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HARDWARE - Communications

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Technical Knowledge Bases

| Cable modem | Modems |
Cable modem
 Cable Modem - an Introduction (Jones International and Jones Digital Century)
  A cable modem is an electronic device that enables a personal computer (PC) to connect to a high-speed data network and send and receive data over the coaxial cable used in cable television (CATV) systems.
 Cable Modem Information Links (Kinetic Strategies Inc. )
  "Looking for the most in-depth and up-to-date information on cable modems? You're in the right place. The Cable Modem Info Center has it all, from primers on cable modem technology to the latest info on vendors and service deployments." Technology, FAQs, network diagrams and other useful information is included here
 Cable Modem Resources on the Web (David Gingold, MIT Research Program on Communications Policy)
  Here is a collection of web resources about cable modem systems, including manufacturers, system trials, articles, and papers.
 Wireless Cable Modem Internet (Cable Datacom News )
  Wireless cable, also called fixed wireless broadband, is emerging as a legitimate local access platform for the delivery of high-quality digital data, video and voice services. Like their cable competitors, wireless operators are increasingly using their spectrum to offer high-speed Internet services
 Compinfo Directory: Mobile and Wireless Computing
 Dial-Up Networking Troubleshooting Reference (Lynn Larrow)
  This is an attempt to document some common problems that you might have with your dial-up TCP/IP connection. Originally, this page was made to address using Trumpet Winsock and SLIP emulation software. The focus of this guide will now be on troubleshooting Dial-Up TCP/IP networking connections in general, which should apply to a wide range of dial-up TCP stacks, Windows 95 DUN (Dial Up Networking) and Windows NT RAS.
 Fax Modems and ISDN - Drivers (Drivers HeadQuarters)
 K56 Consortium
  An industry-wide coalition dedicated to achieving widespread implementation of 56-kbps analog modem technology.
 Modem FAQ (Navas Group)
 Modem FAQ -- Curt's High Speed Modem Page (28.8/33.6/56 kbps Modem Tips & Tricks)
  "If you have a PC, run MS Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 or 98, have or are thinking about getting a 28,800, 33,600, or 56,000 bits/second (bps) modem, and use or plan to use SLIP or PPP to access the Internet, then this page is for you."
 Modem Init Strings
 Modem Setup Information
  A searchable modems database
 Modems (Costmo)
  This site covers links to manufacturers, FAQs, drivers, application notes and personal experiences, initialization strings, etc. -- Technical Reference Infobase (
  "wWe have compiled a list of terms pertaining to modems and data communication which we feel are important to understand while shopping for a modem."
 Resources for Modems (
  Links to tips and tools to help improve modem performance
 Terms and definitions - Modems (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: acoustic coupler, answer-only modem, auto-answer, cable modem, channel bonding, direct-connect modem, DOCSIS, external modem, fax modem, Hayes compatible, host-based modem, internal modem, K56flex, modem, on-board modem, RJ-11, software modem, terminal adapter, V.90, wireless modem, X2
 V.90 Frequently Asked Questions (Copper Pair Communications Inc)
  V.90 is the official ITU international standard for "56K" analog modems. Previously there were two competing proprietary 'defacto' standards-- K56flex (from Rockwell) and X2 (from 3COM/USR). (Hermanson, LLC)
  Printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.


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26 October, 2000
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