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Technical Knowledge Bases

| Browsers | Internet | Internet Service Providers (ISP) | Mail Lists (Topics) | Newsgroups | Privacy | Search Engine | Web Servers | Website Management | Website Promotion |
 "Voice Browser" Activity (
  W3C is working to expand access to the Web to allow people to interact with Web sites via spoken commands, and listening to prerecorded speech, music and synthetic speech. This will allow any telephone to be used to access Web-based services, and will be a boon to people with visual impairments or needing Web access while keeping theirs hands & eyes free for other things.
 ActiveWindows -- Activating The Ultimate Windows Resources (Active Network)
  Covers Microsoft desktop products, including drivers and FAQs, tips and tricks, and news
 AltaVista Web page Translations
 Browsers (
  Information and downloads
 BrowserWatch (
  "Welcome to BrowserWatch, the leading site for information about browsers, plug-ins and ActiveX controls. We offer breaking news in the browser and plug-ins industry, as well as one of the most complete lists on development of different plug-ins and browsers. A quick check allows you to find the plug-ins or browsers you want quickly and effortlessly."
 Cookie Central
  "We are dedicated to provide full information upon Internet Cookies"
 Internet Explorer Security Center (Scott Schnoll)
  The purpose of this web site is to disseminate information regarding the security issues pertaining to Microsoft® Internet Explorer. This web site is UNOFFICIAL and in NO WAY sanctioned or authorized by Microsoft Corp.
 Terms and definitions - Browsers (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: ActiveX control, bookmark, browse, browser, hotlist, Internet Explorer, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft, Mosaic, Mozilla, Navigator, Netscape, plug-in, Shockwave, VBScript
 VRML Repository: Browsers (Web3D consortium)
  A VRML Browser or Plug-in is an application, or Web browser plug-in, used to view VRML files. Multiple VRML browsers are available, supporting features in the VRML 1.0 and VRML 2.0 specifications. Some VRML browsers support additional vendor-specific extensions.
 Web Browsers (ZDNet)
 Web Browsers Open FAQ (Tom Boutell)
  The very first web browser was written by Tim Berners-Lee, while at CERN (a European center for physics research). The first web browser to capture the public's imagination was Mosaic, which was written by Marc Andreessen and other undergraduate students at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) in the United States. Most of that group went on to form the core of Netscape Communications Corporation.
 The Web Standards Project: Fighting for Standards in our Browsers
 WWW Viewer test page (Defense Sciences Engineering Division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL))
 The Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability
  Bi-weekly column by Dr. Jakob Nielsen, principal, Nielsen Norman Group
 The Apache Software Foundation
  The Apache Software Foundation exists to provide organizational, legal, and financial support for the Apache open-source software projects. Projects include the Apache HTTP Server
 Berkman Center for Internet and Society
  The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is a research program founded to explore cyberspace, share in its study, and help pioneer its development. The Center is a network of teaching and research faculty from Harvard Law School and elsewhere -- as well as students, fellows, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and virtual architects working to identify and engage the challenges and opportunities of cyberspace.
 Compinfo Directory: Computer Telephony Integration, Internet Telephony
 Compinfo Directory: Kiosks
 DNS Resources Directory (András Salamon)
  The Domain Name System (DNS) is a distributed Internet directory service. DNS is used mainly to translate between domain names and IP addresses, and to control Internet email delivery. Most Internet services rely on DNS to work, and if DNS fails, web sites cannot be located and email delivery stalls.
 E-Mail Discussion Groups and Lists - Resources (Impulse Research Corp)
  This page is intended as a one-stop information resource about email discussion groups or "lists," as they are sometimes called.
 Help2Go : free computer advice, help, tutorials, and reviews (Oscar Sodani and Bill Santry)
  "Help2Go is a web site that seeks to offer visitors useful information about a wide variety of computer and internet-related topics in an easy-to-digest and (we hope) entertaining format."
