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Robotics Topics

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Technical Knowledge Bases

| Robotics |
 Center for Fuzzy Logic, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems
  The Center for Fuzzy Logic, Robotics , and Intelligent Systems (CFL) at Texas A&M; University is one of the leading research organizations in the nation focusing on multi-disciplinary research related to intelligent systems and their applications in Engineering Systems. The research activities of the Center cover emerging technologies including Fuzzy Logic, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.
 comp.robotics FAQ Table of Contents
 Compinfo Directory: Artificial Intelligence
 Compinfo Directory: Voice and Speech Technologies
 Control Engineering Virtual Library (Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. )
 Internet Robotics Sources (The Analog VLSI & Robotics Laboratory, Indiana University)
  Access to FAQ lists, WWW accessible robots, university and commercial robotics pages, etc.
 ISA Online Directory - Industry Links (ISA Online)
  Links to sites of resources and publications of interest to measurement and control professionals.
 JPL Robotics
  JPL Robotics researchers perform development, integration, and demonstration of innovative robotics and automation technologies, supporting NASA missions and addressing other problems of national importance. Researchers work toward enabling more efficient, lower cost missions dedicated to planetary surface and solar system exploration, Earth observations from space, astrophysical experiments in space and on the Moon, and the extension of human capabilities in space.
 Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics (University of Massachusetts)
   The Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics research areas include dexterous manipulation (reaching and grasping), mobile robot navigation, geometric reasoning, assembly planning, and the application of learning theory to robotics.
 Measurement and Control on the Web (ISA)
  M&C; on the Web is the place for measurement and control professionals to find the information they need to do their job
 Motion Control Buyer's Guide (MOTION Magazine)
 Motion Control & Robotics Shareware (
 Motion Control Mall - The Official Online Motion Control Buyer's Guide (MOTION Magazine)
 NASA Internet Robotics Resources (Dave Lavery)
  "Listed here is a compilation of space robotics-related and general purpose robotics-related resources (web sites, ftp sites, gopher sites, newsgroups, etc.) available on the Internet. Although not 100 percent comprehensive (no list of this type ever is complete), it does provide a represenative sample of materials being offered on the 'net."
 NASA Space Telerobotics Program
  The NASA Space Telerobotics Program is an element of NASA's ongoing research program, under the responsibility of the Office of Space Science. The program is designed to develop telerobotic capabilities for remote mobility and manipulation, by merging robotics and teleoperations and creating new telerobotics technologies. Space robotics technology requirements can be characterized by the need for manual and automated control, non-repetitive tasks, time delay between operator and manipulator, flexible manipulators with complex dynamics, novel locomotion, operations in the space environment, and the ability to recover from unplanned events.
 Real Robots On The Web (Dave Lavery)
  Web-accessible robots which you can control from your Web browser
 Robohoo! (Ryan Oglow)
  This site has a very extensive list of robot resources
 Robot Information Central (Arrick Robotics)
  Your source for robot information on the Internet
 Robot Links - Robot Components, Robot Competitions, Robot Clubs (RobotBooks.Com)
 Robot Menu (Arrick Robotics)
  The Robot Menu is designed to give robot builders a place to display their creations.
 Robotics (Open Directory)
 Robotics (Galaxy)
 Robotics and Vision Labs (Stanford Robotics Laboratory)
  This page contains a list of some WWW sites related to robotics and vision.
 Robotics FAQs
 Robotics Indices (Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics, University of Massachusetts)
 Robotics information resources ( )
 The Robotics Institute
  Even when robotics technologies were relatively primitive, their potential role in boosting the productivity and competitiveness of the United States was foreseen in the evolving global marketplace. The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University was established in 1979 to conduct basic and applied research in robotics technologies relevant to industrial and societal tasks. Seeking to combine the practical and the theoretical, the Robotics Institute has diversified its efforts and approaches to robotics science while retaining its original goal of realizing the potential of the robotics field.
 Robotics Internet Resource List (
  "This page identifies, rates, and indexes the best web resources for robotics. Special focus is given to embedded systems issues."
 Robotics Internet Resources (University of Massachusetts, Amherst.)
 Robotics Links (Tagish)
 Robotics Related Services on the Internet (AI Lab, University of Zurich)
  "Much of this information is gleaned from the Robotics Internet Resources Page of LPR, UMass. , which in turn was created using the comp.robotics FAQ maintained by Kevin Dowling ( or using Jonathan Fletcher's JumpStation and just plain WWW surfing. Reading comp.robotics.misc and comp.robotics.research also helped a lot."
 Robotics Software (University of Massachusetts Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics.)
  Online robotics-related software from various source
 Robotics Web Page Jump Point (Rick Welch)
  Covers NASA/space robotics, government/military robotics, commercial robotics and other sources of information
 Robotics Web Servers (University of Massachusetts Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics.)
  Here is a listing of some robotics-related Web servers
 Robots and Robotics (Yahoo)
 TAMU Robotics Group (Center for Fuzzy Logic, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems.,Texas A&M; University)
  The Robotics Group comprises faculty and students from the departments of Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering. Areas of research include assembly planning, calibration, dexterous manipulation, distributed simulation, fine-motion planning, and telerobotics


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26 October, 2000
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