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 Businesses Embrace Linux At Industry Conference (7 Jun 2000; Linux PR)
 3Com Ships Linux Drivers For Network Interface Cards (5 Jun 2000; Techweb)
 Linux Creeps Toward Desktops (5 Jun 2000; PC World)
 New software gives Linux a legal way to run DVDs (2 Jun 2000;
 How Can Linux Move Beyond the Web? (1 Jun 2000; PC World)
 Linux Still A Force Despite Windows 2000 (1 Jun 2000; Techweb)
 New Linux kernel a little closer to release (31 May 2000;
 Linux Training Goes Online (24 May 2000; Techweb)
 MontaVista Shows Off Linux for Programmable Intel Compute Appliance (PICA) (23 May 2000; Company Press Release)
 Red Hat releases alpha code for Intel's IA-64 (18 May 2000; Computerworld)
 IBM Extends Linux Support To Enterprise Servers (17 May 2000; Techweb)
 Red Hat releases IA-64 Linux distribution (17 May 2000; InfoWorld)
 Oracle Fills the Linux Tools Gap (16 May 2000; Company Press Release)
 Silicon Graphics Releases Linux Workstations (16 May 2000; Techweb)
 Best Linux 2000 OS R 2 with Cyrillic Support Released (11 May 2000; Company Press Release)
 Linux Internationalization Initiative makes Draft Globalization Specification available for public review (11 May 2000; Company Press Release)
 Intel puts Linux first on Itanium (10 May 2000; ZDNet)
 National Foundation for Functional Brain Imaging invests in Linux os-based SGI Compute Cluster (9 May 2000; Company Press Release)
 Two Linux standards groups combine into one (8 May 2000; Computerworld)
 MontaVista Enables Seamless Real-Time Scheduler For Linux (4 May 2000; Company Press Release)
 Linux kernel upgrade faces more delays (4 May 2000; Computerworld)
 New strategy challenges Linux firms for real-time computing (1 May 2000;
 NOAA Predicts Linux Supercomputer will Improve Forecasts (28 Apr 2000; Computer Currents)
 Red Hat Moves Beyond Operating Systems (26 Apr 2000; Techweb)
 Intel Helps Push Linux In China (26 Apr 2000; Techweb)
 Oracle launches Japanese Linux venture (26 Apr 2000; The Register)
 Security firm warns of Red Hat Piranha 'back door' (25 Apr 2000; Computerworld)
 SecureNet PRO network intrusion detection platform released Linux (24 Apr 2000; Linux PR)
 VistaSource Unveils Linux Office Solutions - Applixware Version 5.0 (24 Apr 2000; Linux PR)
 IBM To Pre-Install Linux On Netfinity (24 Apr 2000; Techweb)
 IBM boosts Linux with strategy shift (21 Apr 2000;
 Oracle buys stake in Linux company (17 Apr 2000; InfoWorld)
 Corel pushes Linux for graphics tasks (12 Apr 2000;
 Sun Never Sets on Linux (12 Apr 2000; Wired)
 Guilty Verdict Could Boost Linux Fortunes (10 Apr 2000; Computerworld)
 Amiga Goes Linux (6 Apr 2000; ZDNet)
 Seagate Aims Linux Appliances At ASPs (6 Apr 2000; Techweb)
 SGI plans 64-bit overlay to Linux  (4 Apr 2000; Computerworld)
 Linux NetworX to Offer Large-scale Clustered Computer Solutions (31 Mar 2000; Company Press Release)
 IBM scales up Linux initiatives (27 Mar 2000; Computerworld)
 Intel sets stage for Linux on IX with Lynx investment (27 Mar 2000; InfoWorld)
 SGI to put more focus on Linux (23 Mar 2000; Computerworld)
 Skeleton in the Linux Closet (21 Mar 2000; ZDNet)
 Caldera introduce OpenLinux e-Desktop 2.4 (20 Mar 2000; Techweb)
 SAS being ported to Linux (14 Mar 2000; InfoWorld)
 Novell jumps into Linux pool (13 Mar 2000;
 Corel to offer free Linux image editor (10 Mar 2000;
 Motorola claims "5 nines" availability for Linux (7 Mar 2000; Computerworld)
 Linux Suppliers Focus On Improved Security (2 Mar 2000; Techweb)
 Linux still not ready for desktop, says SuSE CEO (2 Mar 2000; InfoWorld)
 ADIC's shared file system to extend SANs to Linux (2 Mar 2000; InfoWorld)
 Red Hat launches "Enterprise Edition" (22 Feb 2000; Computerworld)
 Apple, AOL veterans making Linux easy (16 Feb 2000;
 Tools help Linux make strides with new Intel chip (16 Feb 2000;
 MIT Spinoff Preps Brooch Net Communicator (15 Feb 2000; Techweb)
 The Other LinuxWorld Expo: Paris Diary (14 Feb 2000; Byte)
 SuSE Linux AG, MandrakeSoft And Linbox Inc. Join Forces To Develop Linux Network Computing (14 Feb 2000; Internet Wire)
 Fragmentation Lurks For Linux (10 Feb 2000; Techweb)
 Linux sales surge past competitors (9 Feb 2000;
 SCO accelerates Linux strategy (2 Feb 2000; Computerworld)
 Oracle, Informix take Linux battle to New York (2 Feb 2000; Computerworld)
 IA-64 Linux source code released (2 Feb 2000; Computerworld)
