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HARDWARE - Network Devices


Bridges and Routers | Cable | Cable & Connectors | CD ROM Servers | Ethernet Cards | Fax Server | Hubs and Repeaters | LAN Interface Cards | PCMCIA Lan Adapters | Printer Servers | Set-top Boxes | Switches | Terminal Server | Token Ring LAN Cards |

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Bridges and Routers
 ACCdotCom, Inc.
 ADC Kentrox
 Advanced Computer Communications, Inc
 Asante Technologies Inc.
 C-Spec Corporation.
 Cabletron Systems
 Cameo Communications, Inc.
 Cayman Systems, Inc
 Chase Research Inc.
 Chase Research plc
 Cisco Systems Inc.
 Compatible Systems Corporation
 Cyclades Corporation
 FastComm Communication Corporation
 Foundry Networks, Inc.
 Gandalf Systems Corporation (Mitel)
 H.Bollmann Manufacturers Ltd
 Micom Communications Corporation (Nortel Networks)
 Morningstar, Inc.
 NBase-Xyplex Networks
 Osicom Technologies
 PairGain Technologies Inc.
 Paxdata Networks Ltd
 Proteon, Inc.
 Spider Electronics
 Storage Technology Corporation
 Teltrend, Inc.
 Tricom Communications Ltd
 Webster Computer Corporation
 Belkin Components
 Cables To Go
 Shuttle Technology Ltd (SCM) Ltd.
Cable & Connectors
 Amp Incorporated
 Berg Electronics
 Black Box Corp
 CSI/Suttle Apparatus Corporation.
 Northstar Systems, Inc.
 Transition Networks, Inc.
CD ROM Servers
 Axis Communications (UK) Ltd.
 Axis Communications Inc
 Kintronics, Inc.
 Plextec, Inc.
 PrimeArray Systems, Inc
Ethernet Cards
 Farallon Communications, Inc.
 Honkong Telecom-IMS Ltd.
 Hypertec Ltd
 Protec Microsystems Inc
Fax Server
 DPD International
 Interstar Technologies Inc.
 LANSource Technologies Inc
 RightFAX, Inc.
Hubs and Repeaters
 Accton Technology
 Addtron Technology
 C-Net Technology
 Cogent Data Technologies, Inc
 Compex, Inc.
 Danpex Corporation
 Digi-Tech Communications Ltd.
 EtherCom Corporation
 Fibronics International ( NBASE )
 Franklin Telecom
 Garrett Communications, Inc
 Kingmax Technology Inc.
 KTI Networks
 LANart Europe Limited
 LanOptics Ltd
 Madge Networks (UK)
 NEXO Communications, Inc.
 Omnitron Systems Technology, Inc.
 OvisLink Technologies Corp.
 Technology Concepts Ltd
LAN Interface Cards
 3Com US Robotics (UK)
 D-Link (Europe) Ltd
 D-Link Systems Inc.
 Digicorp Communications and Equipment Ltd
 Echo Communications Inc.,
 Eicon Technology
 Microcomputer Research (UK) Ltd
 Microdyne Communication Technologies, Inc.
 Milgo Solutions, Inc.
 Myricom, Inc.
PCMCIA Lan Adapters
 Portable Add-Ons (UK) Ltd
 Psion Dacom plc
 TDK Systems Europe
Printer Servers
 ASP Computer Products
 Dresselhaus Computer Products Inc
 Excellink Inc
 Extended Systems
 IBM Printing Systems Company
 Interlink Computer Sciences Inc
 Microplex Systems Ltd.
 OcÚ N.V.
 Ringdale (UK) Ltd
 Rose Electronics
 SEH Computertechnik GmbH
 XCD, Inc. (Now TROY XCD, Inc.)
Set-top Boxes
 Cabot International Software Group
 Grundig Vertriebs-GmbH
 Pace Micro Technology plc
 Teknema, Inc.
 Alcatel Internetworking
 Alteon Networks
 Apex PC Solutions, Inc.
 Cybex Computer Products Corporation
 Gadzoox Networks, Inc.
 Memtron Technologies
 Network Peripherals, Inc
 Newbridge Networks Corporation
 NHC Communications Ltd
 Nighthawk Electronics Ltd
 Packet Engines
 Plaintree Systems, Inc.
 SALIX Technologies, Inc.
 Virtual Resources Communications, Inc.
 Volktek Corporation
Terminal Server
 Computone Corporation
Token Ring LAN Cards
 Racore Technology Corporation


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