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HARDWARE - Input Devices

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 Sanyo Electric to Launch Digital Camera with 730MB Magneto-Optical Disk (06 October, 2000; AsiaBizTech)
 CMOS Camera Modules for Mobile Phones Stand Out at CEATEC Japan (06 October, 2000; AsiaBizTech)
 Consumers cut cords on keyboards, mice (05 October, 2000; ZDNet)
 Matsushita-Kotobuki to Sell Digital Camera with SuperDisk (03 October, 2000; AsiaBizTech)
 HP Rolls Out New Photo Products, Services (27 September, 2000; Techweb)
 Toshiba Develops Color TFT-LCD Panel Module with Luminance of 450cd/m2 (26 September, 2000; AsiaBizTech)
 Screens Mean True 3-D For PCs (25 September, 2000; Wired)
 Sony to Unveil Digital Camera That Can Generate Animation, Send to I-Mode Phones (19 September, 2000; AsiaBizTech)
 Hitachi Maxell Launches Low-Priced, Card-Sized Digital Camera (15 September, 2000; AsiaBizTech)
 Ricoh to Launch Net-Enabled Digital Camera with Image Filing Features (15 September, 2000; AsiaBizTech)
 Startup claims digital photo breakthrough (11 September, 2000; ZDNet)
 A Camera That Does It All (08 September, 2000; PC World)
 Philips creates tiny, plastic computer screen (05 September, 2000;
 Digital cameras zoom into mainstream (31 August, 2000; ZDNet)
 Umax Unveils High-Res Scanners (28 August, 2000; PC World)
 Olympus to Release 4-Megapixel, 15 Frames/Sec. Digital Cameras  (25 August, 2000; AsiaBizTech)
 Olympus Shoots for the Serious Amateur (18 August, 2000; PC World)
 Umax Sends Scans Online (14 August, 2000; PC World)
 Kyocera Shows Tiny 3-Megapixel Camera (14 August, 2000; PC World)
 Sony Shows Tiny Camera (04 August, 2000; PC World)
 Umax drivers stuck in neutral (31 July, 2000; The Register)
 A snapshot of the digital camera market (31 July, 2000;
 New Digital Camera Prints Photos Instantly (25 July, 2000; Techweb)
 NVIDIA® introduces Quadro2TM, the company's first family of complete graphics solutions for the workstation market (25 July, 2000; Company Press Release)
 PCI-X Challenges Intel's AGP In Workstations (18 July, 2000; Techweb)
 TI Unveils DSP-based Digital Camera Platform (17 July, 2000; Techweb)
 Umax Unveils Budget Firewire Scanner (17 July, 2000; PC World)
 Polaroid Combines Sights, Sounds (14 July, 2000; PC World)
 Fileflow Develops Digicam File Compression Technology (12 July, 2000; Java Industry Connection)
 Samsung Phone Ought to Be in Pictures (05 July, 2000; PC World)
 Microsoft Rolls Out Faster Mice (05 July, 2000; PC World)
 Need A Video Screen? Print One Out (03 July, 2000; Techweb)
 Casio Cameras Snap It All Up (29 June, 2000; PC World)
 SGI introduces the Silicon Graphics® Octane2TM visual workstation (26 June, 2000; Company Press Release)
 Scan by Phone or TV (15 June, 2000; PC World)
 Umax Unveils Two Low-Cost Scanners (13 June, 2000; PC World)
 Kodak licenses Apple's QuickTime for cameras (23 May, 2000;
 Similar Intel glitch affects high-end workstations (10 May, 2000;
 Kodak developing software to put photos on TV (08 May, 2000;
 Photo start-ups zoom in on film amid digital dearth (04 May, 2000;
 Microsoft developing PC tablet device (17 March, 2000; InfoWorld)
 Digital camera sales soar but issues remain  (29 February, 2000;
 Olivision Announces TravelScan, The Lightweight Portable Scanner (25 February, 2000; Internet Wire)
 FlashPoint's Digita Adds Intelligence To New HP Digital Cameras (16 February, 2000; Internet Wire)
 ScanSoft buys rival Caere for more than $140 million  (18 January, 2000;
 Artec Announces Ultima 2000 The Smallest BUS-Powered Flatbed Scanner (04 January, 2000; Internet Wire)
 Digital camera memory battle heats up (21 December, 1999;
 Notebook Makers Set Display Standard (28 October, 1999; PC World)
 Samsung's new twist on displays (20 October, 1999;
 Intergraph Exits Hardware Biz, Blames Intel (03 September, 1999; TechWeb)


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08 October, 2000
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CMOS Camera Modules for Mobile Phones Stand Out at CEATEC Japan
Sanyo Electric to Launch Digital Camera with 730MB Magneto-Optical Disk
Consumers cut cords on keyboards, mice
Matsushita-Kotobuki to Sell Digital Camera with SuperDisk
HP Rolls Out New Photo Products, Services
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