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 Acceleration Software International Corporation
 Aiwa America Inc
 Axonix Corporation
 CeQuadrat (USA), Inc.
 Cristie Electronics Ltd
 CTX Europe Ltd
 Esprit Development Corp.
 Excel Computer
 Goldstar (LG Electronics Inc)
 H45 Technology
 Hitachi Europe Ltd
 HyCD, Inc. (Creative Digital Research)
 JVC Professional Computer Products
 LG Electronics
 Meridian Data, Inc
 Microtest, Inc
 Microtest, Inc.
 Mitsumi Electronics Corporation
 Nakamichi America Corporation
 National Computer Systems
 NSM Jukebox GmbH
 Optical Access International
 Optics Storage Pte Ltd
 Panasonic Business Systems UK
 Philips Electronics N.V.
 Philips PC Peripherals
 Pioneer High Fidelity (G.B.) Ltd.
 Plasmon Data Ltd
 Plextor Corporation
 Samsung Europe
 Smart and Friendly
 Sony Europe
 TEAC America, Inc.
CD Recorders
 CopyPro, Inc.
 GEAR Software, Inc.
 Young Minds, Inc.
Disk Controllers
 Data Technology
 ICP vortex Computersysteme GmbH
Disk Storage
 Artecon, Inc.
 Auspex Systems Inc
 Baydel Ltd
 Box Hill Systems Corp
 Ciprico Inc
 Connector Resources Unlimited, Inc
 DataFab Systems, Inc.
 DynaTek Automation Systems Ltd.
 Hitachi Data Systems
 IBM Storage Solutions
 La Cie/Electronique
 Micro Design International, Inc
 O.R. Technology
 Ringdale (UK) Ltd
 Seagate Software
 Smart Storage, Inc.
 Software Publishing Corporation Holdings, Inc.
 Standard Storage Technologies Ltd
 Transitional Technology, Inc.
 Twincom USA
DLT Library
 Breece Hill Technologies, Inc.
 Cristie Data Products Limited
 Overland Data, Inc
DVD Device
 Maxell (Hitachi Maxell, Ltd)
 Microboards Technology, Inc.
 Panasonic Technologies (Subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Corp of America)
 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Toshiba America, Inc.
Floppy Disk
 Europa Magnetics Corporation Ltd.
 Micro System Designs, Inc.
Hard Disk
 APS Technologies
 Conner (Seagate Technology)
 Fujitsu America, Inc.
 Fujitsu Europe Ltd
 ICL plc
 Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS)
 Kingston Technology Coporation
 Liberty Systems Inc.
 Maxtor Corporation
 Pericom PLC
 Quantum Corporation
 Seagate Technology
 Summatec Computer Corporation
 SyQuest Technology, Inc.
 VisionTek, Inc.
 Western Digital Corporation
Media (Disk and Tape)
 Verbatim Corp
Media Conversion and Duplication
 Shaffstall Corporation
Optical Disk
 Cygnet Storage Solutions, Inc.
 Maxoptix Corporation
 NEC Corporation
 Pinnacle Micro
 Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc.
 Plasmon LMS Inc
 Toray Marketing & Sales, Inc. Optical Storage Solutions Division
PCMCIA Hard Disks
 Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
 Centennial Technologies Inc.
 Portable Add-Ons (UK) Ltd
 American Megatrends Inc.
 Aspen Systems
 CMD Technology, Inc.
 Consensys Corp
 DataDirect Networks) (formerly Megadrive Systems Inc )
 Enlight Corporation
 Eurologic Systems
 Falcon (Now Artecon, Inc.)
 FWB Software LLC
 Infortrend Technology Inc.
 LAND-5 Corporation
 Legacy Storage Systems Corporation
 MAXSTRAT Corporation
 Mega Computer Systems
 Micronet Technology, Inc
 MTI Technology Corporation
 Mylex Corporation
 Novotec Computers GmbH
 nStor Technologies
 Optima Technology Corp
 Pacific Micro Data, Inc.
 Procom Technology, Inc.
 Promise Technology Inc
 Raidtec Corporation (USA)
 Supercom, Inc.
 Supermicro Computer, Inc.
 SYRED Data Systems
 Systech, Inc.
 Trinity Technology Development Ltd.
 Gadzoox Networks, Inc.
SCSI Disk Controllers
 Advanced System Products Incorporated (AdvanSys)
 Attotech Technology, Inc.
 BVM Ltd.
 Corporate Systems Center
 Distributed Processing Technology (DPT)
 Initio Corporation
 Microcomputer Research (UK) Ltd
 Tekram Technology
Tape Drive
 ATL Products Inc
 Digital Interface Ltd
 Exabyte Corporation
 M4 Data Ltd
 Qualstar Corporation
 Storage Technology Corporation
 Tandberg Data ASA
 Tapedisk Corporation
 Tecmar Technolgies, Inc.
 TRI-PLEX Systems Corporation
 Valitek Inc
Tape Library


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