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Technical Support Pages of
Hardware and Software Manufacturers


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Pacific Image Communications, Inc.
Pacific Image Electronics
Pacifica Software
Packard Bell NEC, Inc.
Packet Engines
PairGain Technologies Inc.
Palisade Corporation
Palisade Europe
Palmsun Software, Inc.
Palo Alto Software, Inc
Panasonic Business Systems UK
Panduit Corp.
PaperClip Software,Inc
Paperless Archive Master Inc.
Paradise Innovation (Asia) Pte Ltd.
Paradyne Corporation
Parallax, Inc.
ParaSoft Corporation
Parity Software Development Corporation
Patapsco Designs Ltd.
Pathlight Technology, Inc.
Patton & Patton Software
PC DOCS/Fulcrum
PC Dynamics, Inc.
PC Ware International, Inc.
PC Wise
PCCHIPS Manufacturing Limited
PCI Geomatics
Peachtree Software, Inc.
Pearl Software, Inc.
PeerLogic, Inc
Pegasus Software Ltd
PenOp Inc.
PenRight! Corporation
Pentax Technologies Corporation
Periphonics Corporation
Perisol Technology
Perle Systems Inc.
Perseus Development Corporation
Persistence Software Inc
Persoft Inc.
Pervasive Software Inc
Phaos Technology Corporation
PhatWare Corp.
Phoebe Micro, Inc.
Phoenix Technologies Ltd
Photomatrix, Inc.
Photon (Personal Computer Graphics Corporation)
PICO Direct
PicturePhone Direct
PictureTel Corporation
Pilot Software Inc
Pine Technology USA Inc.
Pinnacle Micro
Pinnacle Technology, Inc.
Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc.
Pipkins, Inc
Pitango Multimedia Ltd. (Scitex America Corp)
Pixel Translations
Pixels: 3D
PlaceWare, Inc.
Plaintree Systems, Inc.
Planet Corporation
Planning Sciences (Gentia Software, Inc.)
Plasmon Data Ltd
Plasmon LMS Inc
Platinum Technology Inc
Plextor Corporation
Plustek Inc
PMC Electronics Ltd
PNY Technologies, Inc.
POET Software Corporation
Polaroid Corporation
Polycom Inc.
Polyhedra Plc
Popkin Software & Systems Inc
Portable Add-Ons (UK) Ltd
Portcullis Computer Security Ltd
The Portland Group, Inc.
Portrait Displays, Inc
Positive Support Review, Inc.
Possio International AB
PowerCerv Corporation
POWERflex Corporation Pty Ltd
PowerLogix R&D;, Inc.
PowerProduction Software
PowerQuest Corp
POWERSolutions for Business
PowerVistaŽ Software, Inc
Powerware Corporation
Practical Peripherals (A subsidiary of Hayes Corp)
Praegitzer Industries, Inc
Pragmatech Software, Inc.
Praxon, Inc.
Premia Corporation
Premio (Formerly CompuTrend System Inc.)
PRI Associates, Inc.
Primavera Systems, Inc.
PRIMAX International BV
Princeton Graphics Systems
Princeton Softech, Inc.
Prism Solutions, Inc
PrismTech Limited
Process Software Corporation
Procom Technology, Inc.
Production Languages Corporation
Proforma Corp
ProGen Technology, Inc.
Project Technology, Inc
Projexion NetSoft
Prolifics (JYACC)
Promise Technology Inc
Pronexus, Inc.
Protec Microsystems Inc
Proteon, Inc.
ProtoView Development Corporation
Proview International Holdings Limited
Proxima Corporation
Psion Dacom plc
Psion, Inc.
Puma Technology, Inc.
PureData, Inc
Puretek Industrial Co., Ltd.

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