 Internet & Networking: General Resources (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)
  These resources cover history, overviews and guides and general reference
 The Internet and how to use it (December Communications, Inc.)
 The Internet Help Desk (Amy L. Ward)
  "The Internet Help Desk is a free service designed to offer help to both beginning and advanced Internet users. You'll find expert tools combined with advice on troubleshooting software and connection problems. This site is dedicated to everyone who has ever heard "I'm sorry, but we don't support THAT" from their friendly neighborhood help desk."
 Internet History and WWW History (Vissing Kommunikation)
  This resource is dedicated to providing the best links on Internet history, WWW history, Internet statistics and Internet usage
 Internet Information Center (Christian Feichtner)
  Information about the Internet and how it works.
 Internet Network Organizations (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC))
  This is a list of some of the network organizations that are involved with the Internet, together with brief descriptions of their purposes.
 The Internet Operators Group (
  "IOPS.ORG ("IOPS"), formed in May 1997, is a group of commercial Internet service providers (ISPs) dedicated to improving Internet operations and performance, to benefit not only the industry, but the public as a whole. The mission of IOPS is to promote engineering efforts required to maintain and enhance an operational global Internet. IOPS addresses issues that require joint activity and technical information-sharing across and among ISPs, including joint problem resolution, technology assessment, and global Internet scaling and integrity. To accomplish its goals, IOPS supports engineering analysis, system simulation and testing, and interaction with other groups and organizations as appropriate."
 Internet Search Tool Details (Digital Library SunSITE)
 Internet Terminology (ISP Finder)
 Internet Tools Summary (December Communications, Inc.)
  This summary of Internet tools has been known worldwide since 1993 and is a collection of information sources about software used on the Internet for network information retrieval, computer-mediated interaction, and computer-mediated communication. (
  Internet Computer Hardware & Software Product Reviews & Information
 The Search Is Over - The search-engine secrets of the pros - Technology Guides for IT Professionals: Internet Technology
 Terms and definitions - Convergence (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: cable modem, CDMA, convergence, DSS, Intercast, narrowcast, PC/TV, WebTV
 Terms and definitions - Internet (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: ARPANET, BITNET, cxml, cybersquatting, domain name, Electronic Frontier Foundation, extranet, finger, FQDN, hop, IAC, IAHC, IANA,ICANN, IETF, IIS, Intercast, Internet, Internet Architecture Board, Internet Society, InterNIC, intranet, IP address, IP Multicast, IP spoofing, IP switching, IPng, LDAP, loopback address, Net, NSFnet, NSP, on-line, peering, PING, POP, RealAudio, smurf, Telnet, TLD, traceroute, TTL, verti-port, Web portal, whois, WINS
 Terms and definitions - Internet Access (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: ADSL, Aloha, AUP, channel bonding, connect time, dial-up access, Dial-Up Networking, DirecPC, DSLAM, E1, fractional T-1, G.lite, gigaPOP, IAP, IDSL , ISP, K56flex, L2TP, leased line, MGCP, MP, POP, PPP, RADIUS, SDSL, SLIP, T-1 carrier, T-3 carrier, UUNET, VDSL, WebTV, Winsock
 Terms and definitions - Online Services (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: America Online, CompuServe Information Service, EDGAR, MSN, online service, Prodigy, RBL, verti-port
 WWW Virtual Library
Internet Service Providers (ISP)
 ISP Resource Page!
Mail Lists (Topics)
 CataList, the catalog of LISTSERV lists
  "Welcome to CataList, the catalog of LISTSERV lists! From this page, you can browse any of the 27,593 public LISTSERV lists on the Internet, search for mailing lists of interest, and get information about LISTSERV host sites."
 Liszt: Searchable Directory of e-Mail Discussion Groups
  "Since the 1970s, people have been joining "mailing lists" to talk about their favorite topics via e-mail! Check out our intro if you're new. We've also got a Usenet newsgroups directory and an IRC chat directory, if you want to make even more friends."
 Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists (Stephanie and Peter da Silva)
 comp FAQs By Newsgroup
 The Complete Reference to Usenet Newsgroups (List Universe)
 DBMS Guide to Internet News Groups
 Terms and definitions - Newsgroups (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: conference, emoticon, forum, LISTSERV, lurk, mailing list, mailing list server, Majordomo, moderated newsgroup, news reader, newsgroup, NNTP, PINE, post, SIG, sysop, thread, USENET
 Usenet FAQs By Category
 USENET Groups
 Usenet Help
 The Center for Democracy and Technology
 Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
  EPIC is a public interest research center in Washington, D.C. It was established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values. EPIC is a project of the Fund for Constitutional Government. EPIC works in association with Privacy International, an international human rights group based in London, UK and is also a member of the Global Internet Liberty Campaign, the Internet Free Expression Alliance, the Internet Privacy Coalition, and the Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD).
 Privacy Library (Privacy Council)
  Privacy information and legislation, etc. from countries around the world (
  What information is gathered when you surf the Web?Do web sites capture information about you without your knowledge? Are Internet 'cookies' violating your privacy or do they make surfing easier? Do information gathering techniques make it easier and more convenient for you to use the Internet or does it violate your privacy? Are children vulnerable to privacy invasions when using the Internet? These and other Internet privacy questions are covered
 USDOC Electonic Commerce Task Force - "Safe Harbor" Privacy Rules
  The documents listed on this page are part of the Commerce Department's work to develop a "safe harbor" that would help U.S. organizations comply with the European Union's Directive on Data Protection.
Search Engine
 Access all the Search Engines on the Web: Directory of Speciality Engines and Independent Reviews
 Guide to Meta Search Engines (Jian Liu)
  Unlike the individual search engines and directories, meta-search engines do not have their own databases; they do not collect web pages; they do not accept URL additions; and they do not classify or review web sites. Instead, they send queries simultaneously to multiple Web search engines and/or Web directories. Many of the meta-search engines integrate search results: duplicate findings are merged into one entry; some rank the results according to various criteria; some allow selection of search engines to be searched.
 Learn to Search the Net, (SEEKHELP.COM )
 Search (ZDNet)
  Sometimes you can search that vastness of vastnesses, the World Wide Web, and find precisely the right site, precisely the right document or information. Other times, all you get is garbage. Using the proper search techniques and tools makes all the difference.
 Search Engine Bibliography (Greg R. Notess )
 Search Engine Showdown: The Users' Guide to Web Searching (Greg R. Notess )
  A comprehensive list of resources to help you find information on the Internet
 Terms and definitions - Search Engines (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: Alta Vista, Archie, Excite, gopher, HotBot, index, Infoseek, Jughead, Lycos, Magellan, meta tag, Open Text, robot, search engine, spider, Veronica, WAIS, WebCrawler, Yahoo!
Web Servers
 Apache Server Project
  The Apache Project is a collaborative software development effort aimed at creating a robust, commercial-grade, featureful, and freely-available source code implementation of an HTTP (Web) server. The project is jointly managed by a group of volunteers located around the world, using the Internet and the Web to communicate, plan, and develop the server and its related documentation. These volunteers are known as the Apache Group. In addition, hundreds of users have contributed ideas, code, and documentation to the project. This file is intended to briefly describe the history of the Apache Group and recognize the many contributors.'s WebCompare
  Described as "the definitive guide to HTTP server specs"
 Netcraft Web Site Finder (Netcraft )
  "The Netcraft Web Server Survey is a survey of Web Server software usage on Internet connected computers. We collect and collate as many hostnames providing an http service as we can find, and systematically poll each one with an HTTP request for the server name."
 Web Server Links (WebDeveloper)
  "Zope is the leading Open Source web application server. Zope enables teams to collaborate in the creation and management of dynamic web-based business applications such as intranets and portals. Zope makes it easy to build features such as site search, news, personalization, and e-commerce into your web applications."
