Gameren)
 Terms and definitions - Databases (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: ADO, aggregate function, audit trail, BLOB, built-in function, DAO, data dictionary, data entry, data independence, data mart, data migration, data mining, data warehouse, database, database engine, database management system, DB2, dBASE, distributed database, DML, dynaset, EDGAR, Enterprise JavaBeans, field, fixed length, flat-file database, fourth-generation language, HyperCard, index, ISAM, JDBC, Jet, join, key, keyword, mail merge, merge, multidimensional DBMS, normalization, ODBC, OLAP, RDBMS, record, referential integrity, replication, report, report writer, RPG, schema, SQL, SQL Server, stored procedure, table, tuple, two-phase commit, UDA, VSAM, WDDX
 Web Access to Legacy Data (Leon Shklar)
  A side-effect of the universal acceptance of the World-Wide Web is an urgent need to provide Web access to the vast legacy of existing heterogeneous information. This information ranges from documents in a variety of proprietary (and sometimes obscure) representation formats to engineering and financial databases, and often may only be accessed through specialized vendor tools and locally developed applications.
 DBMS World - Informix (Arjan van Gameren)
 The Informix E-Mail Discussion List
 Newsgroup: comp.databases.informix
 DBMS World - Ingres (Arjan van Gameren)
 Ingres - The Intelligent Reference! (William Yuan)
  An extensive collection of Ingres references
 Ingres II (Computer Associates)
 M Resources on the WWW (M Technology Association)
  M (formerly MUMPS) is a high level interactive computer programming language for use in complex data handling operations.
 DBMS World - Mumps (Arjan van Gameren)
 M Resources on the WWW (M Technology Association)
  M (formerly MUMPS) is a high level interactive computer programming language for use in complex data handling operations.
 Newsgroup: comp.lang.mumps
 Archives of Oracle Technical Papers, Utilities, and Presentations (Oracle User Resource, Inc. )
  "The proceedings of the East Coast Oracle conferences since 1991 constitute a veritable treasure trove of Oracle knowledge. The Oracle User Resource is now commited to sharing that knowledge with the Oracle user community."
 DBMS World - Oracle (Arjan van Gameren)
 JCC's ORACLE Rdb Page (JCC Consulting, Inc.)
 The OraApps-L Mailing List
  The Oracle Applications List, or OraApps-L for short, is a mailing list of over 1000 customers of Oracle Applications, whose purpose is to allow the discussion of issues related to the applications.
 The ORACLE-L Mailing List
  The ORACLE-L mailing list provides simple and effective means for Oracle users to communicate with each other using email.
 Oracle - recent news
 Oracle FAQ
  These web pages are designed to act as an unauthorized hotpotch of tips, tricks and comments about the Oracle RDBMS and related tools.
 Oracle Underground Frequently Asked Questions
 The ORAWEB-L Mailing List
  The Oracle Web System mailing list (oraweb-l) is an unmoderated mailing list for discussing issues related to Oracle's WebSystem (including Oracle WebServer and Oracle PowerBrowser).
 DBMS World - PowerBuilder (Arjan van Gameren)
 Newsgroup: comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder
 PBDR.COM: PowerBuilder Tips, Software, Components, Standards, Links (Ken Howe)
  This site features over 200 pages of tips, guidelines and standards. 39 free components, and many utilities to improve your productivity. There are also over 300 links to other sites.
 PFC Guide
  This site is dedicated to information about PowerBuilder Foundation Class Library
 PowerBuilder Links (David Levine)
  Located here are links to PowerBuilder related information on the Web as well as tools and pages to help you with staying on top of the latest PowerBuilder information.
 PowerBuilder Links (Programmers' Oasis)
 PowerBuilder Links (Jon Credit)
  Developer links to useful PowerBuilder hints, tips and tricks
 PowerJ Developer Resources (Sybase)
  "If you're looking for PowerJ tips, techniques, and other helpful tools to kick development into high gear, you've come to the right place. The Developer's Resources page is your hotspot for the latest technical information"
 Team Powersoft WEB Site
  "We created this site to provide information about products and technologies that we believe will be useful to Sybase/Powersoft products users."
 DBMS World - Progress (Arjan van Gameren)
 Newsgroup: comp.databases.progress
 Progress - Useful Support Links (Progress)
Rapid Applications Development ( RAD )
 The Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
  The Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) is a public domain Rapid Application Development method which has been developed through capturing the experience of a large consortium of vendor and user organisations. DSDM is fast becoming the de-facto standard for RAD in many countries
 comp.databases.sybase Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) : Database Resource Directory ( LLC)
  Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2 & Informix Resources
 DBMS World - Sybase (Arjan van Gameren)
 Sybase Learning Connection (Sybase)
  "The goal of Sybase Education is to help you acquire the critical information needed to be successful at your job. This is where the Sybase Learning Connection comes in. In addition to this Web site, Sybase Education and Sybase Authorized Education Partners have introduced a comprehensive, integrated, learner-led training process - Next Generation Learning. This new format combines traditional classroom learning with an online learning environment."
 Sybase Tools, Links, and Whatever (Ed Barlow)
  " This page has the definitive set of freeware like the widely used extended stored procedure library and has the best set of Sybase web links out there! We also have a repository of interesting related documents ."
 DBMS World - Uniface (Arjan van Gameren)
 DBMS World - Unify (Arjan van Gameren)


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15 August, 2000
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Sybase continues to refocus
Sybase Delivers Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Compliant Application Server
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World Computer Congress (Beijing, China; 21 Aug 2000 to 25 Aug 2000
2000 Rational Software User Conference (Philadelphia, PN, United States; 27 Aug 2000 to 31 Aug 2000
Rapid Application Development (Chicago, IL, United States; 30 Aug 2000 to 31 Aug 2000
Application Integration - making e-business work (London, United Kingdom; 6 Sep 2000 to 7 Sep 2000
Progress Software Exchange 2000 (Barcelona, Spain; 10 Sep 2000 to 13 Sep 2000
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