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Microprocessors, General Chip Technology and Semiconductors


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 SEMICON Kansai 2000 & FPD Expo Japan 2000 (Osaka, Japan; 31 May 2000 to 2 Jun 2000)
 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP) (Istanbul, Turkey; 5 Jun 2000 to 9 Jun 2000)
 Design Automation Conference (DAC) (Los Angeles, CA, United States; 5 Jun 2000 to 9 Jun 2000)
 Embedded Processor Forum 2000 (San Jose, CA, United States; 12 Jun 2000 to 16 Jun 2000)
 NEPCON East (Boston, MA, United States; 12 Jun 2000 to 14 Jun 2000)
 IMAPS Israel Second International Symposium on Microelectronics and Packaging (Tel Aviv, Israel; 15 Jun 2000 to 15 Jun 2000)
 IMAPS Europe Prague 2000 (Prague, Czech Republic; 18 Jun 2000 to 20 Jun 2000)
 SEMICON West 2000 (San Francisco, CA, United States; 10 Jul 2000 to 14 Jul 2000)
 Embedded Systems Conference Summer (Boston, MA, United States; 10 Jul 2000 to 12 Jul 2000)
 COMPEL 2000 (The 7th Workshop on Computers in Power Electronics) (Blacksburg, VA, United States; to )
 World Computer Congress (Beijing, China; 21 Aug 2000 to 25 Aug 2000)
 PCB Designt Conference East (Worcester, MA, United Kingdom; 11 Sep 2000 to 15 Sep 2000)
 ECIF - The Electronics Components Industries Fair. (London, United Kingdom; 13 Sep 2000 to 14 Sep 2000)
 Wescon 2000 (Anaheim, CA, United States; 19 Sep 2000 to 21 Sep 2000)
 IMAPS 2000 - 33rd International Symposium on Microelectronics (Boston, MA, United States; 19 Sep 2000 to 21 Sep 2000)
 Signal Processing and Communications (SPC 2000)  (Marbella, Spain; 19 Sep 2000 to 22 Sep 2000)
 IMAPS 2000 (Boston, MA, United States; 20 Sep 2000 to 22 Sep 2000)
 2000 Embedded Systems Conference (San Jose, CA, United States; 24 Sep 2000 to 28 Sep 2000)
 ICSPAT 2000 - International Conference on Signal Processing Applications & Technology (Dallas, TX, United States; 16 Oct 2000 to 19 Oct 2000)
 NEPCON Texas (Dallas, TX, United States; 31 Oct 2000 to 2 Nov 2000)
 Embedded Systems Conference Europe 2000 (Maastricht, Netherlands; 7 Nov 2000 to 9 Nov 2000)
 Signal and Image Processing (SIP 2000) (Las Vegas, NV, United States; 19 Nov 2000 to 23 Nov 2000)


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