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Telephony, Computer Telephony Integration, Fax


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 Net telephony industry goes to Washington (6 Jun 2000;
 Mapinfo Corporation Unveils Java-Based Version of Coverage Locator (5 Jun 2000; Java Industry Connection)
 Sega, Motorola to develop Internet cell phone (5 Jun 2000;
 HP, Cisco team on unified messaging (5 Jun 2000; Computerworld)
 Intel SDK Could Fuel VoIP Adoption (1 Jun 2000; Techweb)
 Panasonic Incorporates VoIP Into Cordless Phones (1 Jun 2000; Computer Currents)
 Net2Phone Gets You Yapping Online (1 Jun 2000; PC World)
 Intel Says its Software Improves Net Telephony Sound (31 May 2000; Computer Currents)
 VoIP now Possible From Behind Firewalls (31 May 2000; Computer Currents)
 This software knows when you're lying (30 May 2000; ZDNet)
 Internet brings free voice calls to UK (23 May 2000; )
 Novell partners with Lucent on Presence and Availability Management (PAM) API (23 May 2000; InfoWorld)
 Copper Mountain Optimizes Voice Over DSL (16 May 2000;
 New legislation threatens Net telephony (15 May 2000; ZDNet)
 IP telephony products proliferate (12 May 2000; InfoWorld)
 Tivoli Ventures Into Cable Modem Management (11 May 2000; Techweb)
 Cisco extends IP telephony system (10 May 2000; InfoWorld)
 Voice portal companies overshooting demand (9 May 2000;
 Canada's Nortel Launches New Fiber-Optic Unit (5 May 2000; Yahoo)
 Voice Over DSL To Soar By 2004 (3 May 2000; Techweb)
 Sprint Labs developing laser-based network (3 May 2000; InfoWorld)
 Siemens Heats Up VoIP Competition (2 May 2000; Techweb)
 ADC Telecommunications announces new high-performance Java management solution for IP (27 Apr 2000; Java Industry Connection)
 Ultra Wideband Innovation May Lead Charge in Yet Another Revolution (24 Apr 2000; Los Angeles Times)
 AVT focuses CallXpress 5.3 messaging on mobile workers (24 Apr 2000; InfoWorld)
 Inter-Tel Demonstrates Clearconnect, A Java-Based Internet Phone (20 Apr 2000; Java Industry Connection)
 Phone Software Embedded in Netscape 6 (7 Apr 2000; Computer Currents)
 GRIC and Lucent Expand VoIP Technology (31 Mar 2000; Computer Currents)
 Wireless "all-in-one" messaging to boost (20 Mar 2000;
 E.U. Plans U.S. Espionage Probe (17 Mar 2000; Wired)
 CopperCom cuts deals to push voice-over-DSL technology (13 Mar 2000;
 Iridium customers told service may end (10 Mar 2000;
 Try, Try Again: Internet Fax Is Back (6 Mar 2000; Inter@ctive Week)
 TalkVISUAL Makes Major Breakthrough Using Solectek's MP1100 Bridges To Send Video Over IP. (29 Feb 2000; Internet Wire)
 Intel acquisition to aid PBX, telephony links (25 Feb 2000; Computerworld)
 Vendors tout voice over IP (16 Feb 2000; Computerworld)
 Xerox To Roll Out Internet Fax Products (15 Feb 2000; Techweb) buy may signal future universal messaging deals (14 Feb 2000;
 Mockingbird Networks First To Market With "AudioCoded" Unix-Based, Compact PCI VoIP Telephony Switch (2 Feb 2000; Internet Wire)
 New wave of online chat firms thinks out loud (1 Feb 2000;
 Tektronix, Agilent Prepare Testers For Fiber Backbone (21 Jan 2000; Techweb)
 LANSource Includes API-to-Fax Solution in its VFN (3 Dec 1999; Yahoo)
 FCC orders phone companies to share lines (19 Nov 1999; InfoWorld)
 Hardware vendors do voice (17 Nov 1999;
 Clarent, Siemens Unveil VoIP Router (16 Nov 1999; Techweb)
 Mockingbird Unveils Plug-and-Play IP Telephony Solution (2 Nov 1999; Internet Wire)
 Artisoft To Update PC-Based Phone System (25 Oct 1999; Techweb)
 Bells on the run (20 Oct 1999;
 Lucent Pushes Optical Networking Envelope (8 Oct 1999; Techweb)
 MCI WorldCom gets Sprint (5 Oct 1999; Wired)
 NetMoves Introduces IP-Based Fax Solution (1 Oct 1999; Techweb)
 AT&T;, British Telecom team on mobile services (16 Sep 1999;
 Intel, Oki to team on voice over IP (26 Aug 1999; Computerworld)
 GFI Fax & Voice Internet Faxing Services Now Available Across Corporate LANs (12 Aug 1999; Internet Wire)
 NeTrue And 3Com Integrate Enhanced IP Telephony Solutions (27 Jul 1999; Internet Wire)
 DOJ OKs telecom alliance (30 Jun 1999; Computerworld)
 Pan-European Petabit Capacity Network Planned (30 Jun 1999; TechWeb)
 Phones to boost e-commerce? (10 Jun 1999; Computerworld)
 Nortel to further link data telephony (8 Jun 1999; Computerworld)
 Microsoft targets telecom (8 Jun 1999; Computerworld)
 Microsoft moves into unified messaging (8 Jun 1999; Computerworld)
 Intel To Acquire Dialogic For $780 Million (8 Jun 1999; TechWeb)
 HP Will Ship Telephony Server Next Month (8 Jun 1999; TechWeb)


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