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 Digital imaging company pictures ATM-like photo developer (25 September, 2000;
 Digital Pipe brings video to the enterprise (21 September, 2000; Network World)
 Report: Control Of Digital Content Is Collapsing (19 September, 2000; Techweb)
 Companies claim streaming video breakthrough (07 September, 2000; Network World)
 Inetcam Introduces Ivista 3.0 Personal Webcasting Software (06 September, 2000; Java Industry Connection)
 MPEG-4 Ver. 2 Uses Real-Time Coding Tech from NTT, Oki, Fujitsu (04 September, 2000; AsiaBizTech)
 IBM adds video editing to its picture (23 August, 2000;
 Minerva Networks Announces Broadcast Quality Video Conferencing Solution For Broadband IP Networks (15 August, 2000; Internet Wire)
 Sony to offer online video content service (11 August, 2000;
 Eyewonder Delivers Instant Streaming Media Over Web without Download Player (03 August, 2000; Java Industry Connection)
 RealNetworks admits to new spyware bug (25 July, 2000; The Register)
 Communications companies tackle audio, video streaming (21 July, 2000;
 Will Windows Media Eclipse MP3? (17 July, 2000; PC World)
 DVD piracy case moves into court (17 July, 2000;
 Australian Govt Grilled Over Streaming Net Content Review (10 July, 2000; Newsbytes)
 MS vows to clean up Mac Media Player (06 July, 2000; ZDNet)
 Toshiba forms alliance for digital TV standard (23 June, 2000;
 TI Builds Internet-Audio Jukebox Platform (21 June, 2000; Techweb)
 Streaming media makes strides (20 June, 2000; InfoWorld)
 ESynch's ChoiceCaster Media Player Handles Any Video Type (15 June, 2000; PC World)
 Digital Rights Technology for Streaming Video (14 June, 2000; Computer Currents)
 Digital TV Standards Battle Goes Global (09 June, 2000; Techweb)
 Cisco Makes Motion Picture History with First-Ever Internet Transported and Digitally Screened Movie (07 June, 2000; Yahoo)
 MGI, iCompression Team On Personal Recorder Spec (05 June, 2000; Techweb)
 Real, Windows video flaws unearthed (02 June, 2000; Techweb)
 RealNetworks Announces RealSystem 8 (24 May, 2000; Techweb)
 Intel, Real team on Web streaming software (24 May, 2000;
 RealNetworks launches updated media software package (22 May, 2000; Yahoo)
 LEAD Technologies Releases New Video Codec  (17 May, 2000; Software Wire)
 RealNetworks, Macromedia Team For E-commerce Apps (16 May, 2000;
 BMI unveils licensing for 4.5 million music works (16 May, 2000;
 Cable Carries MPEG-4 Flag In Codec War (12 May, 2000; Techweb)
 Optibase, Marconi Debut Streaming Video Platform (09 May, 2000;
 Entera Caching Delivers RealSystem G2 (08 May, 2000;
 Microsoft fine-tunes TV software strategy (05 May, 2000;
 LEAD Technologies Unveils Video Codec (04 May, 2000;
 Microsoft unleashes new Media Player (02 May, 2000; ZDNet)
 Network Appliance adds to caching appliance family (01 May, 2000; InfoWorld)
 Javu Offers Editor for Streaming Media Files (01 May, 2000;
 RealNetworks player uses Mozilla to read Web pages (26 April, 2000;
 Sonic Intros Pro Audio Mastering (20 April, 2000;
 mimio boardCast Intros Ink, Audio Streaming (18 April, 2000;
 Wireless Multimedia Forum Formed (17 April, 2000;
 Virage Rolls Out VideoLogger 4.0 (13 April, 2000; Internet News)
 Microsoft to introduce Windows Media 7  (10 April, 2000;
 EchoStar Brings Streaming Video to Office Desktop (06 April, 2000; Internet News) Presents Next-Generation Video Delivery Technology (06 April, 2000; Internet Wire)
 Apple releases streaming software that runs on Windows (05 April, 2000;
 Electric Rain Releases 3D Tool Enhancing Macromedia Flash (04 April, 2000; Internet Wire)
 DiviCom Introduces Stream Processing Solution (03 April, 2000; Internet Wire)
 Web Closed Captioning Simplified (31 March, 2000; Wired)
 Nothing Real Ships Shake Version 2.2 (27 March, 2000; Internet Wire)
 IP Multicast group demonstrates the technology's possibilities  (08 February, 2000; InfoWorld)
 Content Industry Up For Grabs (02 February, 2000; Techweb)
 Streaming Media in the Big Easy (27 January, 2000; The Industry Standard)
 Napster users exposed? (27 January, 2000;
 Minerva Integrates Video Network Platform (VNP) With Cisco's New Internet Protocol (IP) Streaming Media Products (21 January, 2000; Internet Wire)
 QDesign Music Codec 2.1 Optimized For G4 (06 January, 2000; Internet Wire)
 Leaders Team On Audio Players, Net Appliances (06 January, 2000; Techweb)
 3CX Announce Release Of Revolutionary New Rich Media Software (06 January, 2000; Internet Wire)
 Viewgraphics Launches DTVxstream MPEG-2 Transport Stream Server (15 December, 1999; PrNewswire)
 DVD copy crackdown (18 November, 1999;
 Start-up Rolls Out MPEG Encoding Software (16 November, 1999; Techweb)
 Nokia And Macromedia Ally To Deliver First Visual WML Authoring Solution For Handsets (15 November, 1999; Internet Wire)
  IVT Burst-Enables Microsoft Windows Media Player (04 November, 1999; Internet Wire)
  Inktomi Helps Ease Multimedia Burden (01 November, 1999; Techweb)
 Global music industry prepares Net piracy crackdown  (28 October, 1999;
 Cablevision, Sony team up for new digital system (16 September, 1999; ZDNet)
 Cisco Details AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data) Platform (14 September, 1999; TechWeb)
 IBM Says It Has First DVI (Digital Video Interface) Computer (03 September, 1999; TechWeb)
 FlashPoint Licenses Digita To Hewlett Packard (01 September, 1999; Internet Wire)
 RioPort Releases Audio Management Software (30 August, 1999; Techweb)
 Videologic To Enforce TV-In-PC Patents (26 August, 1999; Techweb)
 New disc stores 40 times more data than a DVD (26 August, 1999; ZDNet)
 inax Launches WinVCR V1.0 (24 August, 1999; Internet Wire)
 STV AND Microsoft Work Together To Deliver Highest Quality Streaming Audio&Video; On The Web (18 August, 1999; Internet Wire)
 Microsoft's new music format is not immune to crackers (18 August, 1999; Wired)
 Microsoft And Audible Expand Strategic Relationship Around Premium Spoken Audio Content (16 August, 1999; Internet Wire)
 Group Forms Spec To TV Anytime (09 August, 1999; TechWeb)
 Diamond Multimedia, RIAA settle lawsuit (04 August, 1999; InternetNews)


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03 October, 2000
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Digital imaging company pictures ATM-like photo developer
Digital Pipe brings video to the enterprise
Report: Control Of Digital Content Is Collapsing
Companies claim streaming video breakthrough
Inetcam Introduces Ivista 3.0 Personal Webcasting Software
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