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HARDWARE - Network Devices


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 Lucent cuts through switch test (7 Jun 2000; )
 Internet appliance boom hampered by high display costs (6 Jun 2000;
 3Com licenses Palm's OS and Zen - and QNX (31 May 2000; The Register)
 Cisco Takes Wraps Off VoIP LAN Switch (30 May 2000; Techweb)
 Cisco fixes hardware DoS defect (24 May 2000; )
 Jams ahead for wireless LANs (22 May 2000; Computerworld)
 Cisco fixes router bug (18 May 2000; VNU)
 Report: Wireless LAN Heading for Boom Time (17 May 2000; Computer Currents)
 Epods unveils device for Net newbies (17 May 2000;
 3Com's Internet Appliance Division Teams With QNX (15 May 2000; Company Press Release)
 Compaq to sell wireless networking device (8 May 2000;
 Dutch firm to ship wireless LAN (5 May 2000; Network Fusion)
 Dutch Firm Unveils World's First 802.11b WLAN Technology (4 May 2000; Computer Currents)
 IEEE & ETSI Wireless LAN Standard Enhancements (3 May 2000; Computer Currents)
 Lucent, Telecom Partners to Deploy Wireless, High-Speed LANs (1 May 2000;
 Teligent Has New Device Expanding Wireless Reach-Post (1 May 2000; Yahoo)
 Lucent in venture to beam network traffic through lasers (12 Apr 2000; Computerworld)
 Cisco Expands Switching Line (6 Apr 2000; Techweb)
 Stepping from the office into a wireless world (27 Mar 2000;
 Cisco To Ship Wireless LAN Enterprise Products (23 Mar 2000; Techweb)
 Intel, Symbol ready wireless LAN products for 2001 (20 Mar 2000; Computerworld)
 Info appliance market set to take off (7 Feb 2000;
 Shopping via TV finally gets real (7 Feb 2000; Computerworld)
 Cabletron releases outdoor wireless system (28 Jan 2000; InfoWorld)
 Diamond confirms plans to use Transmeta chip (20 Jan 2000;
 Sunbeam Debuts Home Linking Technology (HLT) (14 Jan 2000; Internet Wire)
 Thinking Outside The Box - Chip maker Intel will try Net appliance manufacturing on for size. (5 Jan 2000; The Industry Standard)
 Cisco Hardware Woes (30 Dec 1999; Sm@rt Reseller)
 Osicom's ROUTERmate-T3 Adds Pass-Through Monitoring And SmartJack Capabilities For T3 Circuits (7 Dec 1999; Internet Wire)
 LSI LOGIC Demonstrates Superior JAVA(tm) Perfromance On SC2000, Single Chip Set Top Box Solution (15 Nov 1999; Internet Wire)
 Compaq unveils thin clients, wireless LANS (26 Oct 1999; Computerworld)
 Intel Enters Mainstream Switch Market (6 Oct 1999; Techweb)
 Unisys to offer DG Fibre Channel products (14 Jul 1999; Computerworld)
 Tug-Of-War Delays OpenCable Software Spec (14 Jun 1999; TechWeb)
 Silicon Trouble Delays Terabit Routers (11 Jun 1999; TechWeb)
 WebTV Drops Hard Disk For Flash Device (TechWeb)


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