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Anti-Virus Software


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 VBS worm targets Gnutella users (2 Jun 2000; Techweb)
 Kaspersky Warns of FireBurn ILOVEYOU Variant (1 Jun 2000; Computer Currents)
 FBI, DOJ issue list of worst Internet threats (1 Jun 2000; Computerworld)
 Network Associates warns of firewall security hole (30 May 2000;
 FBI warns of fresh virus scare (27 May 2000; BBC News)
 CERT urges users to install Office 2000 patch (25 May 2000; Computerworld)
 New virus attacks Microsoft's Outlook (25 May 2000;
 Caching touted as means to catch viruses (24 May 2000; )
 McAfee anti-virus enables employee monitoring (23 May 2000; The Register)
 Virus Protection Is Available Online (22 May 2000; Techweb)
 New Virus Shows Little Impact (19 May 2000; PC World)
 Dangerous 'Love Bug' variant overwrites files (19 May 2000; Computerworld)
 Herbie Virus Is Less Common, More Powerful (19 May 2000; Techweb)
 "Lets Watch TV" Virus Hoax on the Rampage (18 May 2000; Computer Currents)
 Worm alert! LOVELETTER gets nastier (18 May 2000; ZDNet)
 Hackers get backdoor access (18 May 2000; BBC News)
 Windows Easy Hacker Target (15 May 2000; Computerworld)
 Finjan Warns of South Park Shooter Worm (13 May 2000; Computer Currents)
 The Register guide to beating the Love Bug. (12 May 2000; The Register)
 Some say antivirus alerts jump the gun (12 May 2000;
 Next viruses will be silent killers (12 May 2000; ZDNet)
 ActiveX flaw can help spread viruses (12 May 2000; Computerworld)
 US Reps question anti-virus companies' integrity (11 May 2000; The Register)
 Love Bug Is Just The Beginning Of Infestation (10 May 2000; Techweb)
 Lock your door before you get on info highway (9 May 2000; Yahoo)
 Clues lead to ILOVEYOU writer's older, cruder work (6 May 2000;
 "Love" virus took advantage of Outlook (5 May 2000; Computerworld)
 Insurers Won't Pay For Worm Remedy (5 May 2000; Techweb)
 Virus hoax illustrates Microsoft email security issues (5 May 2000;
 "Love Bug" can devour music files, photos, experts say (5 May 2000; Yahoo)
 "Love Bug" takes new forms to deceive users (5 May 2000; Yahoo)
 'Love' virus includes password-stealing Trojan Horse (4 May 2000; Computerworld)
 'Love' virus chaos speads (4 May 2000; BBC News)
 Other Routes For 'Love Bug' Infection (4 May 2000; Techweb)
 OnTrack Reports Chernobyl Virus Attacks, Offers Remedies (2 May 2000; Computer Currents)
 Expert warns of powerful new hacker tool (1 May 2000;
 Another shopping-cart back door revealed (28 Apr 2000; The Register)
 Chernobyl virus hits Korean companies (26 Apr 2000;
 Firm Warns Of Return Of Chernobyl Virus (20 Apr 2000; Techweb)
 New chip claims defense against hacker attacks  (18 Apr 2000;
 Government to implement measures to combat Trojan horses (18 Apr 2000; InfoWorld)
 Microsoft security hole puts Web sites at risk (17 Apr 2000;
 Honey, There's a Bug in My Car (12 Apr 2000; Wired)
 This 'Virus' Is an Apparition (10 Apr 2000; Wired)
 PrettyPark Virus Wreaks the Most Havoc (10 Apr 2000; Computer Currents)
 One-in-four broadband PCs at hack risk (10 Apr 2000; ZDNet)
 Victims of 911 Worm: FBI Warning Was No Hype (6 Apr 2000; Internet News)
 MasterCard Offers Virus Repair Service (5 Apr 2000; Computer Currents)
  New Worms Pose Danger to PC Users (31 Mar 2000; Computer Currents) Taps CA for Anti-Virus Technology (27 Mar 2000; Computer Currents)
 GFI's Mail Essentials Integrates With Anti-Virus Engine From Norman (27 Mar 2000; Internet Wire)
 WebTV's 'Non-Virus' Virus (18 Mar 2000; Wired)
 'Melting Worm' slithers into the wild (16 Mar 2000; Computerworld)
 New Melissa.AO Worm Virus Threat (11 Mar 2000; Computer Currents)
 French Banks Hacked (11 Mar 2000; Computer Currents)
 "Coolio" Arrested (9 Mar 2000; Computer Currents)
 Pretty Park Trojan can create e-mail storms (3 Mar 2000; InfoWorld)
