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Groupware - Outline
Groupware is software that helps users work co-operatively by sharing information. E-mails and files can be organised into topics so that the whole group can participate in conversations about the project. Changed specifications can be quickly communicated and ideas about how to overcome obstacles can be shared. Calendar software can be used to share diaries and arrange meetings when all participants are free.
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Groupware - Knowledge Bases
  • BSCW
    • BSCW (Basic Support for Cooperative Work) enables collaboration over the Web. BSCW is a 'shared workspace' system which supports document upload, event notification, group management and much more
  • The BSCW (Basic Support for Cooperative Work) Shared Workspace System, (CSCW Research Department of GMD´s FIT institute)
    • The goal of the project is the development and enhancement of the BSCW Shared Workspace System which provides facilities for collaboration over the Internet and the WWW in particular. A primary goal of the project is to achieve cross-platform interoperability (at least across various Microsoft Windows versions, Macintosh OS and various Unix flavors) to enable cross-platform and cross-organisational cooperation, e.g., in dispersed research projects.
  • Comp Groupware FAQ
  • CSCW (Computer Supported Collaborative Working) Directory (Team IT)
    • Team IT is the forum for Computer Supported Collaborative Working (CSCW) and groupware, and is the new name for the UK Computer Supported Cooperative Work SIG (Special Interest Group). Team IT brings together specialists, users and researchers to promote the effective use of IT and telecommunications in support of group and team working. Team IT is a not-for-profit organisation working in the interests of its members and the British business community.
  • CSCW Bibliography (Technische Universität München)
  • Groupware Central
    • Groupware Central is the electronic successor of Groupware Report and is a part of ISWorld. Our goal is to provide information of interest to researchers, developers and users of groupware.
  • Index of CSCW and Groupware Resources (Usability First)
    • Groupware is any type of software designed for groups and for communication. This section provides a general overview of groupware and computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), and associated design and usability issues.
  • Links to CSCW related pages (Technische Universität München, Germany)
    • Key issues of CSCW (computer-supported cooperative work) are group awareness, multi-user interfaces, concurrency control, communication and coordination within the group, shared information space and the support of a heterogenous, open environment which integrates existing single-user applications. CSCW systems are often categorized according to the time/location matrix using the distinction between same time (synchronous) and different times (asynchronous), and between same place (face-to-face) and different places (distributed).
  • Terms and definitions - Groupware (PC Webopedia)
    • See this page for definition of these terms: application sharing, enterprise, groupware, Lotus Notes, teamware, teleconference, whiteboard, workflow, workgroup computing, workgroup productivity package
  • The unOfficial Yellow Pages of CSCW (Michael Koch)
  • vCard: The Electronic Business Card - White Paper (Internet Mail Consortium)
    • Personal Data Interchange (PDI) occurs every time two or more individuals communicate, in either a business or personal context, face-to-face, or across space and time. Such interchanges frequently include the exchange of informal information, such as business cards, telephone numbers, addresses, dates and times of appointments, etc. Augmenting PDI with electronics and telecommunications can help ensure that information is quickly and accurately communicated, stored, organized and easily located when needed.
  • WARIA Groupware / BPR Vendors and Consultants (The Workflow And Reengineering International Association)
  • SEE also Related Topics
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Groupware - Newsgroups and FAQs
  • comp.groupware
  • comp.groupware.groupwise
  • comp.groupware.lotus-notes.admin
  • comp.groupware.lotus-notes.apps
  • comp.groupware.lotus-notes.misc
  • comp.groupware.lotus-notes.programmer
  • FAQS - comp.groupware
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Groupware - Magazines and Ezines
  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)
  • DominoPower Magazine
  • DominoPro - trends, tools, and technical solutions
  • Groupware-Online: Magazin f³r effizienten Groupware- und Intranet-Einsatz
  • Groupware & Communications (G&C;)
  • Lotus R5 Domino and Notes Advisor
  • Messaging Magazine (EMA)
  • Microsoft Systems Journal
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online
  • Notes Magazin - Erfolgreiches Informationsmanagement im Unternehmen
  • THE VIEW, the technical journal for Lotus Notes and Domino
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Groupware - White Papers
  • Groupware White Paper links powered by ITpapers
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Groupware - Organizations and User Groups
  • Association of Knowledgework
  • Electronic Messaging Association
  • Internet Mail Consortium
  • Lotus Notes User Groups
  • Microsoft User Group Programs
  • Notes User Group (Germany)
  • VALU - Virtual Association of Lotus Users Across the Enterprise
  • Workflow Management Coalition
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Groupware - News
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Groupware - Events
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Groupware - Related Topics
Collaboration Software - Document Management - Document Imaging - Electronic Messaging - Email - Email Management - Groupware - Information Retrieval - Knowledge Management - Lotus Domino - Lotus Notes - MS Exchange/Outlook - Search Tools - Search Engines - Text Retrieval - Workflow
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Groupware - Books
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Groupware - Key Manufacturers
If your company offers Products applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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Groupware - Key Solutions Providers
If your company offers Products and/or Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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Groupware - Key Service Providers
If your company offers Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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Groupware - Key Training Providers
If your company offers Training Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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