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Technical Support Pages of
Hardware and Software Manufacturers


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M Technology, Inc.
M4 Data Ltd
Macase Computer Ltd
Macola Software, Inc.
Maconomy International
Macsyma Inc.
Maestro Pty. Ltd.
MAG Technology Co., Ltd
MAG Technology USA, Inc.
Magic Software Enterprises Ltd
MagiPro Computer Products
Make Systems, Inc.
Manageable Software Services, Inc
Manugistics, Inc.
Marimba, Inc
MarketWare Software
Marval Software Ltd.
MARX Software Security
Mass Multimedia, inc.
MasterMind Technologies, Inc.
MathSoft, Inc
MathTools Ltd
The MathWorks, Inc
Matrix Publishing Systems Ltd.
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., LTD. (Panasonic)
Maxdata UK Ltd
Maximiser (Multiactive Software, Inc.)
Maximized Software, Inc.
Maxis, Inc
MAXON Computer GmbH
Maxoptix Corporation
Maxspeed Corporation
MaxTech Corporation
Maxtor Corporation
Maxum Development Corporation
MaxVision Corporation
MBA, Inc
MBI Business Software
McAfee (Network Associates Inc)
McCabe & Associates
MECC (Now The Learning Company)
MediaPhonics, Inc.
Mediatrix Peripherals, Inc.
Mega Computer Systems
Meiko Federal Systems
Memotec Communications Inc.
Men & Mice
Merant (formerly Intersolv/MicroSolve)
Mercator Computer Systems Ltd.
Mercury Interactive Corporation
Meridian Data, Inc
Meta Software Corporation
MetaCase Consulting
MetaCreations Corporation
METAFILE Information Systems Inc.
MetaMedix, Inc.
MetaQuest Software, Inc.
Metasoft Systems Inc.
MetaWare, Inc.
METIS Development Center, NCR Norge A.S
Metro Link, Inc.
Metrowerks, Inc
MG-SOFT Corporation
MGE UPS Systems Inc.
MGI Software Corp.
Micom Communications Corporation (Nortel Networks)
Micro 2000, Inc.
Micro Computer Systems, Inc.
Micro Design International, Inc
Micro Express Inc.
Micro Firmware, Inc.
Micro Focus (Combined with INTERSOLV to form MERANT)
Micro Logic Corporation
Micro System Designs, Inc.
Microbank Software Inc.
Microboards Technology, Inc.
Microcal Software, Inc
Microchip Technology Inc
Microcomputer Research (UK) Ltd
Microdyne Communication Technologies, Inc.
Microfield Graphics, Inc (Softboard)
MicroFrontier, Inc.
MicroGold Software, Inc.
Microid Research, Inc.
Micrology Ltd
MicroMac Technology Inc.
MicroMath Scientific Software
MicroMedium Inc.
Micron Technology, Inc.
Micronet Technology, Inc
MicroPlanet, Inc.
Microplex Systems Ltd.
Microsoft Corporation
MicroSpeed, Inc.
MicroStar International Co. Ltd
Microstar Laboratories, Inc.
Microstar Software Ltd.
MicroStrategy Inc
Microsystems Technology, Inc.
Microtest, Inc
Microtest, Inc.
MicroTouch Systems Inc
MicroVision Development, Inc.
Microway, Inc.
Midisoft Corporation
Mijenix Corporation
Milgo Solutions, Inc.
Milkyway Networks Corporation (SLM)
Millennium Software and Network Services, Inc.
Mimic Ltd
MindGate Technologies, Inc.
Mindmaker, Inc.
MindQ, Inc.
MindVision Software
Minicom Advanced Systems Ltd.
Minitab Inc.
Minnesota Western
Minolta Corporation
Minolta USA, Inc.
Minuteman UPS
mip GmbH & Co.
Mips Dataline America, Inc.
Miramar Systems, Inc
miro Displays, Inc.
Mission Critical Software
MiTAC Europe Ltd
Mitac International Corp
Mitel Corporation
Mitem Corporation
Mitsuba Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric PC Division
Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc
Mitsumi Electronics Corporation
Miva Corporation
ML NetWorks
MMC Networks, Inc.
Mobile Satellite Services Corporation
MobiNetix Systems, Inc.
Mobius Management Systems, Inc.
Molloy Group, Inc.
Montage PhotoTech International
Morgan Software, Inc.
Morningstar, Inc.
Morph Technologies Inc.
Mortice Kern Systems, Inc. (MKS)
Mosaix Corporation
Motion Media Technology Ltd
Motorola - Internet and Networking Group (ING)
Motorola Communicate Ltd
Motorola Computer Group
Motorola MND (Multiservice Networking)
Mouse Systems
Mouse Trak (ITAC Systems, Inc.)
Moxa Technologies Co., LTD
MRT micro, Inc.
MSB Software
MSR Development
MTI Technology Corporation
MTX, Inc.
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
Multiactive Software Inc
Multima Corp.
Multiminder Systems
Multiwave Technology Inc.
MUSIC Telecom
MusicMatch, Inc.
Mustang Software, Inc
Mutoh America Inc.
Mylex Corporation
Myricom, Inc.
MySoftware Company

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