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HARDWARE - Personal Computers and Workstations

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Technical Knowledge Bases

| Handheld Computers | Laptops | Network Computers | Notebooks | Palmtops | Personal Computers | Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) |
Handheld Computers
 The 3-Lib Psion and PDA Home Page on the Web -- Nothing But Net Devices (
  "AllNetDevices (aND) is the complete source of news and information about handhelds, smart phones, set-top boxes and other devices that connect to the Internet." Coverage includes E-Mail Devices, Handhelds, Two-way Pagers, TV/Set-Top Boxes, Smart Phones, and Other Appliances
 Palm OS Directory (
  Resources for developers
 PMN Good Psioneering Guide (PMN Publications)
  The PMN Good Psioneering Guide deals with later Psion machines, those running EPOC 16 and EPOC 32. The Psion Siena, 3a, 3c and Series 5 are all catered for within this lexicon of tips and ideas for your palmtop computer.
 Psion Links (Psion, Inc.)
 The PSION Series 3x/5 FAQ main archive
 ZDNet: PDAs/Handheld PCs Guide
 Fringe's Laptop Info (Tony McNamara)
  This page includes lots of information on laptops and their manufacturers
Network Computers
 The interpersonal computer webtour (IBM)
 Terms and definitions - Flat Panel Displays (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: active matrix display, backlighting, CSTN, DSTN, dual-scan display, electroluminescent display,(ELD), electronic paper, flat technology monitor, flat-panel display, gas-plasma display, HPA, LCD, LCD monitor, passive-matrix display, plasma display, supertwist, TFT
 Terms and definitions - Notebook Computers (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: battery pack, docking station, laptop computer, Lithium-Ion battery, NiCad battery pack, NiMH battery pack, notebook computer, PC card, PCMCIA, port replicator, slate PC, subnotebook computer, transportable
 PMN Online
Personal Computers
 A complete illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware (MK-Data)
  Here you can find more than 350 pages of course material for self-study or remote instruction.
 Benchmark Scores Comparison Surveys (Sysopt.Com)
 BetaNews (eFront, Inc)
  Are you looking for beta products to test? Here's a place to check out and search
 Circuit Cookbook Archive (Dan Charrois)
  "This is the WWW homepage for the Circuit Cookbook archive. It contains a great variety of files of interest to Electrical Engineering students and electronics enthusiasts."
 Compinfo Directory: Apple Macintosh
 Compinfo Directory: Microprocessors
 Compinfo Directory: Power Supplies
 Computer Hardware Links (Chris Hare)
  An extensive set of links to General Hardware, Assembly/Upgrading, Safety, Processors, CPU Cooling, CPU Benchmarks, Overclocking, Motherboards, BIOS, RAM and Cache, Storage, Video, CD-ROM, Modem, Sound, Printers, Networks, Benchmark Programs, and Software Tools
 Dave's Guide to Buying a Home Computer (Dave Krauss, Michigan State University.)
 Discovering Computers 2000 (Shelly Cashman)
  "A computer is an electronic machine, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory, that can accept data (input), manipulate the data according to specified rules (process), produce results (output), and store the results for future use (storage). Data is a collection of unorganized facts, which can include words, numbers, images, and sounds. Computers manipulate data to create information. Information is data that is organized, has meaning, and is useful. Examples are reports, newsletters, a receipt, or a check. Data entered into a computer is called input. The processed results are called output. The cycle of input, process, output, and storage is called the information processing cycle."
 Dux Computer Digest - Guides (Larry Byard)
  Covers Hard Disk Drives, Motherboards and Chipsets, Networking and Internet Sharing, and Processors (CPUs)
 eHows: Computer Hardware (eHow, Inc.)
  Step-by-step instructions on how to do just about anything, and buy the stuff you need to do it.. These eHows cover Desktops, Input and Output Devices, Laptops, Monitors, Palm Devices, Printers, RAM, cards and Motherboards, Scanners, Storage Devices - Le Guide du HardWare & de l'Optimisation PC ( SARL)
  News and resources for getting the best performance out of PCs for French readers
 Help2Go : free computer advice, help, tutorials, and reviews (Oscar Sodani and Bill Santry)
