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Networks and Data Communications


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 Network switches will replace routers (10 Apr 2000; Computerworld)
 Cisco Expands VPN Stable (10 Apr 2000; Techweb)
 Vicomsoft Announces New Web Based Notice Delivery Technology (4 Apr 2000; Internet Wire)
 Novell Debuts Management, File-Sharing Tools (27 Mar 2000; Techweb)
 Security glitch crops up in Cisco firewall (27 Mar 2000; Computerworld)
 Novell sharpening directory tool (24 Mar 2000; ZDNet)
 Novell faces up to Windows 2000 and Linux (23 Mar 2000; Computerworld)
 3Com exits enterprise network stage (20 Mar 2000; InfoWorld)
 Novell To End Sales Of Netware 3.2 (20 Mar 2000; Techweb)
 Bell Labs Achieves High Speeds With TrueWave (16 Mar 2000; Techweb)
 More network willies: Security gaps in ATM and frame relay (9 Mar 2000; Computerworld)
 Cisco exec maps out enterprise network convergence (8 Mar 2000; InfoWorld)
 3com exec addresses network scalability issues (7 Mar 2000; InfoWorld)
 Ipswitch, WRQ Release System Management Tools  (6 Mar 2000; Techweb)
 Novell builds Mac support in NetWare (1 Mar 2000; Computerworld)
 Vendors Plan To Force Through SDSL Standard (28 Feb 2000; Techweb)
 Alcatel to acquire Newbridge for $7.1B (23 Feb 2000; Computerworld)
 Startup Will Create Voice-Over-Broadband (14 Feb 2000; Techweb)
 Novell India develops TCP/IP piece for NetWare 5.1  (14 Feb 2000; InfoWorld)
 Novell Introduces Firewall-Smashing Software (8 Feb 2000; Techweb)
 3Com Picks TCSI for New System (7 Feb 2000; Yahoo)
 Novell plans counterattack to Windows 2000 (7 Feb 2000;
 T&T;/MediaOne Merger Heats Up FCC (4 Feb 2000; Techweb)
 Novell puts 'Net services' strategy, products in spotlight (3 Feb 2000; InfoWorld)
 Sun eases limits on networking software (2 Feb 2000;
 AMD Readies Ethernet Switch Solution (2 Feb 2000; Techweb)
 DSL, Cable Modems Threaten Enterprises (31 Jan 2000; Techweb)
 Network management heats up with focused applications (28 Jan 2000; InfoWorld)
 Load balancing evolves (28 Jan 2000; InfoWorld)
 Networking upstart takes on Cisco with new hardware  (28 Jan 2000;
 Gig Ethernet Reaches Across WAN  (28 Jan 2000; Techweb)
 Cisco unveils CiscoWorks Windows 5.0 (28 Jan 2000; InfoWorld)
 Axent To Develop Linux Firewall With Cobalt (27 Jan 2000; Techweb)
 3Com licenses Novell directory (25 Jan 2000; Computerworld)
 PMC-Sierra Introduces The Industry's Highest Density Devices For Converging Voice, Data And Video Onto Multi-service Networks (24 Jan 2000; Internet Wire)
 Sycamore teams to make networks easier to operate  (12 Jan 2000;
 Novell NetWare 5.1 makes its debut (10 Jan 2000; InfoWorld)
 Optical links attracting attention (17 Dec 1999; InfoWorld)
 NetWare 5.1 Hopes For Web-savvy Customers (13 Dec 1999; Techweb)
 RedCreek Announces High-End Networking Device For VPN Security (13 Dec 1999; Internet Wire)
 Plug-and-Play Forum Expands (10 Dec 1999; Techweb)
 Microsoft alliances need more than cash to thrive (8 Dec 1999;
 Cisco makes headway with system for data, voice, video (6 Dec 1999; InfoWorld)
 NDS 8 best part of NetWare beta (4 Dec 1999; InfoWorld)
 Firewall Also Protects Telephone Networks (3 Dec 1999; Techweb)
 Intel tool aims to simplify deployment of VPN clients (22 Nov 1999; InfoWorld)
 Packeteer Helps ASPs Offer SLAs (Service Level Agreements) To Users (12 Nov 1999; Techweb)
 Lucent Boosts Network Speed Tenfold With Tiny Mirrors (9 Nov 1999; Yahoo)
 Intel offers VPN installation via the Web (9 Nov 1999; Computerworld)
 Compaq plans LAN management upgrade (4 Nov 1999; Computerworld)
 Broadband gear makers think broader (26 Oct 1999; Infoworld)
 Vendors rally around wireless networking security spec (18 Oct 1999; InfoWorld)
 Netware 5.1 to include IBM Application Server (12 Oct 1999; InfoWorld)
 Novell to Release Net-based Management Tools (12 Oct 1999; Computerworld)
 Compaq Introduces Its First Thin Clients (5 Oct 1999; Techweb)
 Novell launches identity management tool (digitalme) (5 Oct 1999; Techweb)
 Novell invests $100M in e-business firm (1 Oct 1999; Computerworld)
 Nortel touts high-speed optical technology (29 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Microsoft to ship NT-based thin-client software (29 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Novell fixes NetWare 5 bug (24 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 New technology may speed corporate networks (24 Sep 1999;
