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Systems Management - Outline
Topic Outline - KnowledgeBases - Newsgroups and FAQs - Magazines and Ezines - White Papers - Organizations and User Groups - News - Events - Related Topics - Books - Key Manufacturers - Where to Buy - Key Solutions Providers - Where to get Help - Key Service Providers - Key Training Providers
Systems Management - Knowledge Bases
  • ACM Special Interest Groups
    • The 37 ACM Special Interest Groups offer a wealth of publications, conferences and resource archives covering a broad spectrum of technical expertise and providing first-hand knowledge of the latest development trends
  • ALLPM for Project Managers
    • "ALLPM.Com was founded in 1998 with one simple vision:  to help project managers succeed in their careers and in their projects by leveraging the power of the internet to build an world-wide open and free community of project managers. In furtherance of this vision, ALLPM has grown over the years to encompass new tools, features and information, all intended to help project managers help themselves and others be more successful."
  • Asset Management Resource Center (Wyzdom Solutions, Inc.)
    • "Asset management is the ability to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of technology assets in today's distributed enterprise. It can help you to gain knowledge and take control over your technology assets, thereby allowing you to stretch your IT dollars. You can improve purchasing power and redirect previously wasted money to purchase a higher quantity and quality of cutting-edge technology. This can help your company gain competitive advantage in a high-tech world."
  • BOPA - BackOffice Professionals Association
    • The BackOffice Professionals Association, serves as an Internet-based, not-for-profit, virtual community for education, technical support and communication among Microsoft Certified Professionals, Analysts, Developers, Trainers, Administrators, Webmasters, and other Microsoft Windows NT© and BackOffice© professionals.
  • BSA Software Piracy Site
  • CIO Research Centers
  • EMCion - Enterprise Management Center Ion
    • "EMCion, known in short for Enterprise Management Center Ion, is integral for its resources that bring technologists together.  Here people research the latest news,  ideas, and technology. Collectively, the enterprise management community has the diverse insight, idea, intellect, and ingenuity that constructs a unified council of experts that empower business operations."
  • The Enterprise Systems Journal Solutions Guide
    • Lists vendors offering solutions to internetworking dilemmas
  • FAQ: Sun Computer Administration
  • Ganthead
    • " will help you find everything you need for managing your project.!
  • IBM Software Products A-Z - By Title
  • Internet Access Policies - Suggested Resources (SurfControl)
    • "Internet access in the workplace is a many-faceted issue. Should your company have an Internet Usage Policy? Yes! How open or restrictive should it be? That depends on many factors, such as the bandwidth available, the number of employees, your company culture, and so on. "
  • The IT Professional's Web Site
  • Mac-Mgrs
    • "Mac-Mgrs is a community of people who manage Macintoshes (generally in rather large numbers) who come together for peer support. We use a mailing list and these Web pages as sources of information for troubleshooting and resolving systems management problems in Macintosh and Cross-platform environments."
    • UK reference source
  • MISweb
    • A research tool for IT directors in the Asia-Pacific
  • Newsgroup: comp.answers
  • OpenView - Technical Resources (OpenView Forum)
    • "Discover tips, tricks and techniques from your peers and from experts in the OpenView environment. This interactive area of the website will help you maximize your company's investment in OpenView products and services."
  • The Project Management Center (David Haertzen)
    • This site is dedicated to and to those with an investment in Project Management.
  • (
    • Systems Management Specific Search Engine
  • SEE also Related Topics
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Systems Management - Newsgroups and FAQs
  • alt.managing.techsupport
  • comp.admin.policy
  • comp.doc
  • comp.doc.techreports
  • comp.human-factors
  • FAQ - Load Testing FAQ
  • FAQ - Outsourcing
  • FAQS - comp.admin.policy
  • FAQS - comp.archives.admin
  • FAQS - comp.human-factors
  • sci.engr.electrical.compliance
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Systems Management - Magazines and Ezines
  • Australian IT
  • Business Communications Review International
  • CA-Unicenter Advisor Magazine
  • CIO Magazine
  • CIO (Australia)
  • Computable Online (Netherlands)
  • Computer Business Russia
  • Computer News Daily
  • Computer Sweden
  • Computer Technology Review Magazine
  • Computer Times (Singapore)
  • Computer Weekly (UK)
  • Computergram International
  • Computerist Magazine
  • Computers Today (India)
  • ComputerWire
  • Computerworld
  • ComputerWorld (Australia)
  • Computing Japan Magazine
  • Computing SA Home
  • Connected online
  • CONSPECTUS:Management Computing News
  • Contingency Planning & Management
  • Corporate Insurance & Risk home
  • Customer Services Newsletter
  • Cutter IT Journal
  • Datamation
  • Direction Informatique
  • Disaster Recovery Journal
  • Enterprise Systems Journal
  • Information Age (Australia)
  • Information Systems Control Journal
  • Information Week
  • InfoWorld
  • Inside Technology Training
  • Integrated Solutions Magazine
  • IT-Business (Germany)
  • IT Asia
  • IT Director
  • IT Malaysia
  • IT Manager's Journal
  • IT Metrics Strategies
  • IT Singapore
  • IT Support News
  • IT Week (UK)
  • IT World Canada
  • ITSupport News -- The Newspaper for Computer ITSupport
  • Journal of Business Continuity
  • MIS Quarterly
  • New Zealand InfoTech Weekly
  • OpenView Forum
  • OutsourcingJournal
  • Risk Management Bulletin
  • Service News Magazine
  • Software Process, Quality & ISO 9000
  • SysAdmin
  • Systeme Online
  • Technical Support Magazine
  • Technology News of America - Technology News Ltd
  • The Data Administration Newsletter
  • Unicenter TNG Advisor
  • @Computer Weekly (UK)
  • @Computerworld
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Systems Management - White Papers
  • IT Management: White Paper links powered by ITpapers
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Systems Management - Organizations and User Groups
  • ACM, The First Society in Computing
  • AITP - The Association of Information Technology Professionals
  • British Computer Society
  • Business Continuity Institute
  • CATIA Operators Exchange - Serving Users of Dassault SystŢmes Products
  • CCTA, The UK Government Centre for Information Systems
  • CSSA (UK)
  • ISACA - Information Systems Audit and Control Association
  • ITAA (Information Technology Association of America)
  • National Computing Centre
  • Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA)
  • Society for Information Management (SIM)
  • Society of Information Technology Managers (SOCITM)
  • Software & Information Industry Association.
  • The ESD (electrostatic discharge) Association, Inc
  • The Information Management Forum
  • Tivoli User Groups Worldwide
  • USENIX Association
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Systems Management - News
  • If you know of a high quality resource for this sub-category of this topic, please suggest it
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Systems Management - Events
  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association Global Conferences
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Systems Management - Related Topics
Asset Management - Benchmarking - Business Continuity and Contingency Planning - Capacity Planning and Load Testing - Computer Standards - Database Administration - Disaster Recovery - Health and Safety - Help Desk - Human-Computer Interaction - Outsourcing - Project Management - Software Development Management - Software License Management - Support Desk - Systems Audit - Systems Management - Systems Security - Telecommuting - Teleworking
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Systems Management - Books
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Systems Management - Key Manufacturers
If your company offers Products applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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Systems Management - Key Solutions Providers
If your company offers Products and/or Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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Systems Management - Key Service Providers
If your company offers Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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Systems Management - Key Training Providers
If your company offers Training Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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