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SOFTWARE - Object Oriented Technology - Tools and DBMS

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Technical Knowledge Bases

| Eiffel | Object-oriented Compilers | Object-oriented Databases | Object Orientation | Objected oriented (OO) development tools | ORB/CORBA |
 comp.lang.eiffel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 Eiffel Forum
  An international user group for users of the Eiffel programming language. This is also the home of a large and growing collection of contributed software, known as the Eiffel Archive.
 Eiffel Home Page
 ISE Eiffel: A Software Engineer's Dream
  "Designed by ISE, Eiffel is the method and language for the software revolution - the move to an industry based on reusable software components."
 SmallEiffel The GNU Eiffel Compiler : " home page "
  "The GNU Eiffel Compiler is a free open-source Eiffel compiler distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. It is a complete, small and very fast, free Eiffel compiler. It is available for a very wide range of platforms. In fact, SmallEiffel should run on any platform for which an ANSI C - POSIX compiler or a standard JVM exists."
Object-oriented Compilers
 The Dylan Reference Manual
 Object-Oriented Languages FAQ
 Smalltalk Language Links (Programmers' Oasis)
 Terms and definitions - Object Oriented Programming ( PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: abstraction, BLOB, class, component, Component Object Model, CORBA, DCOM, encapsulation, IFC, information hiding, JavaBeans, JavaSoft, method, object, object oriented, object-oriented programming, ORB, overloading, polymorphism, Python, RMI, SOM, UML, Z-buffering
Object-oriented Databases
 Object-oriented Databases & Repositories (Cetus)
Object Orientation
 Cetus Links: Thousands of Links on Object-Orientation (Manfred Schneider)
  "The Cetus Links can be regarded as an index to Internet addresses (http, ftp and mailto) about object-orientation and component-orientation. "
 Index to Object-Oriented Information Sources (University of Berne.)
 Object-Orientation FAQ
 Object-Oriented Information Sources
 Object-oriented programming resources (Computerworld)
  "Learning more about Object Request Broker (ORB), Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP), Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM)"
 Object-Oriented Three-Tier Plus Computing: Client/Server for Adults (Aberdeen Group:Compaq/DEC)
  "3-Tier represents the best practices for the implementation of productivity-enhancing, revenue-producing, client/server applications. 3-Tier provides rapid access to a wide range of information sources for users needing to make critical decisions. 3-Tier uses hardware that takes full advantage of the customer's recent investments in PCs and LANs, and also protects investments in existing production systems. 3-Tier application development and maintenance is made easier and faster by using objects to build business-process software components. 3-Tier client/server is able to use the exact platform type required by each module of a partitioned application, and it permits these platforms to be scaled up or down as the number of users and transaction volumes increase or decrease over time."
 Terms and definitions - Distributed Computing (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: Component Object Model, CORBA, DCE, DCOM, distributed computing, IIOP, JavaStation, Jini, Millennium, OMG, OSF, RMI, SOAP, SOM
Objected oriented (OO) development tools
 comp.object Newsgroup FAQs
 OMG Technical Library (Object Management Group)
  "The OMG (Object management Group) was formed to create a component-based software marketplace by hastening the introduction of standardized object software. The organization's charter includes the establishment of industry guidelines and detailed object management specifications to provide a common framework for application development. Conformance to these specifications will make it possible to develop a heterogeneous computing environment across all major hardware platforms and operating systems. Implementations of OMG specifications can be found on many operating systems across the world today. OMG's series of specifications detail the necessary standard interfaces for Distributed Object Computing. Its widely popular Internet protocol IIOP (Internet Inter-ORB Protocol) is being used as the infrastructure for technology companies like Netscape, Oracle, Sun, IBM and hundreds of others."
 CORBA Resources (Camros Corporation)
  Online resources for CORBA and CORBA programming
 Distributed Objects & Components: CORBA (Cetus)
  "CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture), is a distributed object architecture that allows objects to interoperate across networks regardless of the language in which they were written or the platform on which they are deployed. CORBA allows developers to write applications that are more flexible and future-proof, to wrap legacy systems, and to code in the language they know best. The Object Request Broker (ORB) is the middleware that handles the communication details between the objects. The CORBA 2.0 standard, adopted in December of 1994, defines true interoperability by specifying how ORBs from different vendors can communicate using a common protocol."
 SWC - Distributed Object Technologies (University of Colorado)
  The fundamental idea behind CORBA is that client objects make requests of server objects through an intermediary called an object request broker (ORB). In traditional client/server development, the client makes requests of a specific server on a specific machine. The clients only have to know how to ask an ORB for services, and the servers only have to register their services with the ORB. Thus, the ORB decouples client object development from server object development. Ideally, client objects can utilize services of server objects without ever having to know about each other's existence. Both clients and servers have or use an ORB.
 Useful CORBA Research Links (Alan Abrahams)
  This page is divided into 'pure CORBA' links and 'CORBA with Java' links.


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6th USENIX Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies & Systems (San Antonio, TX, United States; 29 Jan 2001 to 2 Feb 2001
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