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Hardware and Software Reviews, Technology Reports and and Evaluators
  • Aberdeen Group
  • AllNetResearch - The Superstore for Internet Research
  • AMR Research
  • Andrew Prophet Research and Consulting
  • Annex Reseach
  • Benchin Software Review
  • bitpipe: Your Link to In-depth IT Information
  • BJ Dooley Technical Information Services
  • Bloor Research
  • Business Intelligence
  • BYTE Benchmarks
  • CADALYST Labs reviews
  • Cambridge Information Network
  • Cambridge Market Intelligence
  • Communications Industry Researchers, Inc.
  • Computer Industry Almanac Inc.
  • Computer Technology Research Corp (CTR)
  • Computerworld Resource Center
  • CONSPECTUS - a series of monthly on-line reports on numerous aspects of the software industry
  • Creative Networks Inc
  • Current Analysis, Inc.
  • Cutter Information Consortium
  • Data Communications Magazine - Lab Tests
  • Data Research DPU - for Evaluation of Information Technology
  • Datamonitor
  • Datapro Information Services Group
  • Dataquest
  • Delphi Consulting Group, Inc
  • DISK/TREND, Inc.
  • Dream IT, Inc
  • ElectroniCast Corporation
  • evalu8IT - guides organisations to qualified advisors for evaluation of information technology
  • ExpoReport - The Trade Show and Convention Business Intelligence Report
  • Faulkner
  • Forrester Research
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • Gartner Group, Inc.
  • Giga Information Group, Inc.
  • Government Computer News (GCN) Lab
  • HardwareCentral - Your source for in-depth computer hardware info
  • Hurwitz Group, Inc.
  • IDC Research
  • In-Stat Online
  • Information Gatekeepers Group (IGI Group)
  • InfoTech Trends - computer industry forecasts, market trends, and statistics
  • InfoWorld Test Center
  • Intellor - Business Intelligence & EAI knowledge exchange for vendors & IT community
  • ISP Business News Research Reports
  • IT-Analysis
  • IT Research GmbH
  • IT Reviews - Independent reviews by professional journalists
  • ITCouncil: Inside The 21st Century Data Center
  • Jupiter Communications
  • LAN Times Testing Center
  • Market Tracking International Ltd (MTI)
  • Meridien Research, Inc
  • META Group
  • MIT's Media Laboratory
  • National Software Testing Laboratories
  • Network Computing's Real-World LabsŤ
  • Nua Ltd: New Thinking for the Digital Age
  • Nua: Strategic research - Internet trends
  • One2surf - Product Labs
  • Online Inc
  • OVUM
  • PA-Consulting
  • Patricia Seybold Group
  • PC Magazine - PC Labs Online
  • PC Magazine Guides to Different Technologies
  • PC World Reviews
  • PMP Group
  • Point Topic - DSL research
  • Professional Multimedia Test Centre (PMTC)
  • QuickerWit - directory of IT press reviews
  • resource marketing
  • ReviewBooth - The source for hardware reviews and software reviews
  • ReviewFinder - The Best Source for Finding Reviews on the Web
  • Richard Holway Ltd
  • Silicon Valley Networking Lab
  • SRI International
  • SystemLogic - Hardware and Software reviews
  • - Where the Technology Experts Are
  • The Butler Group
  • The Chasm Group
  • The Computer Paper (Canada) Lab Tests
  • The IMR Mall Catalog - Computers, Electronics, and Telecommunications
  • The Standish Group
  • The Yankee Group
  • Trend Monitor
  • University of New Hampshire (UNH) InterOperability Lab
  • VNU Product Reviews
  • Windows 2000 Magazine - Lab Reviews
  • Xpragma
  • Yphise
  • Zona Research

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