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Technical Support Pages of
Hardware and Software Manufacturers


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SAA Consultants Ltd.
SAG Electronics
The Sage Group Plc
Sagent Technology, Inc.
SALIX Technologies, Inc.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung Europe
Sane Solutions, LLC
The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
SAQQARA Systems, Inc.
Sareen Software Plc
SAS Institute Inc
Sassafras Software, Inc.
Satelcom (UK) Ltd
Sausage Software Ltd
Sax Software Corporation
SBE, Inc.
SBT Accounting Systems
Scantron Corporation
Sceptre Technologies, Inc.
Scientific and Engineering Software, Inc.
Scientific Computers GmbH
SciTech Software Inc.
Scitor Corporation
SCM Microsystems, Inc.
Seagate Software
Seagate Technology
Seattle Lab, Inc.
Secure Computing Corporation
Seeker Software
Sega of America, Inc
Segue Software, Inc.
Seiko Epson Corporation
SELECT Software Tools
SELECT Software Tools, Inc.
Selective Software Technologies, Inc. (Formerly Omicron Software Publishing Corp)
SelectStar Inc
Semio Corporation
Sendmail, Inc.
Sense8 Corporation
Sensory, Inc.
Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
Sequiter Software Inc
Sequoia Software Corporation
Serca Technologies, Inc.
Serif, Inc.
Shaffstall Corporation
Shana Corporation
Shark Multimedia, Inc.
Sheridan Software Systems, Inc.
Shire Systems Ltd
Shiva Corporation (Now a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation)
Shuttle Technology Ltd (SCM)
Shuttle, Inc.
Sierra Wireless, Inc.
Signal 9 Solutions, Inc.
Signal Internet Technologies, Inc.
Silanis Technology Inc.
Silent Partner Ltd.
Silicom Multimedia Systems, Inc.
Silicon Graphics, Inc
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp (SiS)
Silknet Software Inc.
SILVERRUN Technologies Inc.
SilverSoft Network
SilverStream Software Inc
Simba Technologies Inc
Simple Technology, Inc.
Simware, Inc.
Single Track Software
SkyMark Corp.
Smalltalk Systems (Instantiations, Inc.)
Smart and Friendly
Smart Storage, Inc.
SMART Technologies Inc.
Smartcode Software, Inc.
Smile International, Inc.
Smith Micro Software
Smith Micro Software, Inc.
Socket Communications, Inc.
Soft-tek International
SoftArc Inc
Softblox, Incorporated
SoftBook Press
Softbridge Inc
SoftByte Laboratories
Softlab Inc.
SofTouch Systems, Inc.
SOFTPLUS WorldWide Ltd.
SoftPress Systems Ltd.
SoftQuad Software Inc.
SoftTree Technologies, Inc.
Software Architects, Inc.
Software Builders International
Software Emancipation Technology, Inc.
Software Interphase, Inc.
Software Made Simple
Software Partners/ Inc
Software Research, Inc.
Solid Information Technology Ltd
Soltek Computer Inc.
Solution 6
SolutionSoft Systems, Inc
Sonic Desktop Software
SonicWALL, Inc.
Sophos PLC
Spacetec IMC Corporation (Labtec, Inc.)
Spanlink Communications, Inc
Specialix International Ltd
SPECTEC Computers Co. Ltd.
Spectra Logic Corp.
Spectrum Signal Processing, Inc.
Speedware Corporation Inc.
SPG Inc.
Sphere Communications, Inc.
Spicer Corporation
Spider Electronics
Spider Systems
Spire Technology Ltd
Spire, Inc.
Spot Image
Sql Power Tools, Inc.
Stac Software, Inc.
Star Micronics Ltd
StarBase Corporation
Stardock Systems
Stardust Software
Starfish Software
StarNine Technologies
StatSoft Inc
STD Systems Inc.
Sterling Commerce, Inc.
Stollmann E+V GmbH
Stonebroom Software
Storage Computer Corporation
Storage Technology Corporation
StorLogic, Inc.
Strata, Inc.
Stratus Computers,
Structured Software (FacetCorp Division)
Summatec Computer Corporation
Summit Micro Design, Inc.
Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems, The Source for Java(TM) Technology
Sunbelt International
Sunbow International, Inc.
Suncom Technologies, Inc.
Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd
Supercom, Inc.
Supermicro Computer, Inc.
SuperNova, Inc.
Superscape Ltd
Sybase Inc
Sylvain Faust International
Symantec Corporation
Symark Software Ltd
Symbol Technologies, Inc.
Symicron Computer Communications Limited
Symplex Communications Corporation
Synaptics, Inc.
Synergy Solutions
SynQuest, Inc.
Syntax, Inc.
SyQuest Technology, Inc.
SYRED Data Systems
Sys Technology, Inc.
Sysdeco Mimer AB
Systech, Inc.
System Solutions Pty Ltd
Systems Software Associates, Inc.
Systems Union, Inc.
SystemSoft Corporation
Systran Software, Inc
SyVox Corporation (formerly Speech Systems, Inc.)

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