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Business Continuity and Contingency Planning
 Association of Contingency Planners
  Contingency planning is a required element for successful business and government agencies. Emergency managers and business continuity planners alike address mitigation, response and recovery planning issues. The purpose of the Association is to provide and facilitate an environment for exchange of experience and information. This includes identification of common planning needs and potential recovery response solutions as well as networking opportunities through local and national alliances.
 The Business Continuity Information Centre
  Business continuity is the subject of the Business Continuity Information Centre as well as related subjects such as risk management, disaster recovery, business recovery and emergency planning.
 The Business Continuity Institute
  The Business Continuity Institute provides an internationally recognised status and its wider role is to promote the highest standards of professional competence and commercial ethics in the provision and maintenance of business continuity management services. This web site contains a wealth of information and resources for the both the business continuity novice and expert as well as allowing members the opportunity to communicate and network with each other.
 Links to International Contingency Planning Sites (Association of Contingency Planners)
  A membership group for business continuity management professionals
 Useful Links for Business Continuity Professionals (DRI Int'l )
  Links to the many sites on the World Wide Web that offer useful information for business continuity / disaster recovery professionals.
Data Recovery
 Data Recovery Technicians support links (Data Recovery Labs)
  If you have questions regarding hard drive technology and/or data recovery, then this site has answers for you
 Helpful Industry Links (CBL Data Recovery Technologies)
  Here are some links to hardware and component manufacturers as well as those companies that provide services for the manufacture of hard drive components.
Database Administration
 Information Resource Management (IRM) Links (InfoAdvisors)
Disaster Recovery
 Disaster Recovery Product/Services Internet Directory
Health and Safety
 Beware the Computer Mouse (ABCNews)
 CCOHS Home - Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety Information Resources
  The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing information and advice about occupational health and safety.
 Electro Magnetic Fields and Public Health
 RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury
  An extensive collection of links from an author who has suffered from RSI
 Safety Related Internet Resources
  This site, first developed in 1994, contains a listing of over 2,000 health and safety Internet based resources.
 Typing Injury FAQ Home Page
  The Typing Injury FAQ (frequently asked questions) is an educational site, provided by the CTD Resource Network, Inc., containing a wide variety of information about repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), resources for dealing with these ailments, and a broad description of assistive products to reduce injury risk and symptoms.
Support Desk
 Answers: Help from Tek-Tips technical support forums
  Tecumseh Group, Inc.
 Experts Exchange, the Knowledge Sharing Community on the Web.
  "Experts Exchange has pioneered the IT knowledge sharing community market place since 1996, enabling its members to quickly find specific solutions to their specific questions. Through its community, Experts Exchange developed an open market place where experts compete and collaborate with each other in the process of answering questions"
 Help-Site Computer Manuals (Nicholas Reynolds)
  Links to manuals, documentation and other support and help sites
 Help Desk Institute
 Help Desk Links from RTI
  The purpose of the section is to answer questions and provide resources that will encourage support professionals across the world to learn from each other's experiences. Knowledge Base Search
 Internet Resources for Help Desks (Iain A. Middleton)
  Some useful WWW links, addresses and numbers to help you get expert help desk information.
 InterOperability Laboratory Consorta (University of New Hampshire's )
  The University of New Hampshire's InterOperability Lab (IOL) is involved in research and development work, but is mainly used by the vendor community to verify the interoperability of their products. This is done through independent consortiums within the IOL. Current consortiums are: 1394, ADSL, ATM, Bridge Functions, Fast Ethernet, FDDI, Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, IP/Routing, Token Ring and Wireless.
 NoWonder Computer Support
  "NoWonder's Web site links several thousand volunteer support providers, with expertise in all leading platforms and applications. Our support providers respond to online help requests from consumers, as well as from users and help desk staff at companies of all sizes."
 Question Exchange
  "We are proud to introduce Question Exchange - the source of answers for your technical questions. Our web site provides a marketplace for Customers to contact Experts from around the world in a secure environment."
 SYKES AnswerTeam
  Sykes AnswerTeam provides some answers to support questions arising from products from some of the world's leading software and hardware manufacturers.
 Technical Support Alliance Network
  The Technical Support Alliance Network (TSANet) is the largest alliance of world-class computer product providers. TSANet's purpose is to provide its members with access to other vendors' technical support information and organization on a priority basis where mutual multivendor problems exist. TSANet maintains a database of the names of people authorized to call other members. Once cleared, the caller gets quick access to someone in the other organization who can solve the problem. According to TSANet Director Dennis Smeltzer, "This service means that the mutual customer will not be finger-pointed and has to make only one call. The whole thing is really geared to solve mutual multivendor customer problems. TSANet was founded on a quid-pro-quo basis, meaning that members must both take and receive by participating in the alliance."
 Universal Thread (Universal Thread)
  "The Universal Thread is a technical support engine having many forums serving different software and technologies like Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Publishing, Windows, Internet Information Server and more. It contains threaded messages, customized sessions, folders, customized accounts, search engines, reports, live conferences, private messages, profiles, available positions, independent consultants, companies consulting, training, books, software, user groups, conferences, FAQs, files, etc"
 Windows Device Drivers (printer driver, video driver, cdrrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers) at Windrivers.Com (Scott Hermanson)
Systems Management
 ACM Special Interest Groups
  The 37 ACM Special Interest Groups offer a wealth of publications, conferences and resource archives covering a broad spectrum of technical expertise and providing first-hand knowledge of the latest development trends
 BOPA - BackOffice Professionals Association
  The BackOffice Professionals Association, serves as an Internet-based, not-for-profit, virtual community for education, technical support and communication among Microsoft Certified Professionals, Analysts, Developers, Trainers, Administrators, Webmasters, and other Microsoft Windows NT© and BackOffice© professionals.
 BSA Software Piracy Site
 CIO Research Centers
 CompInfo Directory: Storage Management
 The Enterprise Systems Journal Solutions Guide
  Lists vendors offering solutions to internetworking dilemmas
 FAQ: Sun Computer Administration
 The IT Professional's Web Site
  A research tool for IT directors in the Asia-Pacific
 Newsgroup: comp.answers
 OpenView - Technical Resources (OpenView Forum)
  "Discover tips, tricks and techniques from your peers and from experts in the OpenView environment. This interactive area of the website will help you maximize your company's investment in OpenView products and services."
 Project Management - Glossary of Terms (R. Max Wideman and PMForum)
 The Project Management Center (David Haertzen)
  This site is dedicated to and to those with an investment in Project Management.


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