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IT News for Decision Makers

These current news pages can be viewed by topic
(Please refresh this page regularly to get the latest news)

16 August, 2000
 Transmeta Launches New Processor For PC Notebooks Techweb
 IBM, Kana Ink Development Pact Techweb
 Mac Product Watch ZDNet
 Manage Your Bandwidth PC World
 Kinko's, FedEx Team for Fast Service PC World
 McAfee offers virus scan for Lotus Notes, Domino Network World
 VAX is retired  InfoWorld
 Authors sue over copyrights InfoWorld
 Methanol Fuel Cells to Power Devices allNetDevices
 Do security holes demand full disclosure? ZDNet
 Polycom upgrades videoconferencing management system Network World
 S/390 readied for role as super e-commerce server Network World
 Linux, Java Environment Released allNetDevices
 Gigabit ethernet pushed to 40km
 Hacker attacks nine UK Government websites
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15 August, 2000
 Wyzdom SolutionsReleases Industry's First Web-based Asset Lifecycle Management Software Company Press Release
 European Patent Office proposes unlimited patentability - IT professionals object Linux PR
 Computer I/O Introduces Data Communications Middleware Bridge Between Microsoft Applications and Linux Servers Company Press Release
 IBM Will License Emerging Technologies Techweb
 Microsoft Quietly Pushes Office 10 Into Early Beta Techweb
 SAP AG And IBM Announce General Availability Of The S/390 SAP Application Server Internet Wire
 GNOME throws down the gauntlet ZDNet
 Minerva Networks Announces Broadcast Quality Video Conferencing Solution For Broadband IP Networks Internet Wire
 SuSE Linux 7.0 Will Include PolyServe's High Availability Clustering & Load Balancing Software Internet Wire
 Cisco gives Catalysts new Ethernet and ATM options Network World
 IBM Launches New Online Resource For WebSphere Developers Internet Wire
 Firewall fixes posted  InfoWorld
 Commentary: Microsoft lacks motivation to change security
 IBM Unveils Netfinity Clustering At LinuxWorld Techweb
 Microsoft, Compaq Release New Internet Device Techweb
 Corel Updates Linux Offerings Techweb
 IBM claims fastest quantum computer Network World
 Sigaba enhances e-mail security Network World
 Inprise/Borland Teams up With IBM to Offer Latest JavaŽ Technology for Linux Company Press Release
 Sledgehammer drops on Linux  InfoWorld
 CERT urges users to install Microsoft patch to fix IE hole Computerworld
 Low-cost Linux Handheld Unveiled allNetDevices
 SGI Empowers Linux Developers with Popular 3D Graphics Toolkit Company Press Release
 Vendor Launches Linux Browser Group allNetDevices
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14 August, 2000
 IBM Adds Linux To Thin-Client Computers Techweb
 HP Unveils CD-RW Drives PC World
 Linux interface gets backing  InfoWorld
 F5 Networks targets cache market Network World
 Megaco to bridge PSTN, IP networks Network World
 Cheat Sheet: The case for Windows 2000 Network World
 Profits likely to elude e-commerce vendors InfoWorld
 Government goes for diversity in sourcing supercomputers Computerworld
 Bug hunter spies holes in Windows, IE 5.x
 LinuxWorld ushers in open-source advances
 Covalent Technologies expands Apache offerings Network World
 Kyocera Shows Tiny 3-Megapixel Camera PC World
 Umax Sends Scans Online PC World
 Dragon Dictates Its Last Message PC World
 Privacy: Do You Know Where Your Data Is? Techweb
 NTP software regulates Windows storage resources Network World
 Cisco bolsters low-end router family Network World
 Red Hat boosts Linux security Network World
 Layer 3, ATM features coming to Cisco switches Network World
 Decision could affect IT staffing strategies Computerworld
 IBM to roll out AS/400 Windows plan Computerworld
 Microsoft releasing test version of e-commerce software
 New NVIDIA GPU Breaks One Billion Pixels Per Second Barrier Company Press Release
 Apple Headlines MacCentral
 3D Industry News 3Dgate
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12 August, 2000
 Another massive Net attack looming? ZDNet
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11 August, 2000
 Phone Battle Brewing Between iMode And WAP Techweb
 IBM Workstation Will Ship With Rational Tools Techweb
 Caldera Does Systems Management For Linux Techweb
 Internet Habits Study Shows Changing Demographics Techweb
 Cell Phone Health Studies Continue PC World
 Informix's latest revamp all about simplicity Network World
 Gateway, Sony and others to pre-install Sun's StarOffice Network World
 AS/400 users get a Windows boost Network World
 Antitheft technology emerges  InfoWorld
 Linux desktops set  InfoWorld
 Novell sets out road map  InfoWorld
 E-Business Exchanges Fight For Survival Techweb
 MS limits free support calls for consumers ZDNet
 HP Throws Weight Behind Linux PC World
 Intel plans 0.13-micron Pentium III, P4  InfoWorld
 Sony to offer online video content service
 MobileQ Updates Mobilization Software allNetDevices
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10 August, 2000
 FBI's Carnivore To Undergo University Review Techweb
 Mac Product Watch ZDNet
 U.S. Postal Service to deliver e-mail on paper Network World
 Codemesh Updates Beta Release of Junc++Ion for Integrating Java And C++ Java Industry Connection woes tracked  InfoWorld
 Mitel unveils optical 'breakthrough' prototype InfoWorld
 High-end Microsoft OS readied InfoWorld
 Specialized Search Engines Carve Out Niches Techweb
 Anti-virus Software for EPOC Unveiled allNetDevices
 Compaq to unveil Net appliance strategy  InfoWorld
 Symbian Confirms EPOC Upgrade Is Late allNetDevices
 Fibre optic Lans 'cheaper than copper'
 E-fraud doubles in one year  Computer Weekly
 AMD Releases x86-64TM Architectural Specification; Company Press Release
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17 August, 2000
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