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Electronic Commerce, EDI

Technical Resources

These pages provide links to sites and resources concerned with the burgeoning cashless society. These include Electronic Commerce, Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI ), Digital Cash, Secure Credit Card Transactions, Digital Signatures and other related subjects

Digital signatures | Electronic Commerce | Electronic Data Interchange |

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Digital signatures
 Electronic Signatures - Links (State of Kentucky)
Electronic Commerce
 An e-Commerce Glossary
 Business Planning Software
  "Business Plan resources are key to your success. The Center for Business Planning provides any business manager or entrepreneur with a set of resources to help in creating a business or managing a business. Information is provided on every area of planning a business including: acquire venture capital, define new products, market analysis, competitive analysis, production management, tax problems, legal issues, prepare financial statements, write a business plan and much more."
 CIO's EC Research Center
  From small business to multinational, Electronic Commerce will change the way you do business. This Research Center examines the current state and future directions of conducting commerce on the Net.
 CommerceNet Research Center
  CommerceNet has grown into a unique global non-profit membership organization meeting the evolving needs of companies doing electronic commerce. Since its founding in 1994, CommerceNet's mission has been to promote and advance interoperable electronic commerce to support emerging communities of commerce.
 Compinfo Directory: Barcode and Data Capture
 Compinfo Directory: Identity Verification
 Compinfo Directory: Kiosks
 Compinfo Directory: Smartcard Technology
 Cryptography FAQ ((RSA Laboratories))
  This FAQ covers the technical mathematics of cryptography as well as export law and basic fundamentals of information security.
 E-Commerce Research Reports (Durlacher)
 eCommerce Info Center
  eCommerce info, services, products and technologies.
 EDI Insider Table of Contents
  A collection of past articles from EDI Insider, a major EC/EDI industry newsletter
 EDI/Electronic Commerce Organizations (Harbinger)
  All aboard the Harbinger Electronic Commerce (EC) Jumpstation, where Electronic Commerce surfers go to catch the biggest and best waves to all their favorite Electronic Commerce destinations
 Electronic Commerce - latest headlines (NewsNow)
 Electronic Commerce & Electronic Markets (BRINT)
  An extensive range of research, papers, bibliographies, etc.
 Electronic Commerce and the European Union (European Commission)
  "The electronic commerce team is a knowledge based team of experts, who are keen to ensure that the European Union remains at the forefront of electronic commerce, both in terms of research and development and in the successful implementation of new ideas."
 Electronic commerce resources (e centre UK)
  As well as e centreUK there are a great number of other organisations working to help users take advantage of the business benefits offered by electronic commerce. If you can not find the information you are looking for on this site, this section provides some brief summaries of and links to other organisations that also provide information on standards and best business practice in electronic commerce.
 Electronic Commerce, Payment Systems, and Security (Michael Waidner)
  This covers electronic commerce and security frameworks, payment systems (including message and home-banking standards, smartcard purses, and other smartcard-based payment systems, micropayment systems, untraceable e-cash, e-cheques, e-credit and debit cards, and trusted market providers) and intellectual property rights
 Electronic Commerce: On-line Contract Issues (Fred Greguras and others)
  The interest in commercial activity has focused attention on the contractual issues raised by the electronic medium itself. For example, can a contract be formed by the exchange of electronic communications? Is an electronic communication a "writing" that will satisfy the Statute of Frauds? How can communications over the Internet be "authenticated"? Is a digital signature the legal equivalent of a handwritten signature?
 Esprit (European Commission) and ACTS projects related to electronic commerce
  This page deals with electronic commerce as it affects Business to Business, Business to Consumers and Business to Government Administrations
 Financial Software (Corporate Finance Network)
  Links to various finance and banking software packages
 Glossary of Electronic Commerce (e centre UK)
 Guide to E-Commerce Products and Services (E-Commerce Times: )
 Internet Commerce (ITU)'s Electronic Commerce Guide
  formerly Thomas Ho's Favorite EC Web Resources
 Jim Smith's EDI Emporium
  A collection of EDI information, including links to jargon, resources, products and standards
 Joint Electronic Commerce Program Office (JECPO)
  The Secretary of Defense "Defense Reform Initiatives" established the Joint Electronic Commerce Program Office (JECPO) as a DoD focal point to accelerate the integration of electronic commerce techniques into DoD operations
 Logistics Software Guide (Cambridge Market Intelligence)
  The Logistics Software Guide is possibly the most comprehensive source on the European logistics software marketplace. The guide provides both end-users and vendors with a valuable evaluation of the logistics software available to help them run their organisations.
 MIT ECAT Project
  ECAT2, the next generation of MIT's Web-based system for purchasing directly from selected MIT partner vendors, is now open for use. Here's an example of EDI in practice
 Money - Past, Present & Future - and E-Money (Roy Davies)
  Sources of Information on Monetary History, Contemporary Developments, and the Prospects for Electronic Money
