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Unix - Outline
Topic Outline - KnowledgeBases - Newsgroups and FAQs - Magazines and Ezines - White Papers - Organizations and User Groups - News - Events - Related Topics - Books - Key Manufacturers - Where to Buy - Key Solutions Providers - Where to get Help - Key Service Providers - Key Training Providers
Unix - Knowledge Bases
  • Comp.Unix.Aix archive
  • HENSA Unix Home Page
  • IBM Servers and Support
  • Internet and System Security (Dave Dittrich)
    • An extensive collection of resources
  • ITtoolbox UNIX
    • Covers Unix programming, systems administration and applications
  • Linux and UNIX Resources (Bill Latura)
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX (John Kirch)
  • MW3: Motif on the World Wide Web
  • Official #Unix Home Page (BSD)
  • Open Group Desktop Technologies -- Motif
    • Motif(r) is the industry standard graphical user interface, (as defined by the IEEE 1295 specification), used on more than 200 hardware and software platforms. It provides application developers, end users, and system vendors with the industry's most widely used environment for standardizing application presentation on a wide range of platforms. Motif is the leading user interface for the UNIX(r) based operating system.
  • SunSolve Online
    • SunSolve Online is an informational and patch database service. It is used by system administrators, network administrators, and others who are responsible for maintenance of Sun hardware and software.
  • TechTutorials: Free tutorials for the I.T. Professional
  • Terms and definitions - UNIX (PC Webopedia)
    • See this page for definition of these terms: A/UX, AIX, awk, BSDI, cron, daemon, FreeBSD, GNU, Linux, man page, Motif, POSIX, Solaris, UNIX, X-Window, Xenix
  • Unix - recent news
  • The UNIX Compendium (Cyber-Matrix)
    • Source of some Unix tutorials
  • Unix Computer Security (UnixTools.com)
  • Unix Guru Universe
    • Lots of information for Unix system administrators, covering articles and tutorials, consultants, FTP sites, mailing lists, magazines, organizations, patches, publications, software, user groups, etc.
  • UNIX help for users (John Smith, University of Aberdeen)
    • An experimental service designed to provide helpful information to new users of the UNIX operating system
  • Unix on Macintosh (Hoshi Takanori)
    • Covers NetBSD, Linux and other UNIX ports for the Macintosh
  • UNIX Reference Desk (Jennifer Myers)
    • The resources in this document are divided into the following classes: General, Texinfo Pages, Applications, Programming, IBM AIX Systems, HP-UX Systems, Unix for PCs, Sun Systems, X Window System, Networking, Security, Humor.
  • Unix Resources (UT-Austin ACITS Unix Services)
  • UNIX Review Buyer's Guide
  • Unix Security Page (Matthew Deter)
  • Unix System Administrator's Resources (Stokely Consulting)
    • A very extensive source of information, including FAQs, Patches, & Other Information
  • Unixware FAQ
  • X Consortium
    • X.Org is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining the existing X Window System code base and engineering appropriate enhancements driven by current and future market requirements. X.Org periodically provides official X Window System update releases to the general public free of charge. X.Org governs the evolution of the X11R6 specification, working with appropriate groups to revise and post updates to the standard as required
  • X Window System and OSF/Motif WWW Sites
  • SEE also Related Topics
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Unix - Newsgroups and FAQs
  • comp.security.unix
  • alt.solaris.x86
  • comp.bugs.2bsd
  • comp.bugs.misc
  • comp.bugs.sys5
  • comp.sources.sun
  • comp.sources.unix
  • comp.sys.sun.admin
  • comp.sys.sun.announce
  • comp.sys.sun.apps
  • comp.sys.sun.misc
  • comp.theory.info-retrieval
  • comp.unix.admin
  • comp.unix.advocacy
  • comp.unix.bsd.386bsd.announce
  • comp.unix.bsd.386bsd.misc
  • comp.unix.bsd.bsdi.announce
  • comp.unix.bsd.bsdi.misc
  • comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announce
  • comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc
  • comp.unix.bsd.misc
  • comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.announce
  • comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.misc
  • comp.unix.dos-under-unix
  • comp.unix.internals
  • comp.unix.large
  • comp.unix.machten
  • comp.unix.misc
  • comp.unix.osf.misc
  • comp.unix.osf.osf1
  • comp.unix.pc-clone.32bit
  • comp.unix.programmer
  • comp.unix.sco.announce
  • comp.unix.sco.misc
  • comp.unix.sco.programmer
  • comp.unix.shell
  • comp.unix.solaris
  • comp.unix.ultrix
  • comp.unix.user-friendly
  • comp.unix.wizards
  • FAQ - Common Desktop Environment (CDE) FAQ
  • FAQ - comp.windows.x.apps
  • FAQ - Unix Programming Frequently Asked Questions
  • FAQS - comp.emacs
  • FAQS - comp.emacs.xemacs
  • FAQS - comp.security.unix
  • FAQS - comp.sys.hp.hpux
  • FAQS - comp.sys.sun.admin
  • FAQS - comp.sys.sun.misc
  • FAQS - comp.unix.admin
  • FAQS - comp.unix.amiga
  • FAQS - comp.unix.answers
  • FAQS - comp.unix.aux
  • FAQS - comp.unix.bsd
  • FAQS - comp.unix.cray
  • FAQS - comp.unix.misc
  • FAQS - comp.unix.osf.osf1
  • FAQS - comp.unix.pc-clone.32bit
  • FAQS - comp.unix.programmer
  • FAQS - comp.unix.questions
  • FAQS - comp.unix.sco.announce
  • FAQS - comp.unix.sco.misc
  • FAQS - comp.unix.sco.programmer
  • FAQS - comp.unix.shell
  • FAQS - comp.unix.solaris
  • FAQS - comp.unix.ultrix
  • FAQS - comp.unix.unixware.misc
  • FAQS - comp.unix.user-friendly
  • FAQS - comp.windows.x
  • FAQS - comp.windows.x.motif
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Unix - Magazines and Ezines
  • Performance Computing (formerly Unix Review)
  • SCO World
  • The Journal Of Open Computing
  • Unigram.X
  • UnixWorld Online Magazine
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Unix - White Papers
  • Solaris White Paper links powered by ITpapers
  • Sun O/S White Paper links powered by ITpapers
  • Unix White Paper links powered by ITpapers
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Unix - Organizations and User Groups
  • DECUS, Dec User Group
  • DECUS Europe
  • EurOpen
  • Sun User Forum
  • The Open Group
  • UK UNIX User Group (UKUUG)
  • UniForum
  • Uniplex User Group
  • X.Org (X Window System)
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Unix - News
  • Linux News All Linux Devices
  • Linux News LinuxPR
  • Open Source News NewsForge
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Unix - Events
  • USENIX - Events Calendar
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Unix - Related Topics
BeOS - EPOC - IBM AIX - IBM AS400 - IBM Mainframe / OS/390 / zSeries / z/OS - Linux - Apple MacOS - Open Source - OpenVMS - Operating Systems - OS/2 - Real Time O/S - Unix - Windows 98/ME - Windows CE - Windows NT - Windows 2000 - Windows XP
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Unix - Books
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Unix - Key Manufacturers
If your company offers Products applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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Unix - Key Solutions Providers
If your company offers Products and/or Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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Unix - Key Service Providers
If your company offers Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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Unix - Key Training Providers
If your company offers Training Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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