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02 November, 2000
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence | Expert Systems | Fuzzy Logic | Knowledge Based Systems | Neural Networks | Pattern Recognition | Intelligent Software Agents
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
AutoCAD | Computer Aided Design (CAD) | Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
Chip Technology
Chip Technology | Digital Signal Processors (DSP) | Electronic Engineering | Embedded Processors | Microprocessors | Semiconductors
Computers & Telephony
Call Center Technology | Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) | Fax | Internet Phone/Telephony | Telecommunications
Data Capture
Automatic Identification (AID) | Barcode | Data Acquisition | Data Capture
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Data Warehousing | OLAP
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Data Mining | Decision Support Software | Enterprise Executive Information Systems | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
General Office Software
Desktop Conferencing | Desktop and Office Software | File Viewers | Lotus Millennium Suite | Microsoft Office | Presentation Graphics | Speadsheets | Desktop Databases | Word Processing
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) | Global Positioning Systems (GPS) | Mapping | Remote Sensing
Graphics & Multimedia
3D Image | Computer Graphics/Imaging | Computer Simulation | MPEG | Multimedia | Virtual Reality | VRML
Groupware & Document Management
Document Management/Imaging | Electronic Messaging | Email | Groupware | Lotus Notes/Domino | Microsoft Exchange | Workflow
Hardware - Personal Computers
BIOS | Buses | Memory | Motherboards and System Cards | Universal Serial Bus (USB)| Personal Computers | Handhelds, Notebooks and PDAs
Hardware - Peripherals
Digital Cameras | Input Devices - Mice, Joysticks, etc | Monitors | Scanners | Printers, Plotters, etc
Hardware - Communications
LAN interface cards | Modems (incl Cable modems)
Hardware - Servers
Network Servers | Unix Servers | Web Servers
Hardware - Sundry
Hardware Standards | Hardware Testing | Power Supplies
Intelligent Agents
Bots | Intelligent Agents | Software Robots
Internet and Intranets
Browsers | Internet | Newsgroups | Privacy | Intranets
IT Management
Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) | Computer and Communications Standards | Systems Management | Systems Security
Large Scale Computing
High Performance Computing | Parallel Processing | Supercomputers | Mainframe
Mobile and Wireless Computing
Bluetooth | GPRS | GSM | Mobile Computing | WAP | Wireless Computing
Networks & Data Comms
Communications Hardware | Computer Networks | Data Communications | ISDN | Network Management Tools | Novell Netware | SNMP | Network Interface Cards (NICs) | Wireless Lans
Operating Systems
Apple Macintosh | AIX | AS400 | BeOS | Linux | Open Source | Operating Systems (Sundry) | OS/2 | Unix | VMS | Windows NT | Windows 98 | Windows 3.1 | Windows CE | Windows 2000 | Windows 95
Public Organizations and IT
Distance Learning | Education and IT | Government/Public Sector and IT | Health | Public Libraries | Telemedicine
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Client/Server | Middleware | ODBC | SQL/SQL Server
Software - Enterprise Application Tools
CASE | DB2 | MS Access | CA-Ingres | Database Management Systems (DBMS) | Enterprise 4GLs | Informix | Oracle | Power Builder | Progress | Rapid Applications Development (RAD) | Sybase | Object Oriented Technology
Software - Management and Quality Control
Software Administration | Software Development Management | Software Testing/Quality Control
Software - Programming Languages
3GL Programming Languages | Active X | C/C++ | Cobol | Delphi | Java/Javascript | Perl | Visual Basic | Software Components, Widgets, etc. | Cross Platform Conversion
Software - Sundry
Software Engineering | Embedded Software Development
CD ROMs | Disk Controllers | Disk Storage | DVD | Storage - Disk, Tape, CD ROM, etc | SCSI | Network Attached Storage | Storage Area Network | Storage Management
Sundry Technologies
Kiosks | Robotics | Speech/Voice Technologies
System Security
Anti-Virus Software | Firewalls | Identity Verification | System Security
Telecommuting and Teleworking
Telecommuting | Teleworking | Videoconferencing
Web Site Development and Management
Web Publishing | Web Servers | Web Site Management | Web Site Promotion