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Intelligent Agents - Outline
Intelligent agents are programs that carry out a task unsupervised and apply some degree of intelligence to the task. The intelligence may be pretty minimal but often will include some degree of learning from past experience. For example, an agent that searches the Internet for interesting material can be told by the user whether what it found was interesting or not. In this way it can be trained to be more successful in the future.Some intelligent agents can also interact with one another. There is considerable ongoing research in this field, with many exciting possibilities.
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Intelligent Agents - Knowledge Bases
  • Agent-based Systems - Resources (Sverker Janson, Swedish Institute of Computer Science )
  • Agent Society
    • Intelligent, and frequently autonomous and mobile, computer code known as agents represent the next great wave of innovation and development across the Infosphere comprised of the Internet, Intranets, Extranets, World Wide Web, and countless other networked computer systems. This arena has increasingly become very active, rapidly evolving, and expanding in scope and importance. The technology is expected to eventually have an effect as profound as the World Wide Web. The Agent Society is a new international industry and professional organization established to assist in the widespread development and emergence of intelligent agent technologies and markets. It's members consist of leading companies and institutions in the agent field, working together under a non-profit organization aegis.
  • Agents - Web Links (Birmingham University, UK)
  • Artificial Intelligence Subject Index - Agents (National Research Council, Canada)
  • Bots and Intelligent Agents (Ariel Dolan)
  • BotSpot : The Spot for all Bots & Intelligent Agents (
  • Directory of Agents
    • "Access the largest and most comprehensive directory exclusively dedicated to intelligent agents."
  • Dynamics of Multiagent Systems (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center )
    • Multiagent systems arise in human societies, biological ecosystems, the immune system and distributed computation. While very different in detail they all face the issue of producing complex global behavior through the local interactions of their constituent parts. This is particularly problematic since the individual parts have only a limited view of the system as a whole.
  • Intelligent Agents Project at IBM T.J. Watson Research
  • Intelligent Agents WWW sites (Gary Spiers, Lancaster University)
  • Intelligent Agents Repository (Leonardo Garrido)
    • Autonomous and Adaptable Agents, Multiagent Systems, and Distributed Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent Software Agents (University of Maryland Baltimore County)
    • Information and resources about intelligent information agents, intentional agents, software agents, softbots, knowbots, infobots, etc.
  • Security in agent-based systems (Massively Distributed Systems Group, IBM)
    • Agent-based systems require new thinking, to avoid both security holes and unexpected global effects. When agent-based systems are combined with electronic commerce, the need for all aspects of security is particularly strong.
  • SEE also Related Topics
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Intelligent Agents - Newsgroups and FAQs
  • FAQ's and Libraries (BotSpot)
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Intelligent Agents - Magazines and Ezines
  • AI Magazine
  • Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
  • PC AI
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Intelligent Agents - White Papers
  • Artificial Intelligence White Paper links powered by ITpapers
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Intelligent Agents - Organizations and User Groups
  • American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
  • Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Inrtelligence
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Intelligent Agents - News
  • AI in the news
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Intelligent Agents - Events
  • Artificial Intelligence, etc. Events
  • Forthcoming Events on Artificial Intelligence
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Intelligent Agents - Related Topics
Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Life - Bayesian Belief Networks - Computer Vision - Cybernetics - Expert Systems - Fuzzy Logic - Genetic Algorithms - Genetic Programming - Industrial Control Systems - Intelligent Agents - Knowledge Management - Knowledge Representation - Machine Learning - Neural Networks - Pattern Recognition - Robotics - Supercomputers
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Intelligent Agents - Books
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Intelligent Agents - Key Manufacturers
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Intelligent Agents - Key Solutions Providers
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Intelligent Agents - Key Service Providers
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Intelligent Agents - Key Training Providers
If your company offers Training Services applicable to this Topic, and you wish to reach the hundreds of thousands of IT users who benefit from these pages each month, please contact us
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