  "Help2Go is a web site that seeks to offer visitors useful information about a wide variety of computer and internet-related topics in an easy-to-digest and (we hope) entertaining format."
 IBM Personal Computing Support
 MidWest Micro: On-line Manuals
  Links to hardware manuals for items used in MidWest Micro's PCs, including monitors, drives, modems, etc
 MMX resources (Computerworld)
 Msdos Programmer FAQ
 The Operating Systems Collection (Chris Lattner)
  Guides to getting the best out of the hardwarte and software that runs your PC, and also tips on interfacing to the outside world
 PC-Clone Hardware Newsgroup Pointer
  How to find information and support on PC clones
 PC BUILD Listserv Mailing List (The NOSPIN Group, Inc.)
  "PCBUILD is a mailing list devoted to people interested in building and repairing personal computers in the PC format. PCBUILD is strictly a hardware list. The discussion of software on the mailing list is taboo, except for Operating Systems such as DOS, Win95, WinNT, Unix, OS/2, Linux and others."
 PC Computer Notes & online tutorials (CY7 Computer Services)
  "PC ComputerNotes has been designed as an introductory level, online computer training course, providing tutorials on computer hardware, software, operating systems, and basic troubleshooting."
 PC Guide (Charles M. Kozierok)
  "This site was created to be a comprehensive, general resource on IBM-compatible personal computers. My goal has been to create a large body of independent information that could be used by anyone who had an interest in PCs to help build their understanding of PC systems, and enable them to get more from their machine. I want anyone from the total newbie to the accomplished expert to view The PC Guide as a place they can turn for accurate, complete and objective information."
 PC Hardware FAQ
 PC Hardware User Supplied Reviews (
  "Who knows more about hardware components than the people who use them everyday? See what your fellow PC users have to say about all kinds of PC hardware products"
 PC Quick Start Guide (NOSPIN Group)
  "The NOSPIN Group web site contains over 200 pages, filled with all the information you need to solve your computer problems... and we are adding new pages every day."
 Performance and Upgrade Tips (
  This page covers building, installing or upgrading a PC, and improving its performance
 Sci.Electronics.Repair (S.E.R) FAQ (Samuel M. Goldwasser)
  This site features the "Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of..." series of comprehensive repair guides for consumer electronics equipment and other household devices.
 System - Optimization - PC Hardware and Performance Guide (
 The Telson Spur -- Home Computing (Personal Computers)
  One of a set of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is a list of links to on-line resources for Personal Computer users (in particular on-line help, technical support, and antivirus resources)
 Terms and definitions - Performance (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: 16-bit, access time, benchmark, Black Box Testing, burst mode, cache, clock speed, clock tick, cycle time, data transfer rate, Dhrystone, FLOPS, interleave, latency, MFLOP, millisecond, MIPS, nanosecond, optimize, overhead, seek time, shadowing, SPEC, tweak, wait state, White Box Testing, zero wait state
 Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell
  A large collection of useful links to PC and network support resources
 User Evaluations of On-Line Computer Hardware Vendors ( )
  "Want to buy a computer product but don't know who you can trust? This survey's purpose is to evaluate companies who sell computer products (e.g. hardware, software, etc.) so you can know which ones are good, trustworthy companies and which ones to avoid"
 Windows 3.x Archive - Drivers (LEO) (Hermanson, LLC)
  Printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.
Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)
 Compinfo Directory: Mobile and Wireless Computing
 Psion/ EPOC Resources (Open Directory)


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17 October, 2000
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Competitive prices for products and services
Handspring adds color to organizers
Dell recalls notebook batteries
Handspring to launch new Visors on Monday
Palm speeds into in-car device market
HP's new PCs -- it's all in the 'e'
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