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Computer Aided Design

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Technical Knowledge Bases

| AutoCAD | Computer Aided Design | Computer aided manufacturing |
 AutoCAD Links (Joe Biddy)
  Some helpful links for AutoCAD users - and an enquiry service as well
 AutoCAD Shareware Clearinghouse (CADalog)
  "The CADalog Web Site is a Huge collection of 3756 AutoCAD® Related Files! All are Freely distributable Public Domain, Freeware, Shareware, Demo Code, Source Code, Utilities, Applications, etc. for the AutoCAD professional."
 AutoCAD Shareware Utilities (
 CAD Utility Library (Shareware)
  The CAD Utility Library is a collection of freely distributable (Public Domain, freeware, shareware, contribution requested, demo code, etc.) source code, utilities, applications, etc. for AutoCAD professionals
 CadCARD Web Links (Autograph Technical Services )
  Links to AutoCAD-related pages, including user group sites
 The CADPlace (Chane Eckert)
  An AutoCAD Directory and link site
 CADsyst - Shareware for AutoCAD
  "The purpose of CADsyst is to make AutoCAD work for you by the use of the hundreds of shareware, freeware and public domain files available as well as interact with users like you through the use of newsgroups, usergroups and message boards."
 CADUSER AutoCAD Resource Guide (Net Services Ltd.)
  Includes Autodesk software applications
 Drew's M-CAD Connection
  This unofficial site was made as a technical resource for users of Autodesk's Mechanical CAD product line
 Newsgroup: alt.cad.autocad
Computer Aided Design
 The CAD & Engineering Hardware Catalog (
 The CAD BASIC Languages Page (Alexander Medwedew)
  The Page Devoted to Using the BASIC Language in CAD Applications
 CAD on the Web
  "CAD on the WEB is a free Internet resource providing information about CAD/CAM/FEM-FEA/GIS and PDM products and companies. CAD on the WEB database contains information about more than 300 companies and 1000 products. For each company you can find useful contact information, like address, phone, fax, e-mail, Internet address (URL), etc. and for each product a short description, the software platform, etc.."
 CAD Shareware Software Catalogue Index (CADinfo.Net)
 CAD Sites on the Web (North Carolina State University)
  Here are listed sites on the World Wide Web which contain useful information related to electronic CAD and CAD research.
 CAD Software Product Forums (Bricsnet)
 CAD/CAM Shareware (
 CAD/CAM World (François Lamy)
  This site contains a list of over 300 CAD/CAM web sites (mainly related to manufacturing software applications) available on the Internet
 CADALYST - First with new technology for cad leaders
 CADCAM downloadable viewers and acronyms (CADCAM Online)
 CADD Education Center (Mailmax Publishing)
  "This site is dedicated to CAD education and contains hundreds of links to the CAD industry including CAD books, magazines, software, user groups, CAD organizations."
 CADinfo.NET Software Catalog
  An online listing of software for technical professionals involved in automated design, documentation and visualization.
 Computer Aided Design (Open Directory)
 Computer Aided Design and Engineering (Galaxy)
 Computer Aided Engineering (Steve Vickers)
  Where to find information on CAD/CAE/CAM/PDM on the net.
 The Engineering Warehouse
  The Engineering Warehouse is an internet resource for free and useful Engineering data, mathematical formulas, material properties, Project-Ready documentation, contracts, standard drawings, specifications, procedures, forms, and comprehensive links.
 InstArchives - CAD Resources on the Net (ReNature Technologies, Inc.)
 Links to Architecture Sites (Market 2000 Corp.)
 Links to VLSI CAD WWW Servers
   University of Idaho Engineering Research Institute specializing in VLSI research, communication systems, device modeling, and electromagnetics.
 Manufacturers Information Net - CAD/CAM Systems, DNC, MRP, CNC, Computer Aided Manufacturing
 Newsgroup: alt.cad
 Stanford Technology CAD Home Page
  Stanford has played a leading role in the development of Computer-Aided Design for more than two decades.
 TenLinks - the Ultimate CAD Directory
Computer aided manufacturing
 CAD/CAM World (François Lamy)
  This site contains a list of over 300 CAD/CAM web sites (mainly related to manufacturing software applications) available on the Internet
 Manufacturers Information Net - CAD/CAM Systems, DNC, MRP, CNC, Computer Aided Manufacturing


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17 October, 2000
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Web-based Collaboration on CAD and Engineering Files from SiteScape and ZoomON
Altia's New Java Connection Provides Virtual Prototyping Over the Internet
Intergraph Exits Hardware Business Via SGI Alliance
Spatial Announces Powerful Reverse Engineering Toolkit
Researchers discover first AutoCAD virus
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Computers for Construction and A/E/C SYSTEMS Fall 2000 (Anaheim, CA, United States; 7 Nov 2000 to 9 Nov 2000
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