 Torvalds Pushes Mobile Linux (2 Feb 2000; Techweb)
 New products help Linux enter hot market (31 Jan 2000;
 Corel hurries to fix Linux security hole (27 Jan 2000;
 CA, Red Hat team on Linux bundle (26 Jan 2000; Computerworld)
 Lineo Ships Embedix Linux Version 1.0 (25 Jan 2000; Techweb)
 Veritas promises Linux clustering and storage management (24 Jan 2000; Computerworld)
 IBM moves Java into Linux territory (24 Jan 2000; ZDNet)
 SAP ships Linux version of R/3 (19 Jan 2000; Computerworld)
 Proginet Releases CyberFusion for Linux  (11 Jan 2000; Internet Wire)
 IBM has big plans for Linux (10 Jan 2000; Computerworld)
 Access Co. Announces Free Demo Version Of Internet Browser For Embedded Linux Market (24 Dec 1999; Internet Wire)
 Linux in the HP garage (20 Dec 1999;
 Xybernaut reveals support for Linux on its "wearable" PC (15 Dec 1999; InfoWorld)
 LinuxOne, Inc. Introduces Chinese Version Of LinuxOne-Lite (13 Dec 1999; Internet Wire)
 Linux-on-Itanium effort gets more backing (9 Dec 1999;
 Dell to install Red Hat Linux on its servers (6 Dec 1999; Yahoo)
 Sun, Inprise to bring Java2 platform to Linux (2 Dec 1999; InfoWorld)
 LINUXONE, Inc. Announces The Release Of LinuxOne "Ready Drive" (30 Nov 1999; Internet Wire)
 Linux version of today's most advanced visualisation system, IRIS ExplorerTM, now available (30 Nov 1999; Company Press Release)
 IBM pumps up support for Linux app developers (24 Nov 1999; InfoWorld)
 MandrakeSoft Announces Linux-Mandrake GoldPack 2000 (22 Nov 1999; Internet Wire)
 Department of Energy 256-node cluster supercomputer uses Linux (17 Nov 1999; ZDNet)
 Corel Aims Linux At Desktops (15 Nov 1999; Techweb)
 Red Hat to release enhanced version of Linux (12 Nov 1999; Wired)
 First wireless, Linux-based thin client in the works (12 Nov 1999; Computerworld)
 Check Point Ports VPN-1, FireWall-1 To Linux (8 Nov 1999; Techweb)
 LinuxOne, Inc. Announces Release Of New Product - "LinuxMac" (4 Nov 1999; Internet Wire)
 Cable Modems And Linux (4 Nov 1999; Byte)
 LinuxOne, Inc. Announces Release Of New Product-"LinuxOne Lite" (2 Nov 1999; Internet Wire)
 Red Hat to support products other than its own version of Linux (2 Nov 1999; ZDNet)
 Embedded Linux 'One-Stop Shop' Opens On Web (1 Nov 1999; Techweb)
 Any More Bids For Tech Support? Going, Going, Gone! (1 Nov 1999; Techweb)
 Clustering software takes Linux in new direction (27 Oct 1999; Computerworld)
 Allaire's ColdFusion Upgrade Supports Linux (25 Oct 1999; Techweb)
 Lotus Fulfills Promise Of Linux (22 Oct 1999; Techweb)
 Corel to offer desktop version of Linux OS (19 Oct 1999; PC World)
 Debian version of Linux to hit retail shelves (12 Oct 1999; Computerworld)
 A look at Lotus Domino 5.0 port to Linux (12 Oct 1999; InfoWorld)
 Red Hat releases Linux 6.1 (4 Oct 1999;
 Inprise Works On Tools For Linux (28 Sep 1999; Techweb)
 IBM Adds Linux To DeveloperWorks (28 Sep 1999; Techweb)
 Lotus Gets Behind Linux (25 Sep 1999; CMP Tech)
 Corel Ships Linux Beta (21 Sep 1999; TechWeb)
 IBM announces Linux laptop (14 Sep 1999; ZDNet)
 Linux extension doubles server memory (9 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Horizon Digital Enterprise Releases HDE-WUI - Free Administration Tool For Linux Server (8 Sep 1999; Internet Wire)
  LinuxOne' Announces Strategic Relationship With MandrakeSoft (2 Sep 1999; Internet Wire)
 R/3 Linux version in beta (26 Aug 1999; Computerworld)
 IDC survey finds 13% of companies using Linux (17 Aug 1999; ZDNet)
 Next Linux kernel due by year's end (12 Aug 1999; Computerworld)
 Indelible Blue Brings MERANT's Database Connectivity To Linux Users (9 Aug 1999; Internet Wire)
 HP's OpenMail goes Linux (4 Aug 1999; Computerworld)
 SGI releases Linux-based 1400L server (4 Aug 1999; Computerworld)
 Red Hat launches Linux e-commerce server (28 Jul 1999; Computerworld)
 Giganet to offer cLAN for Linux (27 Jul 1999; Computerworld)
  IBM Expands Linux Support (27 Jul 1999; TechWeb)
 CoffeeCup HTML Editor++ For Linux Is Released (27 Jul 1999; Internet Wire)
 Cable Modems And Linux (26 Jul 1999; TechWeb)
 CA unveils Linux apps (22 Jul 1999; Computerworld)
 CA and Caldera team on Linux (15 Jul 1999; Computerworld)
 Versant Ports High-Performance Object Platform To Linux (8 Jul 1999; Internet Wire)
 Linux Developer Tool To Ship This Summer (18 Jun 1999; TechWeb)
 Compaq and Red Hat ink joint development pact (8 Jun 1999; Computerworld)


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