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Smartcard Technology

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Technical Knowledge Bases

| Smartcard |
 About Smart Cards (SCIA)
  This section from the Smartcard Industry Association covers smart card applications, standards and specifications, smart card overview, smart card museum, together with white papers, application notes, and technical documents
 All about smartcards (3-G International, Inc.)
  The term smart card refers to a plastic card containing an embedded silicon chip, 1 to 8 kilobytes of memory, and a microprocessor, which contains an operating system permanently written to ROM (Read Only Memory). The card is referred to as smart because its IC chip is able to securely store and process various types of information from stored value to personal data.
 Buyer's Guide. (Card Technology )
  "This guide has been designed to serve as a valuable resource for finding the services, products and people you need in the rapidly evolving, lightning-fast-paced world of advanced card technologies and applications."
 Card Europe
  The Association For Smart Card And Related Industries
 Card Technology reference links (Tomi Engdahl)
  Includes links to Memory cards, Smartcards, Contactless smartcards, Smartcard products and companies, Magnetic cards and Barcode
 The chip card in the Netherlands
 Compinfo Directory: Electronic Commerce
 Compinfo Directory: Identity Verification
 Cryptography FAQ ((RSA Laboratories))
  This FAQ covers the technical mathematics of cryptography as well as export law and basic fundamentals of information security.
 FAQ for
  "The word "smart card" is used in three different meanings (in order of usage frequency): IC card with ISO 7816 interface, Processor IC card, or Personal identity token containing IC-s"
 ICMA (International Card Manufacturers Association )
  The International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) is a global non-profit association of plastic card manufacturers, suppliers and other industry participants which promotes the plastic card industry and the value of its products and services.
 Interactive Media in Retail Group
  The IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) is Europe's leading interactive retailing community. Networked screens of various kinds - in the office, home and pocket - will be readily available to almost everyone in Europe within a few short years, and the services they provide access to will constitute a feature-rich dynamic global marketplace. The Interactive Retail Industry which is evolving to service this marketplace requires pragmatic and robust Standards to enable its fast-track growth. The IMRG is setting and maintaining these standards, and facilitates its community of members with practical help, information, guidance and networking.
 Java Card Forum
  The primary purpose of the Java Card Forum is to promote Java as the preferred programming language for multiple-application smart cards
 Java Card technology (Sun)
  The Java Card specifications enable JavaTM technology to run on smart cards and other devices with limited memory. The Java Card API allows applications written for one smart card platform enabled with Java Card technology to run on any other such platform.
  The OpenCard Framework is an open standard providing an architecture and a set of APIs that enable application developers and service providers to build and deploy smart card aware solutions in any OpenCard-compliant environment
 OpenCard Internet Links to Articles/Press
 PC/SC Workgroup
  The Workgroup was created to address critical technical issues related to the integration of ICCs (or Smart Cards) with the PC.
 Secure Electronic Transactions (Mastercard)
  SET uses a system of locks and keys along with certified account IDs for both consumers and merchants. Then, through a unique process of "encrypting" or scrambling the information exchanged between the shopper and the online store, SET ensures a payment process that is convenient, private and most of all secure.
 Smart card applications (SCIA)
  Smart Cards are used in many different applications around the world. Some applications covered by this paper include Loyalty, Banking, Healthcare, Telephony, Information Technology, Mass Transit, Government, Identification
 Smart Card Forum
  The Forum was established in 1993 to accelerate the widespread acceptance of multiple application smart card technology by bringing together, in an open forum, leading users and technologists from both the public and private sectors. The Forum membership is diverse with over 190 organizations from around the world. The Forum's goals are to lead the smart card industry forward by establishing a vision for interoperability, establish an environment that facilitates market trials, provide objective and timely smart card information to members, and to develop cross industry positions on issues relevant to technology, business, and legal and public policy.
 Smart Card Industry Association
  "With over One Billion Smart Cards shipping per year, the industry's phenomenal success continues. The US market has gone from a few thousand card in the early nineties to over; 2 million smart cards in mobile handsets (GSM), 1 million smart cards used as University ID cards, 2 million cards used in laundry applications, and 5 million smart cards used in direct satellite TV decoders. With the inclusion of smart card readers in the Microsoft PC-99 specification, Microsoft's PC/SC reader specification, Sun's JavaCard, and Microsoft's smart card for Windows, the technology is clearly being adopted by the PC industry. In fact, many industry experts believe the PC smart card reader will be as common as the Mouse is today. With tens of millions of PC's shipping per year, the industry's growth is ensured."
 Smart Card Information Directory (GSA)
  The Smart Card Information Directory is intended to assist the Federal government and other interested organizations in exploring Smart Card technology and applications by providing information and access to relevant Internet Sites
 Smart Card News - Links to Other Sites
  An extensive list of companies and organizations involved in the smart card industry
 Smart Card News Ltd
  An extensive resource for Smart Card technology-related information.
 Smart Card reference links (Cameron Hayne)
 Smart Card Terminology (Gemplus)
  The world of smart cards is full of technical jargon. This lexicon should help you make sense of these different terms
 Smart Card: CASCADE EP 8670
  This page presents the work carried out in the framework of a research project funded by the European Commission through the Esprit Program (EP8670) under the name "CASCADE " (Chip Architecture for Smart CArds and portable intelligent DEvices).
 Smart Cards (Scientific American article Aug 1996)
  As potential applications grow, computers in the wallet are making unobtrusive inroads
 Smart cards - Opportunities for public sector applications (CCTA (UK))


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18 October, 2000
Reseller Opportunities
Job Opportunities
Competitive prices for products and services
Acer unveils notebook PC with smart card slot
Schlumberger Shows New Java USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) Card for 3G
Major Smart Card Industry Players Support Price Breakthrough for Open Platform Smart Cards
Pentagon Launches 'Smart Card' ID Badge
SmartXA 2nd generation smart card IC targets mobile communications and secure network access
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Smart Cards - Book titles
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Cartes 2000 (Paris, France; 24 Oct 2000 to 26 Oct 2000
ICMA's Special 10th Year Anniversary EXPO (Scottsdale, AZ, United States; 29 Oct 2000 to 1 Nov 2000
ISEC Africa 2000 (Johannesburg, South Africa; 8 Nov 2000 to 10 Nov 2000
Smart Card 2001 (London, United Kingdom; 20 Feb 2001 to 22 Feb 2001
CardTech/SecurTech 2001: (CTST 2001) (Las Vegas, NV, United States; 14 May 2001 to 17 May 2001
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Card Technology Web Site
Smart Card News : Welcome to SCN's On-Line News Service
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