 The Network for B2B professionals
  "This site helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the major Business-to-Business players and trends."
 Newsgroup: bit.listserv.edi-l
 Roger Clarke's Electronic Commerce
  "'Electronic commerce' (EC) is an integrative concept, designed to draw together a wide range of business support services, including inter-organisational e-mail; directories; trading support systems for commodities, products, customised products and custom-built goods and services; ordering and logistic support systems; settlement support systems; and management information and statistical reporting systems." This document provides you with access to the following: a set of introductory papers, many documents that deal with more advanced topics and some additional hot-links
 SBA: Electronic Commerce Hotlist
  Links provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration (
  An ASP (Application Service Provider) Specific Search Engine
 Security in agent-based systems (Massively Distributed Systems Group, IBM)
  Agent-based systems require new thinking, to avoid both security holes and unexpected global effects. When agent-based systems are combined with electronic commerce, the need for all aspects of security is particularly strong.
 Security Related Links (Secure Electronic Marketplace for Europe) (Michael Waidner)
  SEMPER is a European R&D; project in the area of secure electronic commerce over open networks, especially the Internet. It is executed by an interdisciplinary consortium, combining experts from social sciences, finance, retail, publishing, IT and telecommunications, and has established liaisons with several related efforts. SEMPER is part of the European Commission's ACTS Programme (Advanced Communications Technologies and Services), executing Task 503. Funding is provided by the partner organisations, the European Union and the Swiss Federal Department for Education and Science.
 Sun-Netscape Alliance
 Supply Chain Management Resource Webpage (Dr. Amit Monga)
  Why a Supply Chain Management Resource Webpage? Never has so much technology and brainpower been applied to improving supply chain performance. Point of sale scanners allow companies to capture the customer's request. Electronic data interchange lets all stages of the supply chain understand customer's requests and react by using flexible manufacturing, automated warehousing, and rapid logistics. New concepts such as quick response, efficient consumer response, accurate response, mass customization, lean manufacturing, and agile manufacturing offer models for applying the new technology to improve performance.
 Terms and definitions - Electronic Commerce (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: BinHex, biometrics, Certificate Authority, click-and-mortar, commerce server, CPC, CPM, cxml, digital cash, digital coins, digital wallet, disintermediation, DSML, EDI, electronic commerce, ESD, interstitial, IOTP, Luhn formula, MD5, message digest, Netcheque, SET, shopping cart, smart card, SSL, SUPERSTITIAL
 Uniform Code Council
  "The Uniform Code Council is expanding the vision of one global system of standards through leadership, innovation, technology support, and the establishment of close ties to business and industry. We have focused our resources on the advancement of UCC EAN standards in every industry. The UCC's activities are directed at increasing the benefits of members' investment in UCC EAN standards by building their acceptance and use around the world. Through committee works and links with industry trade associations the UCC is addressing issues affecting the application of UCC EAN standards for global supply chain management in a variety of industries."
 United States Government Electronic Commerce Policy (Secretariat for Electronic Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce)
 US Government Procurement on-line (FinanceNet)
  FinanceNet is the Internet's home for public financial management worldwide. It was established by Vice President Gore's National Performance Review in Washington, D.C. in 1994 and is operated by the National Science Foundation (a Federal agency)
 VeriSign Digital ID Center
  Digital IDs provide a means of proving your identity in electronic transactions, much like a driver license or a passport does in face-to-face interactions. With a Digital ID, you can assure friends, business associates, and online services that the electronic information they receive from you are authentic.
 Wharton Forum on Electronic Commerce
  Includes various research reports on startegy and policy, online marketing and online consumer behaviour
Electronic Data Interchange
 ASC X12N Acronym Dictionary
 Department of Defense Electronic Data Interchange Standards
 e centre UK
  e centreUK is the trading name of the Association for Standards and Practices in Electronic Trade - EAN UK Ltd, which was launched on 7th October 1998 on the merger of the Article Number Association and the Electronic Commerce Association. The Association has a vision for the future, a clear mission and firm objectives, all of which provide you with a brief overview.
 Electronic Commerce Gateway
  Electronic Commerce Gateway is provided by the VANs of the GAP-NET (Government Advanced Procurement with Network Enhanced Technologies)
 Electronic Commerce PMO: Federal EC/EDI (GSA)
 Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange @ NAFTAnet
 Electronic Data Interchange Standards - UN/EDIFACT (Harbinger)
  United Nations rules for Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport. They comprise a set of internationally agreed standards, directories and guidelines for the electronic interchange of structured data, and in particular that related to trade in goods and services between independent, computerized information systems.
 Federal EDI
 Government EDI Sites (Commonwealth of Kentucky)


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