 Hackers may be infecting thousands of Windows PCs (25 Feb 2000; Computerworld)
 Patch prevents DoS attacks against Windows Media Services (24 Feb 2000; InfoWorld)
 New hacker software could spread by email (23 Feb 2000;
 Sophos Launches Sophos Anti-Virus For Notes/Domino v. 2.0 (22 Feb 2000; Internet Wire)
 Office 2000 Anti-Virus Software (21 Feb 2000; Computer Currents)
 Attack Agents Found On 3 Computers (15 Feb 2000; Computer Currents)
 Watch Out For Haiku Worm (11 Feb 2000; Computer Currents)
 CA, AMD offer desktop Unicenter (9 Feb 2000; Computerworld)
 CERT warns of malicious code on Web sites (2 Feb 2000; Computerworld)
 Study: Viruses cost $12B in '99 (17 Jan 2000; Computerworld)
 Windows 2000 virus detected (13 Jan 2000;
 WebTV To Patch Email Hole (4 Jan 2000; Wired)
 Computer Associates Warns of New Viruses (31 Dec 1999; Yahoo)
 As New Year nears, threat of Net attack program mounts (23 Dec 1999;
 Network Associates Provides Essential Y2K Anti-Virus and Online Security Tips For Businesses  (15 Dec 1999; PrNewswire)
 Trend Micro Offers Free Email Alerts, Virus-Cleaning Tools to Help Calm Nerves Leading Up To Y2K (15 Dec 1999; Company Press Release)
 ICQGREETING virus on the loose (10 Dec 1999;
 Babylonia virus threat downgraded (10 Dec 1999;
 Y2K May Bring 100 Viruses (10 Dec 1999; Computer Currents)
 Many Web sites could be vulnerable to CGI attacks (9 Dec 1999; Techweb)
 Self-updating virus spreading on Net (7 Dec 1999; Computerworld)
 MiniZip worm highlights weak antivirus defenses (3 Dec 1999; Computerworld)
 Destructive Y2K Virus Infects PCs Via email (3 Dec 1999; Yahoo)
 High Risk Assessment Placed on New Rapid-Spreading MiniZip Worm (1 Dec 1999; PR Newswire)
 New e-mail virus set to trigger on Christmas Day (23 Nov 1999; InfoWorld)
 Melissa Virus Spreading (22 Nov 1999; Techweb)
 Virus hits Dell factory in Ireland (18 Nov 1999; ZDNet)
 E-mail virus can do damage without being opened (9 Nov 1999; ZDNet)
 New Word 97 macro virus discovered (4 Nov 1999; InfoWorld)
 Microsoft Project virus discovered (1 Nov 1999; Computerworld)
 "Proof of concept" virus not a danger - yet! (27 Oct 1999; Infoworld)
 Trend Micro to protect against Y2K viruses (26 Oct 1999; Infoworld)
 Hotmail Still In Virus Hot Seat (18 Oct 1999; Techweb)
 GFI Freeware Anti-Spam Tool May Counter The Latest Melissa E-Mail Virus (15 Oct 1999; Internet Wire)
  Russian Lab Uncovers NT System Driver Virus (8 Oct 1999; ENT Magazine)
 Melissa-like virus reemerges in Outlook (4 Oct 1999;
 New Word virus hits Net (21 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Symantec And Network Associates Accused Of Y2K Virus Hype (21 Sep 1999; Internet Wire)
 'Y2K' Trojan horse appears to seek password data (20 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 Microsoft: Y2K email fix a hoax (20 Sep 1999;
 Antivirus experts warn of Y2K e-mail that contains a virus (15 Sep 1999; TechWeb)
 New 'Cholera' virus spreads automatically (10 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 'Thursday' virus strikes in eight countries (3 Sep 1999; Computerworld)
 'Toadie' virus spreading on Internet (30 Aug 1999; Computerworld)
 Symantec releases AntiVirus 2000 (24 Aug 1999; Computerworld)
 IBM, Symantec Developing Net Viruses Solution (23 Aug 1999; Techweb)
 E-mail most common virus carrier (4 Aug 1999; Computerworld)
 Updated Panda Antivirus For Microsoft Exchange Server (3 Aug 1999; Internet Wire)
 L0pht releases beta version of AntiSniff (23 Jul 1999; Wired)
 'July Killer' virus clarification (2 Jul 1999; Computerworld)
 New 'Trojan Horse' strain may go mainstream (1 Jul 1999; Computerworld)
 Explorer worm propagating via shared files (16 Jun 1999; Computerworld)
 Explorer worm hits thousands (14 Jun 1999; Computerworld)
 Fast-spreading 'worm' deletes Word and PowerPoint files (11 Jun 1999; Computerworld)


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