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Computer and Communications Standards

Technical Resources

These pages provide links to sites dealing with Computer Standards, Communications Standards, Data Interchange Standards, Standards Process Automation ( SPA ), SQL Standards and more. Also includes links to standards authorities such as ISO, IEEE and NIST Federal Information Processing Standards.

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 Compinfo Directory: Hardware Standards
 Computer and Communication Standards and Cross References (Webstart Communications.)
  A very extensive list of Standards and cross-references
 Data Interchange Standards Association
  Representing e-commerce professionals from around the world, DISA's affiliation with EC User Groups, the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12, and many others, facilitates an interchange of e-commerce topics hitting the global market. In an effort to facilitate emerging Internet technologies of U.S. and international e-commerce environments, the X12 committee is working on the next generation of electronic data interchange (EDI)
 IEEE Standards
  The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is the umbrella organization under which the full range of IEEE Standards Activities are carried out.
 NEMA Electrical Standards
  The primary reason behind the formation of NEMA in 1926 was to provide a forum for the standardization of electrical equipment. Then and now, standards enable customers to select from a range of safe, effective, compatible electrical products. They promote fair competition by defining products and processes, leading to economies in product and elimination of misunderstanding. The standardization process also benefits the user by making products that are available globally, delivered locally, competitively priced, able to perform predictably, and are safe and environmentally sound.
 NIST Federal Information Processing Standards on Computer Security
 Specifications, Standards and Protocols (Internet) (The Vertex Group, Inc.)
  "There are over 2100 documents that constitute standards on the Internet. These are the infamous Request for Comments (or RFC). This series of papers from a variety of sources are the anarchist's answer to committees. Got an idea about how something could be implemented. Is it good enough to really work? Publish an RFC, form a working group, present at an Internet Engineering Task Force. The rest of them will read them, hope they are written in something that looks like english and try to write some code to make them work"
 Standard Documents and Links to Standard Documents
  All manner of standards documentation relevant to computers and communications
 Standards & Specifications Written By Scholarly Societies (University of Waterloo, Canada)
  These are standards set down by many national and international technical and trade associations, including IEEE, UL, NCITS, etc.
 Web servers providing standards information (ISO)
  This page covers bodies having recognized activities in standardization; that are recognized at international level; that have as a principal function, by virtue of their statutes, the preparation, approval or adoption of standards that are made available to the public; and whose membership is open to the relevant national body from every country.


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