 Novell posts more Y2K product updates (23 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Funk Software's New Proxy v3.0 Remote Control Software Essential Productivity Tool For Network Managers (20 Sep 1999; Internet Wire)
 Users eye savings from copper wire Ethernet (20 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 CATC Introduces 2nd Generation USB/Ethernet Link (20 Sep 1999; Internet Wire)
 Informix buys remote access database firm, Cloudscape (17 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Global Technology Associates Announces GNAT Box 3.0 Firewall Software (16 Sep 1999; Internet Wire)
 NetScreen Intros VPN/Firewall Appliance (15 Sep 1999; TechWeb)
 Cisco buys Cocom to add digital video broadcasting solutions to the company's cable portfolio (15 Sep 1999; Wired)
 Cisco Details AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data) Platform (14 Sep 1999; TechWeb)
 Integrated VPN Suite from Check Point Software includes Firewall (13 Sep 1999; TechWeb)
 Novell to announce NetWare clustering (13 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Sun formally unveils ultrathin client (Sun Ray) (10 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Lotus ends development of eSuite (10 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Plug Pulled On Data-Over-Power-Lines Plan (8 Sep 1999; TechWeb)
 Novell porting directory to Tru64 Unix (8 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Boundless Technologies Introduces Viewpoint(R) Administrator 2.1 Software (8 Sep 1999; Internet Wire)
 Lucent's 'Stinger' lets ISPs offer 16 different DSL lines on one connection (7 Sep 1999; ZDNet)
 Network Chip Brings Web Interface To Switches (3 Sep 1999; TechWeb)
 IBM Steals Intel's Networking Chip Thunder (2 Sep 1999; Motley Fool)
 Madge buys Olicom's Token Ring business (2 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Sun to push desktop apps on the network (1 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Novell To Move License Sales Online (30 Aug 1999; Techweb)
 Cisco to buy Cerent, Monterey for $7.4B (27 Aug 1999; Computerworld)
 IBM, Sun axe thin-client JavaOS (25 Aug 1999; Computerworld)
 ADSL Modem Shipments To Reach 1M In 1999 (20 Aug 1999; TechWeb)
 Lucent to buy switching firm for $1.7B (19 Aug 1999; Computerworld)
 Dell: First To Ship Novell(tm) Internet Caching Server Appliance (16 Aug 1999; Internet Wire)
 Cisco To Add Voice To Branch Office Routers (10 Aug 1999; TechWeb)
 BT plans to launch ADSL services (29 Jul 1999; Internet News)
 Cisco Intros Convergence Gear (28 Jul 1999; TechWeb)
  Novell To Add Single Sign-On (21 Jul 1999; TechWeb)
 Novell updates authentication software (19 Jul 1999; Computerworld)
 Novell Revs BorderManager (14 Jul 1999; TechWeb)
 Unisys to offer DG Fibre Channel products (14 Jul 1999; Computerworld)
 Major vendors back XML directory (14 Jul 1999; Computerworld)
 Cisco Broadens ATM Product Line (14 Jul 1999; TechWeb)
 New directory forum pledges open standards (8 Jul 1999; Computerworld)
 IEEE adopts Gigabit Ethernet (1 Jul 1999; Computerworld)
 IEEE Ratifies Gbit Ethernet Over Copper Spec (30 Jun 1999; TechWeb)
 Cisco IOS Adds Firewall Intrustion-Detection (29 Jun 1999; TechWeb)
 Novell acquires Ukiah software (24 Jun 1999; Computerworld)
 Method For Moving Larger Packets Outlined (21 Jun 1999; TechWeb)
 Cisco to buy TransMedia for $407M (18 Jun 1999; Computerworld)
 Lucent Devises Raman Amplification (11 Jun 1999; TechWeb)
 Corvis Unveils Optical Core Transport System (11 Jun 1999; TechWeb)
 Lucent To Jointly Test Digital Radio Tech (8 Jun 1999; TechWeb)
 Gig Ethernet Surpassing ATM As Backbone (4 Jun 1999; TechWeb)
 ShiftKey Delivers XML-Powered, ICE-Compliant Syndication Solution (Internet Wire)
 Enron Breaks The Mold With Bandwidth "Hotels" (TechWeb)
 Flood Of QoS Options Confuses IT Managers (TechWeb)
 Microsoft Explains Investments (TechWeb)
 Faster Networks -- Without New Wires! (ZDNet AnchorDesk)
 China To Run Broadband Network Over Cable-TV Lines (TechWeb)
 Novell Lays Out Plans For NetWare (TechWeb)
 Novell shipping directory 8.0 Tuesday (Computerworld)
 Microsoft buys $5 billion AT&T; stake (Computerworld)
 AT&T; completes acquisition of IBM Global Network (Computerworld)
 Standard eyed for Gigabit Ethernet Over Twisted-Pair (Computerworld)


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