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HARDWARE - Input Devices

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Technical Knowledge Bases

| Digital Cameras | Input Device | Keyboards | Mice | Monitors | Scanners | Workstations |
Digital Cameras
 A complete guide to digital cameras and digital photography (Dennis P. Curtin)
  "All you ever wanted to know about digital cameras and the digital process."
 Active Pixel Sensors (APS) at JPL - Camera on a Chip
  "Research on more capable, specially tailored APS on-chip timing, control, on-pixel amplifier, analog signal and ADC circuit designs is continuing with other JPL space program/device groups, industrial partners and universities to develop new ultra-low power APS imager/readout applications. This research, funded by the NASA Office of Advanced Concepts and Technology and DARPA, will enable ultra low power, highly miniaturized imaging cameras and spectrometers for space and commercial applications."
 Digital Camera Guide (Plug-In Systems )
 Digital Camera Resource Page (Jeff Keller.)
 Digital Cameras - an Introduction (Jones Telecommunications & Multimedia Encyclopedia)
  "Digital cameras capture images electronically and convert them into digital data that can be stored and manipulated by a computer."
 Digital Cameras - Newsgroups
 HyperZine: The Online Imaging Resource (HyperZine Communications, Inc.)
  Specs, reviews and more on digital cameras and camcorders
 Links to Digital Camera and Photography resources (ConsumerREVIEW)
 PCPhotoREVIEW - Resource for Digital Cameras
  Reviews, etc.
Input Device
 Sundry Input Devices - Drivers (Drivers HeadQuarters)
  Drivers for mice, touchpads, joysticks, tablets, etc
 Terms and definitions - Input Devices (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: CCD, device manager, digital camera, digitizing tablet, grabber, HMD, input device, IrDA, joystick, light pen, pointing device, pointing stick puck, source, standard input, stylus, tablet, touchpad, trackball
 Terms and definitions - Keyboards (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: Alt key, arrow keys, AT keyboard, auto-repeat, Backspace key, Break key, Caps Lock key, carpal tunnel syndrome, carriage return, Control key, Delete key, Dvorak keyboard, End key, Enhanced Keyboard, Enter key, Escape key, extended keyboard, F1, F2...F15, function keys, Home key, Insert key, keyboard, keystroke, membrane keyboard, Num Lock key, numeric keypad, Option key, Page Down key, Page Up key, Pause key, Print Screen key, QWERTY keyboard, return, Return key, Scroll Lock key, Shift key, Tab key
 Mouse driver library (Toggle Software)
  This page lists contact information (including manufacturers and product names) for most popular brands of mice on the market.
 Terms and definitions - Mice (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: bus mouse, carpal tunnel syndrome, click, double click, drag, drag-and-drop, dynamic acceleration, mouse, mousepad, serial mouse, trackball (Hermanson, LLC)
  Printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.
 ATIP Flat Panel Project (Asian Technology Information Program)
  Flat panel display technologies include liquid crystal displays (LCD), displays for portable devices, field emission displays, plasma display panels, etc.
 Display Industry Links - Monitor, etc. manufacturers (Stanford Resources Inc. )
 eHows: Computer Hardware (eHow, Inc.)
  Step-by-step instructions on how to do just about anything, and buy the stuff you need to do it.. These eHows cover Desktops, Input and Output Devices, Laptops, Monitors, Palm Devices, Printers, RAM, cards and Motherboards, Scanners, Storage Devices
 MidWest Micro: On-line Manuals
  Links to hardware manuals for items used in MidWest Micro's PCs, including monitors, drives, modems, etc
 Monitor Reviews, News and Links (ERV's Monitor Service. )
 Terms and definitions - Monitors (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: alignment, analog monitor, aspect ratio, autosizing, color monitor, composite video, console, convergence, CRT, DDC, degauss, digital monitor, display, display screen, DLP, dot pitch, dumb terminal, EDID, electronic paper, ELF emission, Energy Star, fixed-frequency, monitor, graphics display system, graphics monitor, gray scaling, I2C, intelligent terminal, interlacing, jitter, mask pitch, monitor, monochrome, multifrequency monitor, multiscanning monitor, page-white display, PAL, paper-white display, pincushion distortion, pixel, raster, refresh, resolution, RGB monitor, S-Video, screen, screen flicker, smart terminal, terminal, touch screen, true color, TTL monitor, VDT radiation, VDU, vt100, Windows terminal
 Terms and definitions - Output Devices (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: destination, device manager, DLP, HMD, LCD, LED, output, output device, raw, standard output, SuperWidget (Hermanson, LLC)
  Printer drivers, cdrom drivers, modem drivers, sound drivers, mouse drivers, monitor drivers, etc.
 Compinfo Directory: Barcode and Data Capture
 eHows: Computer Hardware (eHow, Inc.)
  Step-by-step instructions on how to do just about anything, and buy the stuff you need to do it.. These eHows cover Desktops, Input and Output Devices, Laptops, Monitors, Palm Devices, Printers, RAM, cards and Motherboards, Scanners, Storage Devices
 Image Scanners - Drivers (Drivers HeadQuarters)
 Make Your Scanner a Great Design and Production Tool (Michael J. Sullivan)
 Scanners and Digital Cameras - Digital Eyes is an independent resource for news and reviews of scanners, digital cameras, and the software that drives them.
 The Scanning FAQ (Jeff Bone)
  Tips and Techniques of Image Scanning for the Desktop Publisher, Multimedia Presentor, and Graphic Artist. This site covers FAQs and information for the novice, as well as for intermediate and advanced users
 TWAIN-- Standard for image acquisition devices.
  "The TWAIN Working Group is a not-for-profit organization which represents the imaging industry. TWAIN's purpose is to provide and foster a universal public standard which links applications and image acquisition devices. The ongoing mission of this organization is to continue to enhance the standard to accommodate future technologies."
 Terms and definitions - Workstations (PC Webopedia)
  See this page for definition of these terms: Diskless workstation, JavaStation, PowerPC, VAX, workstation


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08 October, 2000
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CMOS Camera Modules for Mobile Phones Stand Out at CEATEC Japan
Sanyo Electric to Launch Digital Camera with 730MB Magneto-Optical Disk
Consumers cut cords on keyboards, mice
Matsushita-Kotobuki to Sell Digital Camera with SuperDisk
HP Rolls Out New Photo Products, Services
.......... More News
Agfa's EPhoto CL30 Clik
.......... More Products
Digital Photography - Book titles
Scanning - Book titles
.......... More Books