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Welcome to CompInfo

Are you looking for a starting point for key information about Computers (Hardware and Software) and Communications...or about software for Business Applications? Then you've come to the right place.

The Computer Information Center (CompInfo) is the definitive reference site for IT/IS users and buyers, with links to hardware and software companies, industry organisations and user groups, technology information sources, online support and up-to-date news. There is no subscription charge or usage charge, but you are welcome to log your areas of IT/IS interest so that you can be kept informed by E-mail when new information comes to hand, or when pages are updated.

Major international companies and organizations have bookmarked CompInfo as their starting point for quickly locating IT information, covering computer and communications hardware and software. Read the summary, explore the site, and we think you'll see why.




The quick way to find information on this site, including links to Manufacturers' search pages and to archives of magazines, search engines for computers and software, etc.

Technical Topics

Information on more than 80 technical topics, together with details of manufacturers, where to buy and where to get help (by country). Plus industry news, books, magazines, training, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and much more.

Business Applications

Business software packages categorized by application and/or discipline.

What's News

Key current industry news feeds from around the world, together with links to news headings by Topic and to computer and software manufacturers' press pages.

VAR Business

Business opportunities for VARs, Resellers and Consultants covering contracts, new products, services and similar.


Links to a wealth of job opportunities including those offered by key manufacturers of computer and communications hardware and software.


Gain direct access to computer manufacturers' support pages without the tedium of loading interim pages. Used in combination with our Technical Topics center, this is an extremely convenient and effective resource.

Year 2000

Keep track of Year 2000 compliance statements from manufacturers.

IT Investors' Center

Financial Information from quoted companies in the computer and communications industries.

Technology Futures

Want to look over the technology horizon? This center links to the Research Departments of major computer and software companies, consultancies and universities.

Technology Evaluation and Reports

Sources of technology evaluation & research reports on computer products and technologies.

Downloadable Software

Links to numerous sources of downloadable software.

IT Magazines and E-zines

Links to many hundreds of computer and software magazines covering just about any IT subject you can think of.

IT Publishers

Links to IT Publishers and on-line booksellers around the world to place the world’s library on your desktop.




International hardware and software manufacturers.


Distributors classified by country.


Resellers and VARs classified by country.

Solution Providers

Providers of total solutions classified by country.


Consultancy services classified by country.


Training companies and organizations classified by country.

Maintenance Companies

Hardware support and third party maintenance companies classified by country.


Internet Service Providers classified by country.

Trade Organizations

National and international bodies, organizations and associations.

User Groups

Support groups for products and technologies.



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Non-IT sites.

Well, we all need to relax from time to time. Here you can find non-industry news, travel and hotel ideas, games and sports, and general reference resources.

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