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SOFTWARE - Client, Server, Middleware, Back-end Databases

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Technical Knowledge Bases

| Btrieve | Client/Server | Database Server | Databases Back-end | DB2 | InterBase | Middleware | ODBC | SQL | SQL Server |
 Btrieve-related Knowledge Base/FAQs
  "The Knowledge Base section is a grouping of FYIs and troubleshooting FAQs. New documents are added regularly."
 Client/Server Frequently Asked Questions
 Client/Server Software Architectures--An Overview (Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University)
  The term client/server was first used in the 1980s in reference to personal computers (PCs) on a network. The actual client/server model started gaining acceptance in the late 1980s. The client/server software architecture is a versatile, message-based and modular infrastructure that is intended to improve usability, flexibility, interoperability, and scalability as compared to centralized, mainframe, time sharing computing
 Compinfo Directory: CASE and Modelling Tools
 Distributed Operating Systems (Alfred J. Lupper)
  This collection of Distributed Systems gives an overview of past and current projects on distributed operating systems, including some remarkable distributed file systems and distributed programming environments.
 Information Systems Meta-List (Washinton University, St Louis, Missouri)
  "This list is an attempt to provide a comprehensive set of pointers to information systems resources (particularly client/server and distributed systems) on the Internet. Though you may find general computer information here, the intent of this list is to meet the needs of professional information systems people looking for answers to technology problems. "
 Newsgroup: comp.client-server
 Terms and definitions - Client Server Computing (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: ACID, application server, Castanet, client, client-side, client/server architecture, ColdFusion, end-user computing, Enterprise JavaBeans, fat client, middleware, Millennium, peer-to-peer architecture, SAN, screen scraper, thin client, three-tier, TP monitor, transaction processing, two-tier, WinFrame
 Terms and definitions - Distributed Computing (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: Component Object Model, CORBA, DCE, DCOM, distributed computing, IIOP, JavaStation, Jini, Millennium, OMG, OSF, RMI, SOAP, SOM
Database Server
 Terms and definitions - Transaction Processing (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: ACID, CICS, OLTP, TP monitor, transaction processing, two-phase commit
Databases Back-end
 Newsgroup: comp.databases
 Newsgroup: comp.databases.object,news:comp.databases.object
 DB2 Product and Service Technical Library (IBM)
  The DB2 Product and Service Technical Library is a searchable database of technical information on DB2 and companion products. There are over 6000 documents in the Library including product publications, redbooks, readme files, and technical notes on bugs, fixes, and frequently asked questions. : Database Resource Directory ( LLC)
  Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2 & Informix Resources
 DBMS World - DB2 (Arjan van Gameren.)
 IBM DB2 family (IBM)
  The DB2 Product Family spans AS/400 systems, RISC System/6000 hardware, IBM mainframes, non-IBM machines from Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems, and operating systems such as Windows NT and 95/98, OS/2, AIX, HP-UX, SCO UnixWare, Linux, Sequent and Sun Solaris, and now handheld device operating systems such as Windows CE and the Palm Computing Platform.
 DBMS World - Interbase (Arjan van Gameren)
 InterBase - Home Page
 InterBase Technical Information (MER Systems Inc.)
 Communications Middleware Vendors (MessageQ.Com)
 Message Oriented Middleware - a Glossary (International Middleware Association)
  "Message oriented middleware supports end-to-end business applications and process interoperability. In this approach, synchronous and/or asynchronous messages carry information and action requests between applications or between components within an application. In wide use across major industries, MOM has proven to be practical, cost-effective, and architecturally sound.
 Middleware Product Reference Guide (International Middleware Association)
 Middleware resources (Computerworld)
 Middleware resources (Database Central)
 What is Middleware? An introduction (Network Computing)
 ODBC Drivers and Vendors (Ken North)
  "Developers can choose among JDBC, ODBC, OLE DB, ADO, DAO, RDO, Oracle Glue, gateways, database engines, proprietary APIs, data-aware components and a variety of solutions for data access. The industry has evolved from monolithic, mainframe applications to client-server and distributed computing. Monolithic applications integrated presentation logic, business rules and data access logic. Today we are distributing that logic by using clients, servers, middleware and other tools. Hopefully this roadmap will explain how data access technologies fit into the picture of client-server, Web and distributed computing."
 Ask the SQL Pro (Inquiry.Com)
 DBMS World - SQL (Arjan van Gameren.)
 SQL Links Developer Support (Borland/Inprise)
 SQL Standards (JCC Consulting, Inc.)
  This page is designed to be a central source of information about the SQL standards process and its current state. It will contain a number of pointers to other sources of information about the SQL standard.
 SQL WWW Links (Programmers' Oasis)
SQL Server : Database Resource Directory ( LLC)
  Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2 & Informix Resources
 DBMS World - SQL Server (Arjan van Gameren. )
 Microsoft SQL Server (Microsoft)
 SQL Server Performance Tuning And Optimization Tips (Brad M. McGehee)


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27 October, 2000
Reseller Opportunities
Job Opportunities
Competitive prices for products and services
Microsoft Releases SQL For Handhelds
Versant Announces Availability of Intelligent Transaction Caching Platform
IBM Updates DB2 Everplace
Oracle, Sun Offer SQL Server Migration Tool
Xml Elevates Middleware to Global Player
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NFS Maestro Server 6.1.1
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Microsoft Corporation
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DB2 - interactive training material
SQL - interactive training material
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Enterprise Client and Server Strategies
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ADVISOR DEVCON on Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, SQL Server and Component-Based Development - Fall 2000 (Phoenix, AZ, United States; 29 Oct 2000 to 1 Nov 2000
Open Source Database Summit (San Jose, CA, United States; 30 Oct 2000 to 31 Oct 2000
Middleware: THE KEY TO DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING (Seminar) (London, United Kingdom; 15 Nov 2000 to 17 Nov 2000
DB2 Advanced Development for Performance with V6 Features (Seminar) (London, United Kingdom; 20 Nov 2000 to 24 Nov 2000
DSOM 2000 Eleventh IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations & Management (Austin, TX, United States; 4 Dec 2000 to 6 Dec 2000
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