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Telecommunications and Telephony - Outline
Topic Outline - KnowledgeBases - Newsgroups and FAQs - Magazines and Ezines - White Papers - Organizations and User Groups - News - Events - Related Topics - Books - Key Manufacturers - Where to Buy - Key Solutions Providers - Where to get Help - Key Service Providers - Key Training Providers
Telecommunications and Telephony - Knowledge Bases
  • Cabling links on the World Wide Web (Fotec, inc.)
  • Directory of International carriers and cable companies (Intertec Publishing Corp.)
    • Strategic enterprise communications solutions industry analysis, consulting, research, news and commentary.
  • GTE Laboratories (Telecommunications) - Technical Publications
  • How Telecommunications Systems Are Transforming Urban Spaces (Taub Urban Research Center, NYU)
    • The growing use of telecommunications systems is doing far more than influence where people work and live, but is actually changing the character of activities that occur in the home, office, and automobile.
  • Index of Telecommunications Information Sources (Information Gatekeepers Group)
  • Protocols for WAN, LAN, ATM data communications and telecommunications
    • This page is designed to help those in need of answers related to Routing, Switching, VPN's, DSL, and the Telco industry in general.
  • Technology Fare (Teledotcom (CMP))
  • Telecom Internet Resources (Prof. Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason)
    • This document contains references to information sources relating to the technical, economic, public policy, and social aspects of telecommunications. All forms of telecommunication, including, voice, data, video, wired, wireless, cable TV, and satellite, are included. The intent is to provide "high-level" pointers to other WWW servers, with a brief description of the type of information.
  • Telecom Operating Companies (Prof. Jeffery MacKie-Mason)
  • Telecommunications and Information resources on the Internet (National Telecommunications and Information Administration)
    • The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is the Executive Branch's principal voice on domestic and international telecommunications and information technology issues. NTIA works to spur innovation, encourage competition, help create jobs and provide consumers with more choices and better quality telecommunications products and services at lower prices.
  • Telecommunications Glossary (Quintessent Communications, Inc.)
  • Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
    • TIA is a full-service national trade organization with membership of 1000 large and small companies that provide communications and information technology products, materials, systems, distribution services and professional services in the United States and around the world. The association's member companies manufacture or supply virtually all of the products used in global communication networks. TIA represents the telecommunications industry with its subsidiary, the MultiMedia Telecommunications Association (MMTA), in conjunction with the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA).
  • Telecommunications Resources on the Internet
  • Telecoms Virtual Library (Hilary Bailey)
  • TelekomNet: Everything Telecommunications and Telephony - Everything Networking
  • Terms and definitions - Telecommunications (PC Webopedia)
    • See this page for definition of these terms: ADSL, ANI, auto-redial, B-channel, Cat-5, cell, cellular, centrex, CLEC, CSU/DSU, CTI, dark fiber, DSVD, DTMF, E1, G.lite, HFC, IDSL, Internet telephony, IP faxing, LATA, PBX, POTS, PSTN, RJ-11, SS7, T-1 carrier, T-3 carrier, TDR, telecommunications, telematics, telephony, TSAPI, VDSL, VOP
  • TheBroadbandHome.Com - Resources
    • The Broadband Home Industry is composed of many business sectors, all working to enable and support the broadband home.
  • TMA's Public Library
    • These links to the Telecomms and Information industry are from the UK's TMA (Telecommunications Managers' Association)
  • Virtual Institute of Information
    • An on-line research facility for independent research in telecommunications and mass media.
  • Web ProForums (International Engineering Consortium)
    • Web ProForums are tutorials on the most current technologies in the communications and information industry. Each tutorial is objective, comprehensive, easy to understand, and designed to be completed in one hour.
  • Wholesale Markets- Resources
  • SEE also Related Topics
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Telecommunications and Telephony - Newsgroups and FAQs
  • comp.dcom.telecom
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Telecommunications and Telephony - Magazines and Ezines
  • Broadband Week
  • Business Communications Review
  • Cable Datacom News
  • Call Center Magazine
  • Call Center Management Review
  • Communications Solutions Magazine (formerly CTI)
  • Communications Standards Review
  • Computer Telephony Magazine
  • CTI Magazine
  • C@LL CENTER Solutions
  • International Journal of Call Centre Management
  • InternetTelephony
  • Light Reading - The Global Site For Optical Networking
  • Sounding Board
  • TelecomClick
  • Tele.Com Online
  • Telecommunications
  • Telecommunications Electronic Reviews - TER
  • Telecommunications Reports
  • Teleconnect Magazine
  • Telemanagement: The Angus Report (Canada)
  • Telephone International - The Telecommunications industry's monthly buyer guide.
  • TotalTelecom - World News
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Telecommunications and Telephony - White Papers
  • Telecommunications: White Paper links powered by ITpapers
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Telecommunications and Telephony - Organizations and User Groups
  • Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association
  • Communications Industry Association of Japan
  • Competitive Telecommunications Association
  • Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum
  • European Telecoms Informatics Services
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Information & Communications Industry Association (ICIA)
  • INNMUG - International Nortel Networks Meridian Users Group
  • International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
  • TMA - Telecommunications Managers Association
  • TUA: Telecommunications Users' Association
  • SIP Forum
  • Joint Users of Siemens Technologies - United States
  • VON (Voice on the Net) Coalition
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Telecommunications and Telephony - News
  • 3G News 3G Newsroom
  • Call Center News ContactCenterWorld.Com
  • Telecoms News TotalTelecom
  • Wireless Networks News INT Media Group
  • Wireless News PCIA
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Telecommunications and Telephony - Events
  • 3G Events
  • Events for Telecom Professionals
  • Telecommunications Conferences
  • WAP Forum - Schedule of Events
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Telecommunications and Telephony - Related Topics
802.11 Networks - Bluetooth - Broadband Networks - Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) - Email Broadcast - Email-on-Demand - Fax Devices - Fax Broadcast - Fax-on-Demand - Internet Phone - Internet Telephony - Mobile Computing - Modems - Optical Networks - Speech Processing - Telecommunications - Telephony - Text-to-Speech - Unified Messaging - Video-conferencing - Voice Portal - Voice Recognition - VOIP - WAP - Windows CE - Wireless Computing
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Telecommunications and Telephony - Books

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Telecommunications and Telephony - Key Manufacturers
If your company offers Products applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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Telecommunications and Telephony - Key Solutions Providers
If your company offers Products and/or Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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Telecommunications and Telephony - Key Service Providers
If your company offers Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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Telecommunications and Telephony - Key Training Providers
If your company offers Training Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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