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Government and IT

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Technical Knowledge Bases

| Government | Health service | Legal Issues | Local government | Public Libraries | Public sector |
 Army Technology
  The website for the Army industry
 Compinfo Directory: Education and Information Technology
 DTIC Web Links
  DTIC (Defense Technical Information Center) provides access to Internet technologies, systems development, data administration, network administration and security, and collaborative technologies.
 EC Information Society Project Office
  The European Commission Information Society Promotion Office aims to promote co-operation and development in the various areas of the Information Society. ISPO acts as a bridgebuilder between Commission Services and external organizations interested in the Information Society.
 ERGO European Research and Development
  A one-stop shop for European R&D; project information. ERGO is an initiative of the European Commission working with National Research and Development (R&D;) Information Providers with the aim of promoting awareness about R&D; projects from European Union states and other associated countries.
 The European Commission's Esprit programme
  Esprit, the information technologies (IT) programme, is an integrated programme of industrial R&D; projects and technology take-up measures. It is managed by DG III, the Directorate General for Industry of the European Commission.
 Global Inventory Project
  The purpose of the Global Inventory Project (GIP) was to provide a one stop facility on the World Wide Web by linking distributed national and international inventories of projects, studies, and other activities relevant to the promotion and the further development of knowledge and understanding of the Global Information Society.
 Global Inventory Project, Italy
  The G.I.P. is a G8 initiative in collaboration with ENEA and the European Commission aims to produce an Internet-based multimedia inventory of information regarding the most important Information Society national and international projects, studies.
 Global Technology Transfer Resources (Industrial Research Institute,Inc)
 IBM Institute for Electronic Government
  The Center for Electronic Communities is a resource for public sector leaders in strategy, policy and development of online public services in government, education and healthcare
 Information Policy: G-7 Information Society Resources
  At the Naples G-7 Summit in July 1994, the G-7 leaders emphasized the necessity of encouraging the development of a worldwide information society
 Information Society website (European Commission)
  "The Information Society Activity Centre (ISAC) aims at ensuring coherence and maximum synergy among the information society approaches followed within the different policies of the Union. The mission of the ISAC can be resumed in three keywords: developing, implementing and exporting an European approach to the information society. The main objective of the activity of the ISAC is therefore to mainstream the information society into all the other policies of the European Union, contributing to fully exploit its potential impact and benefits. "
 Naval Technology
  The website for the Naval industry
 R & D in the European Union
  CORDIS is the Community Research and Development Information Service of the European Commission
 U.S.A. G-7 Global Inventory Project
  This page provides a sampling of current and proposed U.S.A. information infrastructure projects, using the G-7 format, within application areas defined by the G-7 nations.
 UK National Inventory Project
  'The GIP aims to produce a multimedia inventory of national and international projects, studies and calls (where appropriate) relevant to the promotion and the further development of knowledge and understanding of the information society. The GIP will build upon and complement ongoing national and international initiatives. The first phase of the project will focus on the creation and implementation of an index and directory system based upon national inventories of significant selected activities being planned or currently under way in the G7 partners. The inventory will be expanded to include activities of non-G7 countries in order to create a "true and totally open planetary resource" of knowledge, ideas and possible solutions.' - ISPO (EC)
Health service
 Information Technology & Healthcare (Brint)
 NASA Telemedicine Technology Gateway (Sean Loy, National Technology Transfer Center)
  Telemedicine is the delivery of health care and the exchange of health care information across distances using telecommunications technology. It can include the transfer of basic patient information over computer networks (medical informatics), the transfer of images such as radiographs, CT scans, MRIs, Ultrasound studies, pathology images, video images of endoscopic or other procedures, patient interviews and examinations, consultations with medical specialists, and health care educational activities
 NHS IM&T; Electronic Library
  The NHS IM&T; Electronic Library is an online knowledge base for all involved in the management and delivery of Information Management and Technology (IM&T;) within the English National Health Service (NHS).
 NHS Information Management Centre
  As part of the NHS Executive Information Management Group, IMC's remit covered the development and promotion of standards and best practice guidance to the NHS for obtaining and using information systems; and to ensure compliance with the standards so that the NHS obtains best value from their use.
 Telehealth Links (John Mitchell and Associates)
  Covers Telehealth Networks, Projects, Organisations & Centres, Telematics and Health Education, Journals, Articles, Bibliographies, Terminology, Guides to other Internet Resources, Conferences, Hardware Platforms, and Professional Bodies
Legal Issues
 Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)
  Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) is a non-profit civil liberties organisation founded on January 10, 1997. Its main purpose is to promote free speech and privacy on the Internet and raise public awareness of these important issues.
 FindLaw Cyberspace Law Center
  This site is designed to be an evolving resource for those interested in legal issues concerning cyberspace.
 JUSTNET - National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center
  The Justice Technology Information Network (JUSTNET) was created in 1995 at the NLECTC National Center in Rockville, MD, and serves as a gateway to the products and services of the NLECTC System as well as other technology information and services of interest to the law enforcement and corrections communities. JUSTNET is a central element of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Office of Science and Technology's (OS&T;'s) technology information collection and dissemination mission. Through JUSTNET, users have access to interactive bulletin boards on a variety of topics, a comprehensive database of law enforcement products and technologies, and NLECTC publications.
 Legal Technology Resource Center (American Bar Association)
 Litigation Applications Newsletter
  Litigation Applications presents the best ways for litigators to use technology. From preparing to presenting your case in court, you will read the latest on case management, electronic discovery, litigation graphics, computer animation and more.
 WWW Multimedia Law - Internet contracts, licenses (Oikoumene Online Marketing)
  This site is a key legal resource to doing business on the Internet. Find what you need to develop, publish, and protect your intellectual property. Digital distribution of intellectual property is a key topic covered here
Local government
 Urban and Regional Information Systems Association
  "URISA is non-profit association of professionals using information technology to solve problems in planning, public works, the environment, emergency services, utilities and throughout state and local governments. URISA is also the premier organization for the use and integration of spatial information technology to improve the quality of life in urban and regional environments. Through its international, national and local chapter operations, URISA serves nearly 7,000 professionals worldwide."
Public Libraries
 Library & Information Science: Web Accessible National and Major Libraries of the World
 Library Resources (Inter-Links)
  On-line books and magazines, and access to thousands of libraries.
Public sector
 Other National Information Infrastructure - related Sites
  The Digital Information Infrastructure Guide (DIIG) is a resource to facilitate the development of the National Information Infrastructure (NII). It is a collection of information about projects and organizations working on the development of the NII.
 Public Technology, Inc. (PTI)
  PTI is the technology arm of the National League of Cities, the National Association of Counties, and the International City/County Management Association


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