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The ideal online presentation tool for:
  • Channel Managers
  • Consultants
  • Distance Learning Tutors
  • Financial Services Professionals
  • Health & Safety Managers
  • Health Professionals
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Investment Managers
  • Lawyers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Public Accountants
  • Public Relations Firms
  • Public Sector Information Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales People
  • Technical Support Managers
  • Telemedicine Practitioners
  • Trainers
  • Webmasters

Use Web Presentation Techniques to Expand Delivery of
Your Briefings to Investors Analysts Editors and Journalists

Delivering a wider Investor message

It is not easy to get your investment message out to all investors, analysts and journalists at the same time when you have important announcements and briefings to make. Many of them just cannot get to your meetings, either through distance or other commitments, even if they wanted to.

With Virtex's C³ommunicator you can deliver one message over the Internet with video and audio, and this can be seen anywhere in the world at anytime of the day or night. This message can be your from your normal "real world" investor and analyst briefing, and can include interactive questions and answers, as well as follow-up question sessions.

The costs are low - the returns in reaching important investors, analysts and journalists are high!

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The Benefits of Virtex's C³ommunicator in delivering investor briefings

Virtex's C³ommunicator

  • Helps you give dynamic and influential presentations to a local, regional, national or world-wide audience
  • Cuts excess travel time and costs for "attendees"
  • Cuts excess travel time and costs for presenters
  • Provides both video and audio presentations so you can use whatever is appropriate for your audience and budget
  • Delivers your message over the Internet, thus cutting out the costs (incurred by other methods) of conferencing over phone lines
  • Delivers a consistent message
  • Helps you reach your target audience by multiple means, e.g. Internet, corporate intranet, or the mobile Web
  • Delivers your message in the way the audience wants it - on a PC, laptop, PDA, Pocket PC or an overhead screen
  • Provides your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the archived on-demand facility
  • Makes your message available wherever the user is located
  • Makes your best expert presenters available to everyone - wherever they are located
  • Is easy to use by the users - they view your presentations from their web browsers
  • Allows users to question the speaker live
  • Enables presentations to be delivered from the presenter's PC with a simple web camera, or run as a more formal presentation with full video equipment
  • Can improve the knowledge of investors analysts journalists and editors about your company
  • Provides detailed information about who attended
  • Is a hosted service - so you can be up-and-running very quickly

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