Website Management
 Bandwidth Management - Technology Articles (Allot Communications)
 Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters (Mark Nottingham)
  "A Web cache sits between Web servers (or origin servers) and a client or many clients, and watches requests for HTML pages, images and files (collectively known as objects) come by, saving a copy for itself. Then, if there is another request for the same object, it will use the copy that it has, instead of asking the origin server for it again."
 Hot Links for Website Management (Netsight )
  This page covers Website Add-Ons, Forms and Things, Software Suppliers, Scripts and Code, Tutorials and Help , Search Engines, Promotion Tools, and Site Validation
 Interactive buyer's guide: Caching (Network World, Inc)
 Internet Caching Resource Center (nternet Research Group)
  "Evaluating caching products means matching your needs with the right type of product that supports the right features. A cache that supports a remote office LAN will differ markedly from a cache that supports millions of users on the Internet."
 Internet Traffic Report (Andover.Net. )
  The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world
 Search Tools for Web Sites, Intranets and Portals (Search Tools Consulting )
  This site provides information, news and advice about web site searching technology
 Site Management Resources (CIO Communications, Inc.)
 StatMarket - accurate internet statistics and user trends in real time (WebSideStory, Inc)
 W3C Security Resources (
  Web security is a complex topic, encompassing computer system security, network security, authentication services, message validation, personal privacy issues, and cryptography. This page contains links to various aspects of Web and Internet security.
 Web Caching and Content Delivery Resources ( Brian D. Davison)
  "This site is dedicated to providing a comprehensive guide to the resources about and in support of caching on the World Wide Web"
 Web Caching and Content Distribution Resources (Brian D. Davison)
  "This web site is slowly evolving into a central repository of information about web caching. It grew out of my research interests in web caching, namely web prefetching and cache evaluation. As with most successful projects, this web site is built on the shoulders of giants who placed their links of useful web caching resources online. In particular, Duane Wessel's mammoth work on producing the Information Resource Caching FAQ served as a strong starting point."
 Web Distribution Systems : Caching and Replication (Nikhil Chandhok)
  This document gives an overview of the current caching and replication terminology. It describes the current protocols and is a starting point for anyone interested in the subject. It starts by describing various caching and replication systems and then moves onto a brief description of most of the relevant protocols. It finishes by giving a brief product description of some of the products available in the market.
 The Web Robots Pages (Martijn Koster)
  Web Robots are programs that traverse the Web automatically. Some people call them Web Wanderers, Crawlers, or Spiders. These pages have further information about these Web Robots.
 Web Security Links (Web Developer)
 Web Tools Review (Philip Greenspun)
  Includes interesting sections on web databases, as well as server and production matters
Website Promotion
 Adbility's Web Publishers' Advertising Guide (formerly Mark Welch's Web Site Banner Advertising) (Mark Welch)
  A valuable collection of information, opinions and ratings on the best way to use Internet marketing
 eBusiness Guide for Rookies (Gnan.COM Network Pvt. Ltd)
  "Indian Rookie is an objective, user-friendly and up-to-date guide to the Internet. Whether you wish to find information or learn the latest tools, techniques or to be uptodated with the latest happenings in the Internet world you will find what you are looking for here at Indian Rookie"
 Internet Marketing Center
 JimWorld - web site promotion and ecommerce marketing communities (Jim Wilson)
  "We've assembled lists of 1000+ places on the web where you can leave your URL and they will send people to see you. We have tutorials on how to manage the whole process and some good Webmaster tips and tricks."
 Search Engine Glossary (Brett Tabke)
 Search Engine World By Webmasters For Webmasters (Brett Tabke)
  A search engine promotion and optimization site
 Spider Hunter: Learn to write cloaking scripts and track spiders (Stuart K. Jackson)
  All about spiders, and how to use them and protect yourself from them


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